Technology Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 04.03.2020
Technology Debate Topics

List of 405 Technology Debate Topics

  1. “Smart” clothes: are technology-compatible fashions really the wave of the future?
  2. 5 million Gmail passwords leaked: Is security being over shadowed in tech companies?
  3. A hacker demonstrated how voting machines can be compromised. Is voting fraud a big problem?
  4. A Tesla car drove its owner to the hospital after he suffered pulmonary embolism. Have we only scratched the surface with smart technology?
  5. After the Brexit vote, France is now Europe’s largest economy: Was Brexit a mistake?
  6. Aly Raisman’s floor routine Is going viral. Does social media make the Olympics less special?
  7. Android is better than Apple devices
  8. Apple CEO “proud to be gay”: Do you support the right to be hired without discrimination based on sexual identity?
  9. Apple CEO Tim Cook announces he is gay: Will this announcement cause a backlash against Apple?
  10. Apple iPhone 6: Are smugglers in China hurting Apple iPhone profits?
  11. Apple iWatch: Would you be in line to purchase a smartwatch?
  12. Apple partners with Stripe: Is Stripe a secure payment option?
  13. Apple Pay in stores this week: Are these technological trends keeping our money safe?
  14. Apple stock rising again: Is Apple the most successful company ever?
  15. Apple stock: Is it time to sell?
  16. Apple to beef up security measures after new photo leak: Are hackers getting more dangerous?
  17. Apple vs. Samsung
  18. Apple: Do you intend to use the new health and fitness tracking platform once the bugs get worked out?
  19. Apple’s iPhone 6 finally on sale: Is getting it now worth the wait in line?
  20. Apple’s new iWatch: Are Apple products really built to last?
  21. Apple’s new product launch: Are you anxious to see what new products Apple will offer today?
  22. Apple’s WWDC: Do you want to see improvements to Siri?
  23. Are advances in technology positive or negative? Bring up examples from Literature, History, or your experiences in your opinion!
  24. Are bad bots destroying the internet?
  25. Are bug tracking tools useful for app testing?
  26. Are cellphones safe?
  27. Are computers more vulnerable to viruses in the social media era?
  28. Are er too dependent on social media?
  29. Are hands-free phone calls while driving just as distracting?
  30. Are kids spending too much money on apps?
  31. Are people these days too wound up in technology?
  32. Are plasma TVs on their way out?
  33. Are robots better than humans?
  34. Are Robots More Efficient Than Humans when it Comes to Manual Labor?
  35. Are tech start-ups spending too much money?
  36. Are there always issues with the initial release of a product like the iPhone 6?
  37. Are vbucks a waste of money
  38. Are We Doing All We Can to Fund Alternative Energy Sources?
  39. Are we experiencing the “Age of Hacks”?
  40. Are we giving up too much privacy for security? Has there really been an improvement in security since government started monitoring our every move?
  41. Are Yahoo and Firefox trying to go against Google to diminish its growth and influence?
  42. Are you a fan of Apple products?
  43. Are you a fan of the auto play feature for video on Facebook?
  44. Are you concerned about someone hacking your USB device?
  45. Are you going to wait to get the new iPhone 6/6s (yes) or battle the lines (no)?
  46. Are you worried about having your e-mail account hacked?
  47. As of May 2015, 2.3 Million Americans still subscribed to AOL Dial Up Internet: Is the internet dying soon?
  48. AT&T Spying on Americans: Should AT&T be allowed to disclose a customer’s private data without court action when requested by local or federal enforcement, while investigating a potential crime?
  49. Battle field is better than call of duty
  50. Be it resolved that technological advancements benefit humanity
  51. Bendable iPhone 6 Plus: Should Apple recall the iPhone 6 Plus?
  52. Big Ben Clock Towers time is kept accurate by adding or removing pennies on its pendulum. Should Big Ben be given a technological update?
  53. Blackberry CEO “won’t chase sensationalism:” Will Blackberry ever compete with Samsung or Apple?
  54. BMW was forced to recall a female-voiced navigation system on its 5 Series cars in the late 1990s after being flooded with calls from German men saying they refused to take directions from a woman. Have women’s rights advanced since then?
