Religion Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 02.01.2020

List of 409 Religion Debate Topics

  1. A 28-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly calling an Indian-American small business owner a “terrorist” and then breaking into his home and threatening his family with a knife, Are Muslims under a greater threat than the other people?
  2. A Catholic priest who sexually abused “maybe 20” boys was instructed to say prayers to repent for his crimes. Should the priest’s supervisor’s be criminally tried?
  3. A Muslim group will break the Ramadan fast with an Irish LGBT community. Will more Muslims accept the gay community?
  4. A Turkish air raid kills as many as 200 Kurdish militia. Will this hurt the fight against ISIS?
  5. Abortion can be defended on religious grounds.
  6. Actor Kevin James was the number one spot on his high school wrestling team, until he had a season ending back injury. His friend took over his place and became WWE star Mick Foley. Do you believe in fate?
  7. Ahmadis are real muslims
  8. All countries should be Catholic
  9. All of our ancestors beliefs and moralities were wrong and they thought they were doing gods will. Chances are we are wrong too.
  10. All students should learn about a variety of religons at school
  11. All throughout history men have been faced with a choice of doing nothing and dying or necessary evils. Life is wrong given its nature.
  12. Am i jesus
  13. Anonymous blocks jihadist website: Should we allow the U.S. governement to block jihdist or other terrorist related websites?
  14. Anything is possible with god on your side? Lol there was a time when i thought we were smarter than our ancestors.
  15. Anything not in the Bible is evil
  16. Archbishop Nienstedt Sex Scandal: Should the Archbishop still be a member of the clergy?
  17. Are all Muslims terrorist?
  18. Are Allah of the Quran and Yahweh of the Bible the same God?
  19. Are Atheist’s rational? Not really.
  20. Are British Muslims more tolerant of homosexuality than American Muslims?
  21. Are Chinese farmers committing blasphemy by sculpting pears into images of Buddha?
  22. Are female circumcisions a religious right?
  23. Are Hindus in Muslim-majority Pakistan at risk of being discriminated against?
  24. Are holidays relevant or just repeated ritual?
  25. Are many New Age Types more judgmental than they let on
  26. Are mooslims more prone to suicide bomb naturally?
  27. Are Muslims homophobic people?
  28. Are muslims misunderstood
  29. Are Natural Disasters Punishment From God?
  30. Are Ouija Boards actually gateways for the supernatural?
  31. Are Pokémon Fabulous or Not
  32. Are Preachers Becoming too Money Hungry?
  33. Are religion and science compatible?
  34. Are religious people actually altruistic?
  35. Are religious people dependent on machines?
  36. Are religious people ignorant?
  37. Are spirituality and religion the same thing?
  38. Are terrorist attacks justified?
  39. Are The Arguments Over Religion Getting Plain Ridiculous At This Point?Should They Try To Stop Arguing And Just Let One Another Believe What They Want?
  40. Are the Buddhists of Myanmar, adhering to the views of Buddhism?
  41. Are theists hypocrites? They tell us the flawed universe couldnt come from nothing while they believe that a perfect god came from nothing
  42. Are there monotheists in foxholes?
  43. Are you inconvenienced by any closings because of Good Friday?
  44. Are you religious? Tell us why or why not.
  45. As time goes on we find more and more that our destiny is determined by fate (not spiritual fate). Its possible fate determines everything.
  46. Atheists and agnostics is it wrong to have kids and continue “gods” cruel cycle of happiness and misery? Not interested in religious drivel.
  47. Before we existed we had peace. Now we all have good and or bad things that we dont deserve. Our lives are wrong for us.
  48. Being gay is not wrong.
  49. Belief in God is a choice based on emotion and not logic. Therefore it is irrational by nature.
  50. Belief in god is almost always arbitrary if not always arbitrary.
  51. Belief in God is Rational.
  52. Biden backs Clinton: Is Trump too racist to gain political support?
  53. Big chungus is more powerful then shaggy AND shrek
  54. Buddhist monk attacked in Oregon when he was mistaken for a Muslim: Will the attack do as he hopes it will and serve as a “wake up call” for people to come together and support each other?
