Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.07.2019
Updated: 06.04.2020
List of Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Students often have to write compare and contrast essays. The purpose of this assignment is to see whether a student can analyze two different subjects. Topics may include literary works, paintings, governments, public education, etc. finding good topics for a college paper is a crucial part of the process.

In a compare and contrast essay, you have to analyze similarities and differences between two different subjects. The comparing element focuses on similarities; the contrasting aspect shows the differences. To write this type of paper, you may have different approaches. Choosing a good subject is the most important part of the process.

Tips for choosing a topic

If you have a very narrow or very broad subject in your mind, forget it. Rather choose the one you can talk about. When it comes to writing an academic paper, do not choose something you know nothing about. An interesting subject will keep you motivated.

You will write a fantastic essay if you are really passionate about it. When giving an assignment, a teacher should also think about the student’s field of interest.  Read about the subject and ask questions. Be enthusiastic.

Whether you are a high school or college student, you should seek your teacher’s help. Your teacher will help you find some good ideas. You will also find some help online. Reading always pays back. Reading will broaden your understanding of the subject.

To choose good compare and contrast essay topics, choose subjects that have both similarities and differences. Make the best use of your creativity. Use facts and present them objectively.

We hope the list on this page will give you some good ideas.

List of Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

  1. A Compare and Contrast Analysis of Experiences in the Iraq and Vietnam Wars
  2. A Compare and Contrast Essay on Batman and Iron Man
  3. Compare “Out, Out” and Mid-Term Break
  4. Compare and Contrast ?Genesis? and ?Penetrating to the Heart of the Forest?,
  5. Compare and Contrast ‘On my fist Sonne’ and ‘Mid Term Break’
  6. Compare and Contrast A Description of New England and A Model of Christian Charity
  7. Compare and Contrast Alan Bradley´s Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and Edward Estlin Cumming´s Somewhere I Have Never Travelled
  8. Compare and contrast Ben Jonson’s ‘The Alchemist’ and Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’
  9. Compare And Contrast Black Like Me and Black Boy
  10. Compare and Contrast British Tourism Policy vs. Maltese Tourism Policy
  11. Compare and Contrast Change Approaches
  12. Compare and Contrast Characters in Beowulf and The Niebelungenlied
  13. Compare and Contrast Chinese and Japanese Mythology
  14. Compare and Contrast Comedy and Tragedy
  15. essay samples 