  55. British submarine which can stay underwater for 25 years. Should the US focus on building subs with this capability?
  56. Can anti-surveillance software be trusted?
  57. Can artificial intelligence exceed human intelligence?
  58. Can cell phones be education tools?
  59. Can Facebook “likes” really predict your personality?
  60. Can technology replace books?
  61. Can the laws keep up with today’s internet technology?
  62. Cartoon aardvark goes viral: Are Arthur memes here to stay?
  63. Celebrity nude photos hacked: Can you trust backing up your phone to the cloud?
  64. Certain groups of bankers do not conduct business using any form of electronic communication. Is communication on paper or face-to-face a safer option than communicating electronically through email or texting?
  65. China is working on a new extremely fast train: Is it safe to travel on a vehicle that would reach 600 km/h (approximately 375 mph)?
  66. China is working on a new maglev train that can reach 600 km/hour, going from Shanghai to Beijing in 2 hours. Is China ahead of the U.S. in technology
  67. Comcast: Will cable companies start focusing more on Internet packages?
  68. Computer voices are mostly female: Is male-bias increasing in the world?
  69. Could a Google search bug that omitted key Presidential canidates have affected the outcome of the election?
  70. Court ruling stands: US has no right to seize data from world’s servers. Was this a major victory for Microsoft?
  71. Crime falls in Japan: Does increased security camera usage result in decreased crime?
  72. Crime has declined because of technology
  73. Cyber Monday: Are the best online deals on Cyber Monday?
  74. Cyberattackers responsible for major network hacks still unidentified: Should we be more cautious with our devices?
  75. Dark Web Jihadis: How should the United States address this new threat?
  76. Data Speeds Provided by T-Mobile: Does T-Mobile have an obligation to provide consumers with accurate data speeds being provided for their phone?
  77. Debate. Org has become extremely toxic and dangerous.
  78. Debate.Org should be more proactive about deleting spam
  79. Did Facebook’s Study Go Too Far?
  80. Did Microsoft make a good move in acquiring LinkedIn?
  81. Did RIAA go too far when they claimed damages against LimeWire totaling $75 trillion?
  82. Did you order anything online on Cyber Monday?
  83. Do airlines need to improve their computer systems?
  84. Do businesses have the right to take their names off of review websites like Yelp?
  85. Do Companies need a website?
  86. Do console will ever reach pc level
  87. Do Internet-connected “smart” light bulbs present a serious security threat?
  88. Do kids need cell phones under the age 13?
  89. Do movie companies need to do more to protect their content from hackers?
  90. Do the pros of the iPhone 6 outweigh the cons?
  91. Do video games work
  92. Do we control technology (yes) or does technology control us (no)?
  93. Do we need to create more Artificial Intelligence?
  94. Do you agree with Britain’s David Cameron that governments must be allowed to snoop on citizens’ smartphones?
  95. Do you believe Google’s “polls” search shows any bias?
  96. Do you believe that the Nazi’s killed the Jews the way the victors say they did?
  97. Do you believe this year’s “leap second” will have dire effects on the Internet?
  98. Do you believe women use social media more than men do?
  99. Do you satisfied with iPhone 6? If it meets your target/requirements, choose Yes. If You are disappointing, choose No.
  100. Do you think an Apple user would ever change to using a Windows machine?
  101. Do you think console will ever reach the same level as the pc?
  102. Do you think Debate.Org’s Opinion section is an accurate representation of society’s average view?
  103. Do you think Facebook should offer their users the option to change their profile page color?
  104. Do you think Google Glass is a worthwhile technology?
  105. Do you think important websites like Wikipedia should be forced to pay so others wont be able to put there ads on the website?
  106. Do you think India is going to be the next hot tech market?
  107. Do you think internet neutrality will cause a negative economic impact on service providers around the world?
  108. Do you think iPhone would have a better market share today if the company introduced the larger screen three years ago?