  55. Can “The Problem of Evil” be resolved?
  56. Can a belief in monotheism be logical or rational?
  57. Can a person from a religion marry a person from another religion?
  58. Can agnostics be religious?
  59. Can any religious ideals be 100% proven?
  60. Can atheism spread hate just like religion?
  61. Can Buddhism and Atheism be used together?
  62. Can God Create Superheroes ?
  63. Can God speak to you? Please share real experiences.
  64. Can Islamic doctrine be held responsible for the Paris attacks?
  65. Can North Korea beat USA???
  66. Can religion really give you more freedom?
  67. Can religious people be rational?
  68. Can science prove there is a Creator?
  69. Can the Bible help endure chronic health / medical problems?
  70. Can the bible help us to endure chronic health problems?
  71. Can two people with differing beliefs in god (one person believes in god, the other is an atheist) have a happy marriage?
  72. Can we be sure that there is a supreme being?
  73. Can we have free will if God has a plan?
  74. Can you judge gods actions if you know right from wrong?
  75. Can you justify the act of bringing life into this world?
  76. Can you prove God’s existence?
  77. Can you prove to a religious people there’s no god?
  78. Can you really debate a Creationist?
  79. Cannes bans burkinis at the beach due to suspected link to Islamic terrorism: Should Muslim customs be judged differently from others due to security risks?
  80. Casual Dress: Did ISIS’s Wali of Sharquat Violate a Tenet of Islam?
  81. Christ second coming will happen soon. As most of the other related prophecies have happened.
  82. Citing Catholic rules, a doctor turns away a bleeding woman with a dislodged IUD. Should the doctor be criminally charged?
  83. Controversial anti-gay US pastor ‘to be deported from Botswana’: Will religion be wiped out in the next few hundred years?
  84. Could it be considered immoral for religions to be granted tax exemption when businesses are not?
  85. Could the reason so many people are still religious be largely genetic?
  86. Creationism and science contradict
  87. Debate on merits and demerits using violence as a mean of protest
  88. Did a God create the universe, and if not, what did? (You can list examples pertaining to the Big Bang [or whatever else you believe.])
  89. Did God create the world
  90. Did God of the bible create the world?
  91. Did Jesus Christ Exist?
  92. Did Jesus have brother and sisters?
  93. Did Jesus really exist?
  94. Did Noah’s Ark really happen?
  95. Did the Islamic State kill this Hindu priest?
  96. Did we unconsciously model our devotion to God in our own image?
  97. Did you know that God is real?
  98. Difference between the Spirit and Soul
  99. Do Abrahamic Faiths have filthy scriptures? The first five books of the bible and the qur’an promote slavery, torture and genocide.
  100. Do certain faiths get special treatment over others?
  101. Do curses actually exist?
  102. Do different religions contradict each other?
  103. Do humans agree on what a God is?
  104. Do miracles occur in the modern world and in everyday life?
  105. Do miracles prove moral authority?
  106. Do religious teachings blind most people of the truth about religion?
  107. Do the Jewish people have the right to expel Arabs from Israel?
  108. Do these verses contradict each other?
  109. Do we have free will (yes) or are our actions predetermined?
  110. Do we have to respect religions and accept the way someone chooses to dress.
  111. Do we put too much stock into religion?
  112. Do you accept Wilkins coffee as your Lord and Savior? Rich rich double rich! Strange things happen to those who don’t drink Wilkins!
  113. Do you agree Islam peaceful ?
  114. Do you believe in a god or godess?
  115. Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?
  116. Do you believe in the Epiphany?
  117. Do you believe in the Genesis account of creation?
  118. Do you believe in the Illuminati
  119. Do you believe Marriage was ordained by God himself?
  120. Do you believe that religion should not be forced upon others?
  121. Do you believe that there is a divine creator who created everything? Or do you believe we were all an accident?
  122. Do you believe the old Gods such as Odin once existed?
  123. Do you find Theists to be more trustworthy?
  124. Do You Hate Muslims?
  125. Do you see religion and technology coexisting successfully in the future?
  126. Do you support abortion being legal in the first trimester?
  127. Do you think count clerks should be allowed to bring their religious beliefs into a government office?
  128. Do you think God and Science are compatible, it’s just people that make them out to be enemies of each other?
  129. Do you think God created homosexuality only to make it a sin?
  130. Do you think God is actually the bad guy?
  131. Do you think Jesus was gay?
  132. Do you think Pope Francis will completely change Catholicism?
  133. Do you think Saudi Arabia should have jurisdiction over Islamic holy sites?
  134. Do you think the cleric from the San Bernardino mosque where terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook worshipped had something to do with the terrorist attacks?