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  16. Compare and contrast Death of a naturalist and Catrin
  17. Compare and Contrast Death of a Naturalist, An Advancement of Learning
  18. Compare and Contrast Essay of Rikki Tikki Tavi
  19. Compare and Contrast Essay: Online Shopping vs. In-Store Shopping
  20. Compare and Contrast Feudalism
  21. Compare and Contrast From the Motorway and The Pylons
  22. Compare and Contrast Germany and America
  23. Compare and Contrast High School versus College
  24. Compare and Contrast Hispanic Culture and American Culture
  25. Compare and Contrast how feelings of fear and confusion are conveyed
  26. Compare and contrast images of heroism in these two poems.
  27. Compare and Contrast Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  28. Compare and Contrast Kami and Shen, the Japanese and Chinese Words for God
  29. Compare and Contrast Lamb to the Slaughter And The Speckled Band
  30. Compare and contrast Lamb to the Slaughter and The Speckled Band.
  31. Compare and Contrast Locke and Rousseau
  32. Compare and Contrast Lorraine Jenson and John Conlan
  33. Compare and Contrast Low Carbohydrate Diets and Low Fat Diets
  34. Compare and Contrast Macbeth and Men of Respect
  35. Compare and Contrast Mitosis and Meiosis
  36. Compare and Contrast of Nuclear Energy and Alternative Energy
  37. Compare and Contrast of the University of South Africa and University of Phoenix
  38. Compare and Contrast of‘‘Binsey Poplars’’ by Gerard Manley Hopkins and ‘‘The Trees’’ by Philip Larkin
  39. Compare and Contrast Pancreas Releated Disorders
  40. Compare and Contrast Pope Francis vs. Pope Benedict XVI
  41. Compare and Contrast Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodologies
  42. Compare and Contrast Religion in Two Works
  43. Compare and Contrast Remember and A Birthday by Christina Rossetti
  44. Compare and Contrast Spanish Culture on Christmas
  45. Compare and contrast the attitudes to war as reflected in for the
  46. Compare and Contrast the Characteristics of External, Internal, and Construct Validity
  47. Compare and Contrast The Day After Tomorrow and Outbreak
  48. Compare and Contrast the Different Perceptual Disorders that Disrupt Visual Perception
  49. Compare and Contrast the Divine Machinery of Odyssey and Aeneid
  50. Compare and contrast The Echoing Green with The Schoolboy by
  51. Compare and Contrast the Ideas and Techniques of the Poets in the some
  52. Compare and Contrast the Lives of Buddha and Jesus
  53. Compare and contrast the main female characters in The Withered Arm
  54. Compare And Contrast The Movies Requiem For A Dream And Malena
  55. Compare and contrast the poem The Drum by John Scott and the extract
  56. Compare and contrast the poems Mrs Faust and Eurydice
  57. Compare and contrast the poems The Tyger and The Donkey and
  58. Compare and Contrast the Poetry of James Berry and John Betjeman, with
  59. Compare and contrast the roles and relationships of the following
  60. Compare and contrast the styles and techniques of two of the Wilfred
  61. Compare and Contrast the Unification of Germany, Italy, and the United States
  62. Compare and contrast the variety of attitudes to marriage as expressed
  63. Compare and contrast the view that ‘An Arrest’ is a tale of nature
  64. Compare and Contrast the Way in Which Poets Present Ideas About Soldiers Leaving for War in Joining the Colours and The Send Off
  65. Compare and contrast the way the poets show the problems affecting the
  66. Compare And Contrast The Ways
  67. Compare and Contrast the Work of Harry Harlow and Mary Ainsworth on Understanding Attachment.
  68. Compare and Contrast Theoretical Orientations of Sigmund Freud and Abraham Maslow
  69. Compare and Contrast Three Major Philosophical Viewpoint
  70. Compare and Contrast Tom and Huck in Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  71. Compare and Contrast Tragedy and Comedy
  72. Compare and Contrast Turned and The Withered Arm
  73. Compare and Contrast Two Social Science Views about the Odering of Social Life
  74. Compare and Contrast Two Theories of Gender Role Development
  75. Compare and Contrast Two Views of Gay Marriage
  76. Compare and Contrast Women in The Yellow Wallpaper and Story of an Hour
  77. Compare and Contrast Women’s Suffrage Movements
  78. Compare and Contrast: ‘A desirable society’
  79. Compare and Contrast: Beauty and Beast
  80. Compare and Contrast: Belief Systems
  81. Compare and Contrast: China and The USA
  82. Compare and Contrast: Johnny and Dally
  83. Compare and Contrast: Socrates and Jesus Christ
  84. Compare and Contrast: The Man to Send Rain Clouds and Old Man at the Temple
  85. Compare And Evaluate The Age Estimation Methods
  86. Compare Aurora Leigh and Neutral Tones
  87. Compare Contrast Two Persuasive Arguments
  88. Compare how Shakespeare and Hardy present the role of their tragic
  89. Compare Islam with Christianity
  90. Compare Lamb to the Slaughter and The Speckled Band
  91. Compare Nuclear Fusion vs. Nuclear Fission
  92. Compare Passage A, which is a transcript in which a women working in a
  93. Compare Romeo And Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing
  94. Compare Sonnet 130 by Shakespeare and the Glasgow Sonnet by
  95. Compare the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke
  96. Compare The Homecoming and The Workbox by Thomas Hardy.
  97. Compare The Ostler and The Darkness Out There
  98. Compare the relationships and emotions in the following poems; Home
  99. Compare the Representation of Relationships in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Rapunzstiltskin’
  100. Compare the script of An Inspector Calls to the filmed version
  101. Compare the successes of Troy and Boldwood in courting Bathsheba
  102. Compare the Sucesses and Failures of Patriarchy in Colonialism
  103. Compare the theme of seduction in To his coy mistress and The
  104. Compare the way in which poets create a threatening or menacing
  105. Compare the way in which these poets convey their attitudes to love
  106. Compare the ways in which Donne presents the experience of love in ‘The Sun Rising’ and ‘The Good Morrow’
  107. Compare the ways in which poets present their ideas and attitudes in
  108. Compare the ways in which the authors of The Red Room, The Black
  109. Compare the ways in which the poet presents people in night of the
  110. Compare the works of William Wordsworth and R L Thomas
  111. Compare Two Articles in Terms of Their Use of Conversation Analysis
  112. Compare Two Criteria or Characteristics Using Visual Basic and Visual C++
  113. Compare two poems by wilfed owen
  114. Compare venom and venom gland sequences for VEGF-F
  115. Compare William Shakespeare’s Sonnets 12 and 73
  116. Data, Information Or Knowledge? Program Visualization Tools And Compare It With The Tool Developed
  117. Examine and compare the ways in which Pat Barker in Regeneration and
  118. Experiment to Compare the Enthalpy Changes of Combustion of Different Alcohols
  119. How Does Computer Processing Compare to Human Thinking?
  120. How does St John Rivers compare to Rochester?
  121. In this essay I will compare the presentation of family in digging
  122. Lord of the Flies – Compare and Contrast Ralph, Jack and Piggy
  123. Love in To His Coy Mistress, Shall I Compare Thee, Let Me Not, and The Flea
  124. Love in Two Works of Art: A Compare and Contrast Essay
  125. Social Media: A Compare and Contrast from a Teenager and Mother
  126. Statistics Project to Compare House Prices
  127. The University of South Africa and the British Open University: Compare and Contrast
  128. To compare The Charge of the Light Brigade with The Destruction of
  129. To compare the ways in which these poems display the horrors of war.
  130. Why Is It Different From Education? Britain And Compare It With My Country And The Uk?
essay samples 

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