  109. Do you think iTunes will have to follow Amazon’s lead and move to a subscription-based business model?
  110. Do you think light bulb manufacturers reduce the lifespan of their product on purpose?
  111. Do you think Onyx OnBeep communicators will be more useful than cell phones?
  112. Do you think our Native American students should have more access to technology in their reservations and schools?
  113. Do you think self-balancing scooters (hover boards) have the right to be banned in public property in the UK?
  114. Do you think social media cause behavior problems ?
  115. Do you think that artificial intelligence (AI) could become more intelligent than man, and find them, humans, as a threat?
  116. Do you think that Reddit’s posting rules are too restrictive?
  117. Do you think that the ‘leap second’ will cause the Internet to crash?
  118. Do you think that the new Kimoji app is a waste of space on your cellphone?
  119. Do you think the advancement of technology, (such as the inventions of computers and cell phones), could lead to health repercussions, like obesity?
  120. Do you think the new Regin malware is linked to a government agency?
  121. Does Blackberry’s recent small turnaround have the ability to keep the company headed in the right direction?
  122. Does digital mapping do more harm than good?
  123. Does Facebook do enough to protect users from viruses?
  124. Does John Ive need to take a more active role in being a public face of Apple?
  125. Does social media change the way our youth behaves?
  126. Does social media play a part in the rising number of suicides among middle school students?
  127. Does social media/technology affect relationships?
  128. Does Sprint have the best deal for the iPhone 6?
  129. Does technology isolate us?
  130. Does​ technology outstrip​ morality?
  131. Does Tesla hold the keys to the future?
  132. Does the advancement of robotics always bring benefits to humanity?
  133. Does the FBI have the right to demand Apple unlock iphones for them?
  134. Does the technology exist to eliminate all mosquitoes?
  135. Does TV news make people more afraid of what’s going on in the world than necessary?
  136. Does Violence in Video Games Cause Violence in Children?
  137. Does wind power kill too many birds?
  138. Dropbox hack leads to dumping of 68 million user passwords on the internet. Are hackers winning?
  139. During WW2 the British maintained an entirely fictional arm that they successfully used to draw German forces away from invasion targets. Do you think something similar can happen in this day of technological sophistication?
  140. E-mail addresses stolen in ECB hacking: Is a theft of money next?
  141. Elon Musk intends to send people to Mars in 2024. Do you think this should be done by a private company?
  142. Elon Musk says he plans to send rocket to Mars by 2018: Should we try to colonize Mars?
  143. Ethiopia blocks social media: Should governments be allowed to censor the Internet?
  144. EU and data mining: Will the recent EU ruling on data mining make any real change in the collection of online information?
  145. Expression Through Social Media
  146. Facebook color change app: Would you have been fooled by the scam?
  147. Facebook virus: Does the government control our lives through the social networking site Facebook?
  148. Final Facebook warning: Is your data safe with Facebook even if you are not a user?
  149. Firefox improves browser: Can Firefox ever compete with Google Chrome?
  150. Flat head or cross head screw/drivers
  151. Florentine archives discovered to be almost 700 years old: Will technology help increase future generations’ interest in the past?
  152. Fortnite or PUBG
  153. Fusing your brain and conscience with a robot to achieve immortality is a reasonable decision.
  154. GE CEO Jeff Immelt says all new employees will learn to code: Will the workforce of the future be required to be more tech savvy?
  155. Giant Japanese sinkhole: Should Japan close the road over the giant sinkhole until assurances can be given that the sinkhole will not reopen?
  156. Giuliani and top Trump White House officials hacked, passwords leaked. Is cyber security up to par?
  157. Given the credit that Serlock Holmes stories receive for advances in forensic optics, do art and literature inspire advances in technology?
  158. Google creates kill switch for its AI project: Do robots have the ability to threaten humans?
  159. Google Doodle celebrates “Peruvian Songbird” Yma Sumac. Is Google Doodle effective in recalling past legends?
  160. Google Doodle celebrates Autumnal Equinox in Northern Hemisphere: should Google be honoring something more significant for today’s Google Doodle?
  161. Google Fiber is buying high-speed internet provider Webpass to expand its reach in cities. Does Google have too much power?