  135. Do you think we are near the end times?
  136. Does “moderate Islam” exist?
  137. Does Catholicism promote things like sexism and racism? Explain why.
  138. Does evil and suffering mean there is no God?
  139. Does freedom of religion and speech include a student praying out loud in a public school? (Without encouragement by the school or disrupting learning)
  140. Does god approve of war?
  141. Does God hate certain people?
  142. Does God Have A Creator?
  143. Does God have favorites?
  144. Does God have to be the initial cause of the Universe? What else could possibly be the cause?
  145. Does God have to exist?
  146. Does God play a part in this world?
  147. Does god speak through people?
  148. Does ISIS represent Islam?
  149. Does Islam teach terrorism?
  150. Does Mother Teresa deserve sainthood?
  151. Does Platinga’s re-written Ontological argument from Anselm prove that God exists?
  152. Does practicing a religion add more meaning to one’s life?
  153. Does religion cause problems?
  154. Does religion dictate what you do.
  155. Does religion make people narrow-minded?
  156. Does the Bible endorse slavery?
  157. Does the bible really condemn homosexuality(yes) or is that an incorrect interpretation of it(no)?
  158. Does the big bang theory refute religion?
  159. Does the creamy hydrogen peroxide treatment work?
  160. Does The Holy Trinity really make sense?
  161. Does the multitude of religious/theistic beliefs around the world support [YES] or refute [NO] the existence of a God-like being?
  162. Does the Muslim community do enough to battle extremism?
  163. Does The Presence of Morals Demand the Existence of God?
  164. Does the Problem of Evil disprove God?
  165. Every believer wants God but God doesn’t want every believer
  166. Everybodies moralities contradict each others. But they all think theirs is objective. Is it? How do you know yours is right?
  167. Exterminate the Islam religion?
  168. Fairness should be the number one priority with a morality
  169. Fellow soldiers did not know Humayun Kahn was Muslim: Does this show that a soldier’s religion is no way to measure their level of patriotism?
  170. Forth Worth Pastor says “God will finish” what Orlando shooting started: Is religious extremism on the rise in America?
  171. Forty eight dead in Pakistan police academy attack. Can Pakistan control radical Islamists?
  172. Free will is unpredictable so if we have free will there is no logical way that god could know everything that we will choose. Agreed?
  173. Freedom of speech include mocking religion ?
  174. French Man fined for “Too many Muslim Children” comment. Does France have too much Muslim people.
  175. Garland, Texas shooting: Should cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed be banned in the U.S., to avoid violent confrontation?
  176. Gene Roddenberry said he too could have created a religion if he wanted. Was this just a joke between friends?
  177. God cannot be perfect in every way without having a creator himself. Is this true?
  178. God created Satan knowing Satan would turn on it and therefore created evil. Agree or Disagree?
  179. God created the world in literal 6 days not using millions of years or ‘guided’ evolution. All naturally occurring things are according his set laws.
  180. God may be real but religion is false.
  181. God threw the devil in hell for jealousy. You dont think that eventually in eternity you will get jealous or something?
  182. Good people hate the world because its full of evil “righteousness” and suffering.
  183. GOP race: Is Ted Cruz a religious extremist?
  184. Halloween – Does The Bible Approve of Halloween ?
  185. Happiness serves no purpose and most of us live for pleasure instead of standing for something objectively righteous.
  186. Has God abandoned humanity?
  187. Has Islam been provoked far too much?
  188. Has religion slowed us down?
  189. Higgs boson particle originally intended to be called “goddamn” particle: Is the “God” particle name offensive to religious individuals?
  190. Hinduism : The Best Religion n the Earth or not ?
  191. How can god expect us to be good and judge us when he did not teach us right from wrong? Yes if he can rightfully.
  192. How does free will work? It itself is something that comes from nothing as it has no cause.
  193. How good would it be to save Jesus from being crucified?
  194. I feel like The Bible is very offensive ; what do you guys think?
  195. I have a theory. If a piece of art has an artist, then is it possible that we created God? (Not trying to sound blasphemous)
  196. I know the tree of knowledge story in the bible is crap because we dont know right from wrong. Disagree if we know right wrong
  197. Iceland’s book day: Should the greater world embrace Iceland’s Christmas tradition?
  198. If a religion was from a perfect god who knows everything about right and wrong wouldnt the religion have a perfect morality?