  162. Google Glass: Is It That Easy to Steal Your Passwords?
  163. Google Io: Is it more important for a cell phone to reduce its battery power usage (yes) or to continually update programs that are running in the background (no)?
  164. Google searches omitted key US presidential candidates. Do we rely too much on technology?
  165. Google, Red Hat discover critical DNS security flaw that enables malware to infect entire internet: Should google provide better internet security?
  166. Google’s quantum computer created a simulation of a molecule: Will super computers help scientists solve more problems in quantum physics?
  167. GoPro Hero4: Is GoPro the king of the digital video camera market?
  168. Graffiti artist banned from U.S. national parks after Reddit users found her on social media: Does technology help us hold more criminals accountable for their crimes?
  169. Has Google’s AlphaGo AI Become the New Go Master?
  170. Has Sony lost its edge in the tech world?
  171. Has Target’s data breach caused you to shop there less?
  172. Has Technology Ruined Our Lives?
  173. Has WikiLeaks grown too powerful?
  174. Have you tried to post your opinion (yes or no) and you click and click and it just doesn’t work? Its javascript:void(0)
  175. Headphones in class, yes or no?
  176. How do you feel about Social Justice Warriors on Tumblr?
  177. How to Fix the Streaming Issue of Acorn TV on your Roku?
  178. Hurricane Arthur- Are we seeing increased hurricanes because of global warming?
  179. Iceland is the only country in the world where 100% of the population has internet: Is the U.S. lagging behind?
  180. If you are given an option to clone yourself and live together with that clone, would you do it?
  181. If you owned omegle, would you change anything? If yes put in your ideas.
  182. “If You Were On Your Deathbed And It Was Possible To Download Your Mind Into A Virtual World
  183. Would You Do It?”
  184. In this day and age, is it possible for anything sent electronically to be “private”?
  185. India and Egypt decline free Internet from Facebook: Will Facebook ever make an offer like this to the United States?
  186. India Super-Computer to predict monsoons: Does the United States need to develop a super-computer that can predict extreme weather in advance?
  187. India’s military mistook Venus and Jupiter for Chinese spy drones: does military technology need to be improved?
  188. Indian scientist invented wireless in the 1800s: Are we as modern as we think we are?
  189. Information Technology (IT) towards Promoting Social Equity for Global Peace, Prosperity and Unity
  190. Intelligent Robots Should Be Granted Human Rights
  191. Internet access controversy: Do all people need a phone, cable, and the internet?
  192. iOS 10 has been released. Is it worth the upgrade?
  193. iOS 10: Is the upgrade worth it?
  194. IOS 8 encryption: Do you believe this will really shield your data from the police?
  195. iOS 8: Is it worth it to be an early adopter?
  196. iPhone 6 Bendgate: Will Bendgate hurt Apple’s sales of its new iPhone 6?
  197. iPhone 6: Is it fair for phone companies to lock consumers into long contracts in exchange for new phones?
  198. IPhone or Android?
  199. Iphone or Samsung
  200. iphone software glitch: Will you plan to wait to buy a new iPhone until the software issues have been resolved?
  201. Iphones are awesome
  202. Is “clean” nuclear power a possibility in the near future?
  203. Is “private browsing” online really private?
  204. Is 3-D printing revolutionary technology?
  205. Is a $99 PC a better purchase than a smart phone or a tablet?
  206. Is a hot dog technically a sandwich
  207. Is a Xbox one better than a ps4
  208. Is A.I a threat to humanity?
  209. Is anyone else upset with Apple’s iOS 11 update?
  210. Is Apple deleting files from computers to increase sales?
  211. Is Apple Inc. Best
  212. Is Apple Justified In Its Lawsuit Against the FBI
  213. Is Apple on the verge of launching a game changing product?
  214. Is Apple still making life-changing products?
  215. Is Apple too big of a company?
  216. Is Apple’s iPhone better than the Android phones?
  217. Is Apple’s new A8 processor reason enough to upgrade to the iPhone 6?
  218. Is AT&T wrong for promising customers unlimited data but then throttling their connection speeds?
  219. Is autoformat the most pointless thing ever
  220. Is Chernobyl the worst disaster of all time?
  221. Is cyber bullying a real problem?
  222. Is debate.Org helpful
  223. Is face swapping a good thing?
  224. Is Google better than Apple in terms of technology?
  225. Is Google the most innovated tech company today?
  226. Is India increase technical education for students
  227. Is iPhone 6’s “Bendgate” as big of a problem as the media is making it out to be?
  228. Is it a bad thing for a phone to be bendable?
  229. Is it too early for the iPhone 6 to have problems with its operating system?
  230. Is LA becoming the new Silicon Valley?
  231. Is life today shaped by media only?
  232. Is man better than machine?
  233. Is Microsoft going to turn BitCoin into a relevant currency by accepting it as a payment method?
  234. Is Microsoft making fun of Apple Inc?
  235. Is minecraft bad
  236. Is Minecraft safe
  237. Is modern technology taking over people’s jobs?
  238. Is online dating effective?
  239. Is pamaj a god?
  240. Is PS3 better than PS4?
  241. Is RadioShack still stuck in the 1980s?
  242. Is Samsung losing the battle for smartphone customers?
  243. Is social media to blame for worsening the mental health in teens?
  244. Is Students Should Have Computer in Their Class?
  245. Is Surface any match for Mac computers?
  246. Is technology a blessing or a bane
  247. Is Technology advancing at such a pace that people will be unable to keep up with the rising demands of it some day?
  248. Is technology making humans less sociable?
  249. Is the dating site Tinder good (yes) or bad (no) for Indian culture?
  250. Is the FireChat App an enemy of the State of Hong Kong, because the app is helping protesters organize?
  251. Is the government trying to track our vehicles?
  252. Is the Internet a blessing to mankind?
  253. Is the iPhone 6s worth the cost to upgrade?
  254. Is the M4 platform better than the AK platform?
  255. Is the MacBook Air better than the iPod touch?
  256. Is the new Nintendo NES system important to video game culture?
  257. Is the NSA responsible for breaking into the Juniper Networks firewall?
  258. Is the owner of KICKASSTORRENTS guilty of copyright infringement?
  259. Is the privacy and security of American protected well enough in the digital age?
  260. Is the Zip Drive the worst technology product ever?
  261. Is there any advanced automation technique is available for 3d printing Industry in Chennai
  262. Is today’s technology good (yes), or bad (no)?
  263. Is Uber the “most ethically challenged company in Silicon valley”?
  264. Is Verizon better than Apple?
  265. Is Verizon’s free IPhone 6 a good deal in the long run?
  266. Is Walmart losing business to online retailers?
  267. Is Wikipedia a reliable source?
  268. Is Windows 10 going to be better than previous versions?
  269. Is Yahoo still a relevant Internet brand compared to Google and Facebook?
  270. Japanese company replaces office workers with artificial intelligence: Is human workforce under threat from technology?
  271. Juniper Backdoor Mystery: Do you believe the NSA is behind the Juniper backdoor?
  272. Kids should have less time on tech
  273. LA residents call 911 when Facebook goes down: Was this a legitimate emergency?
  274. Lethal Autonomous Weapons System should be deployed or not?
  275. Library Video Games: Are public libraries sending a good message to our youth by providing video games?
  276. LinkedIn launches LinkedIn Lite. Are tech companies increasingly going to adopt to India’s slower Internet speeds?
  277. Lost spacecraft: is Russia cutting corners in safety?
  278. MacBook Air (yes) vs MacBook Pro (no)
  279. Massive amounts of birds are killed each year by radio antennas. And that changing the static red light to a blinking light can cut the death toll by up to 70%. Is this worth the cost?
  280. Meet Tomatan, a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run: Should we be using robot technology for more everyday uses?
  281. Microsoft head Satya Nadella takes charge: Will the layoffs help (yes) or hurt (no) Microsoft long-term?
  282. Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for $44 Billion in 2008; substantially more than Verizon is going to pay for the company: Did Yahoo’s board of directors overestimate the company’s value in 2008?