  199. If everybody is imperfect then how imperfect must you be before you deserve punishment? Yes if we all deserve punishment.
  200. If God believes that no other gods exist, does that make Him an atheist?
  201. If God doesn’t exist, aren’t atheist’s contradicting themselves by talking about God?
  202. If God is really all knowing then doesn’t this mean he knows exactly who is going to heaven and who is going to hell?
  203. If God was real, wouldn’t he of forced us to believe?
  204. If god were real and good he would save us from his followers by enlightening them of the knowledge of good and evil.
  205. If gods work is beyond all of our understand then we cant possibly know whether he did it or not
  206. If Islamic extremism was eradicated, could the Middle East be a more peaceful place like it once was?
  207. If men could get pregnant by other men, do you think homosexuality would be a sin still?(for people who believe in God)
  208. If morality is subjective then all of our morals are incorrect.
  209. If morals are subjective then all of our morals are wrong. Agree or disagree
  210. If someone commits suicide, Will they go to hell?
  211. If someone will kill you because you won’t convert, is it better to try to die quickly (Yes), or prolong your life (No)?
  212. If there are objective values, moral truths, etc., did they come from God?
  213. If you are a boss, will you hire an Islamic employee?
  214. If your looking for enlightenment you should not search for god. Agree or disagree
  215. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ What do you think?
  216. In 1835, a man attempted to assassinate the king of France with a hand-made 25-barrel rifle. The discharge killed 18 people and wounded 22, but the king was only grazed by a bullet. Do you believe this was divine intervention?
  217. In the book “Inside the wall of troy” should Helen be killed?
  218. Incompetence of the majority proves the fact that a perfect in every way god does not exist. Agree or disagree?
  219. Is a tenth (or ninth) crusade on the horizon?
  220. Is agnosticism the most reasonable position to take in the God Debate?
  221. Is any god that requires praise & worship vain or prove that he is not a god?
  222. Is Asexuality s sin?
  223. Is Atheism a crime?
  224. Is atheism good?
  225. Is Atheism intolerant
  226. Is Atheism Just Cynicism on a Religious Level?
  227. Is believing in God like believing in Santa Claus or any other fairytale?
  228. Is Buddhist learning in danger from China’s recent actions in Tibet?
  229. Is China’s God Of War Statue overdone?
  230. Is deism a probable situation?
  231. Is everything predetermined?
  232. Is evolution (speciation) a religion or scientific fact? (Please do not answer without using empirical evidence)
  233. Is Evolution correct?
  234. Is evolution real or is Charles Darwin secretly the Devil trying to test our faith?
  235. Is Evolution scientific?
  236. Is faith in any religion a choice or an acceptance by inheritance for the majority of believers?
  237. Is ghost a real thing???????If is can it harm us??
  238. Is God Gay?
  239. Is god real or just fear we human have of death
  240. Is god real or was the earth created another way?
  241. Is god to blame for our suffering?
  242. Is Good Friday more important than Easter?
  243. Is heaven boring?
  244. Is Hell a place of torment and pain or just the equivalent of being in the Time-Out Corner?
  245. Is ISIS Islam?
  246. Is Islam a bad religion?
  247. Is Islam a peaceable religion?
  248. Is Islam a peaceably religion?
  249. Is Islam a peaceful religion? (Give evidence)
  250. Is Islam an inherently violent religion?
  251. Is Islam is danger for humanities future ?
  252. Is islam really a religion of peace? Or is it violent and oppressive?
  253. Is it a sin to flirt with a girl online before meetng her in person?
  254. Is it Humanism a Religion?
  255. Is it idiotic to refuse food service to someone for being gay?
  256. Is it okay for countries to imprison atheists?
  257. Is it okay to bring religion into an argument?
  258. Is it okay to make fun of atheism?
  259. Is it possible for God to kill himself forever?
  260. Is it rational to use the Bible as evidence?
  261. Is it really wrong to not believe in the bible because you disagree with the precepts?
  262. Is it reasonable to believe that only one religious belief is correct.
  263. Is it sinful to criticize others for their sins?
  264. Is it treacherously stupid to think you know your interpretation is correct while there are so many of them that all contradict each other.
  265. Is it wrong for people to believe that god thinks like us?
  266. Is it wrong to kill yourself? Why?
  267. Is it wrong to mock religions?
  268. Is it wrong to punish someone for something that is beyond their control?
  269. Is JAMES BOBIS handsome?
  270. Is Jesus really the son of God?
  271. Is Jesus the messiah?
  272. Is Kilk1 living in a world of Happy Feet?
  273. Is Mormonism true?
  274. Is Naturalism True?
  275. Is New Zealand secular in public social settings?
  276. Is Nihilism a Reasonable Religion?
  277. Is one innocent man being crucified for the sins of everybody justice? Guess it is in that “perfect” gods eyes. Lol
  278. Is pies better than noodles
  279. Is praying about a problem better than doing something yourself to fix it?
  280. Is premarital sex religiously permissible?
  281. Is premarital sex wrong? Why?
  282. Is Psychology a World View?
  283. Is reincarnation possible
  284. Is religion a good reason to act on discrimination?
  285. Is religion a major part of discrimination?
  286. Is religion a necessary evil?
  287. Is religion a social construct?
  288. Is religion for people who need faith from some thing other than themselves?
  289. Is religion more harmful than it is good?
  290. Is religion necessary?
  291. Is religion really the main cause of all the wars in the world?
  292. Is religion required to have a set of correct morals and values/ethics
  293. Is religion stopping us from proggesate as for their dogmas?
  294. Is religion the cause of suffering through inaction (i.E, choosing to pray about world hunger instead of doing something on your own to help)?
  295. Is religion worth thinking about?
  296. Is religions a delusion?
  297. Is sacrificing goats appropriate for Nepal Airlines?
  298. Is Satan nice to devout Satanists?
  299. Is satanism a valid religion?
  300. Is saying “Merry Christmas” offensive?
  301. Is Science better than the BIble
  302. Is Seventh Day Adventist a good religion?
  303. Is socialism a sin?
  304. Is suicide a sin?
  305. Is Swearing Christ-Like?
  306. Is the ‘cargo cult’ a good practice?
  307. Is the Bible against gay marriage?
  308. Is the bible an evil book?
  309. Is the bible contradictory
  310. Is the Bible one of the saddest books ever written?
  311. Is the Bible the word of God?
  312. Is the Bible valid evidence for God’s existence?
  313. Is The Book Of Revelation Near?
  314. Is the buddhist world-view a viable world view (four noble truths, ect.)?
  315. Is the catholic faith good
  316. Is the earth flat?
  317. Is the end of times mentioned in revelation going to happen soon?
  318. Is the essence of religion individual(yes) or societal(no)?
  319. Is the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) intolerant of religion?
  320. Is the Islamic religion inherently misogynistic?
  321. Is the Islamic religion inherently violent?
  322. Is the KCA a valid argument for the existence of God?
  323. Is the KKK a Good klan
  324. Is the Koran (also spelled Quran/Qur’an) a good source of morality?
  325. Is the law of attraction or the secret just ridiculously stupid or what?
  326. Is the modal ontological argument for God’s existence a sound argument?
  327. Is the Mormon priesthood magic
  328. Is the most bitter truth better than the sweetest lie?
  329. Is the Muslim God real?
  330. Is the Oldest form of any given Religion, rightly the Truest form of that Religion?
  331. Is the Pope Biblically mentioned?
  332. Is the rapture real?
  333. Is the religious section for debate.Org a garbage fest for trolls?
  334. Is the resurrection of Jesus possible?
  335. Is the Resurrection of Jesus Reasonable?
  336. Is the universe designed?
  337. Is their a religion that isn’t to sexist or/and discriminating anything and anyone ?
  338. Is there a Divine Being who Created the Universe?
  339. Is there a God controlling everything?
  340. Is there a greater being watching over us?
  341. Is there a link between Nietzsche’s death of God and school shootings?
  342. Is there a need for a Muslim Reform Movement?
  343. Is there a realistic reason people still pursue religion when there is a great way to find out if It’s real?
  344. Is there a specific reasons why some religions need everyone to believe the same thing?
  345. Is there any evidence for free will?
  346. Is there any evidence for the Adam and Eve creation story?
  347. Is there any evidence to support the existence of Jesus Christ
  348. Is there any proof Jesus does not exist.
  349. Is there any proof of reincarnation being real?
  350. Is there ANY REAL Evidence of God being Real?
  351. Is there anybody else ‘out there’??
  352. Is There Cruelty in The Bible
  353. Is there one religion that is right?
  354. Is there really a “War on Christmas?”
  355. Is there really a God who created the world and everything in and beyond it?
  356. Is there really one true faith
  357. Is there room for multiple religions to be correct?
  358. Is this the time to finish the religions?
  359. Is your love for yourself what makes you want to live forever or is it your pleasure.
  360. Islam is a religion of peace
  361. Islam is the Best Religion
  362. Islamic State accused of genocide: could we, as a country, be doing more?
  363. Issac Newton called atheism “senseless” and warned against using the law of gravity to view the universe as a mere machine. Can science and religion co-exist?
  364. Istikhara For Marriage
  365. It has been argued that the “rib” in the story of Adam and Eve is actually a mistranslation of a Biblical Hebrew euphemism for baculum. Do people take bible stories too literally?
  366. It is better to kill yourself than to kill steal or own slaves etc. to survive.
  367. It is much better to do the right thing because its right than it is to do the right thing under the influence of religion.
  368. It was recently reported that Jesus is mentioned more times in the Quran than Muhammed: Do Muslims follow the teachings of Jesus?
  369. Its easy for the happy people to almost blindly accept the belief that things are meant to be. But are we really meant to be?
  370. Its good to be eccentric because most people are credulous.
  371. Jainism is the most peaceful religion
  372. Jald Ameer Hone Ka Wazifa
  373. Jehovah Witnesses are crazy and demented
  374. Jehovah’s Witnesses destroyed an ancient indigenous temple in Mexico. Does religion promote hatred?
  375. Jesus is God 100%
  376. Jesus is not Michael the Archangel
  377. Jesus should have been painlessly put to death before he had a chance to corrupt the world. As should all the other fake gods.
  378. Jewish eruv wire in Manhattan marks religious boundaries: should this wire be removed?
  379. Leaked documents reveal 70% of ISIS members know little about Islam, will this change popular perception of the religion?
  380. Life is unfair therefore its not fair of you to bring life into it.
  381. Love marriage specilist
  382. Many religious texts denounce usury: Should collecting interest on loans be banned?
  383. Media hype influences citizens’ mindset in selecting a government
  384. Meditation is’t fake
  385. Men are credulous animals. In the absence of good grounds for belief, they will be satisfied with bad ones
  386. Men have done every terrible thing you could imagine and more in accordance with “just” rules
  387. Most people are extremely hypocritical when criticizing others moralities. Yes if you agree
  388. Most people shouldnt trust their logic because they are credulous. But our leaders are liars whos dogmas shouldnt be trusted either. Catch twenty two.
  389. Name three spiritual characteristic giving by God to mankind that detemine their own destiny?
  390. Nazi’s claim that the bible is fake, because the characters depicted in the bible (jews), do not presently resemble anything holy or moral.
  391. “NEPHILIM (Fallen Angels) are causing terrorists to evolve and spread.
  392. True or false?”
  393. No matter how stupid or irrational people are they almost always think they are perfectly rational.
  394. Norway integration minister faces calls for resignation due to a comment “we eat pork and drink alcohol.” She says she meant Muslims should accept others’ right to do so, not that they should change.: Are people too quick to jump to conclusions?
  395. Of the five major religions, is Buddhism the most moral?
  396. Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of pie in 1644, declaring it a pagan form of pleasure. For 16 years, pie eating and making went underground until the Restoration leaders lifted the ban on pie in 1660. Does religion play too large a role in society?
  397. Only stupid people can over think things. Smart people can only under think things and blindly accept them like the stupid people probably should
  398. Pakistani court closes licensed liquor shops for non-Muslims. Do Muslims have too much power in Pakistan.
  399. People are generally credulous.
  400. People cant tell whether or not a president or any politician is a good one therefore they cant judge the goodness of god accurately.
  401. People deserve the same thing today that they deserved in the past. Why then are they treated so much differently by each other?
  402. People think they are thinking for themselves when really they are just using their conscience which is congruent with what theyve been told?
  403. People who believe all morality is subjective generally dont know the implications of this.
  404. People who believe things are meant to be by a perfect god are complaining about what happens. Are they contradicting themselves?
  405. Pokemon Go is “prohibited” by Islam, according to the Egyptian religious body. Do you think the Muslim religion is intolerant of new ideas?
  406. Pokémon Go: Will players be security conscious when playing games?
  407. Pope extends permission on abortion forgiveness: Is this good news?
  408. Pope’s abortion decision: Is this a good thing?

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