  283. Microsoft Office 365: Does the company have too many updates?
  284. Microsoft or Apple
  285. Microsoft Windows 9: Are you in favor of Microsoft bringing back the “Start” menu?
  286. Military Tests Autonomous Drones in California: Are the New Surveillance Drones a Threat to Privacy?
  287. Mobile payment services: Are they safe?
  288. Money has brought more harm than good in Africa– oppose
  289. NASA’s new telescope is finished: Will space technology and research continue to grow?
  290. Native Americans crave Internet access: Should broadband companies spend the money to connect sparse communities?
  291. New Chinese smartphone Xiaomi threatens Samsung sales: Will Samsung survive the competition from the new smartphone king?
  292. New Google Allo app available: Do smart apps accurately reflect your personality and intentions?
  293. New Jawbone Tracker: Are fitness trackers just a fad?
  294. New technologies boost viewership, but traditional TV is still king: Will the usefulness of traditional TV decrease over time?
  295. Norman Doors: Will push/pull doors become obsolete in our increasingly automated society?
  296. Norway’s doctors still use floppy disks, believing they’re more secure than modern alternatives. Should U.S. doctors follow suit?
  297. NSA Spying: Should tech companies refuse to divulge user information, even at the expense of steep fines?
  298. Nude Photos on the Cloud: Should we stop cloud computing?
  299. Obamacare site hacked but nothing taken, HHS says: Would you, providing you had the knowledge and know how, hack a site just to see if you could?
  300. On balance, the benefits of the Internet of Things outweigh the harms of decreased personal privacy.
  301. One Touch Make Ready Ordinance in Tennessee: Should Google Fiber be allowed access to ATT’s and Comcast’s wires?
  302. Our Adult Seo you will help Your Adult business to be top On Search
  303. Over 600,000 drivers use cell phone behind the wheel daily: With the consistent rise of smart phone technology, can cell phone related car accidents be reduced?
  304. Patents don’t allow knowledge to grow – for that to happen they should be abolished.
  305. PC vs Mac: Will the Surface be able to beat out the Macbook?
  306. PC vs. Mac: Is Microsoft the new Apple?
  307. People are spending to much time in front of the TV
  308. PewDiePie: Will PewDiePie delete his Youtube account when it reaches 50 million subscribers?
  309. Plasma Televisions: Are They Becoming Obsolete?
  310. PricewaterhouseCoopers make “hacking” game after Sony hack: Will this help companies prepare for a cyber attack?
  311. Ps or Xbox
  312. Ps4 vs Xbox
  313. Reading is a better pastime than watching television
  314. Russian hackers: Are usernames and passwords impossible to protect on the Internet?
  315. Samsung slashing 2015 lineup: Are there too many smartphone models on the market?
  316. Samsung will recall is Galaxy Note 7. Are cell phones safe?
  317. Saudi Arabia bombs their own forces in Yemen: Do armed forces need to invest in better communications technology to prevent friendly fire incidents?
  318. Should “Technology Packages” be legal?
  319. Should all credit card issuers in the United States be forced to upgrade to chip-enabled smart cards?
  320. Should Apple be forced to unlock iPhones by the FBI?
  321. Should Apple do more about Mac Wi-Fi connectivity problems?
  322. Should automobiles make the shift completely to electricity?
  323. Should boomboxes make a comeback?
  324. Should cable and satellite companies offer search engines to go with listings of movies and tv shows
  325. Should cassettes and vinyl records make a comeback?
  326. Should chain letters be banned from YouTube?
  327. Should Charter Cable include a search engine for its lists of movies and tv shows.
  328. Should children (aged 0-8years) be able to watch the news?
  329. Should children be allowed to use internet?
  330. Should children learn computer coding at a young age?
  331. Should Chinese citizens be banned from using computer VPNs (Very Private Networks)?
  332. Should companies like Sony take greater measures to prevent hackers?
  333. Should computer voices be programmed to sound like women?
  334. Should copies of software be allowed in any country
  335. Should debate.Org fix its search engine
  336. Should Facebook be more customizable?
  337. Should Ford have dumped Microsoft for BlackBerry’s infotainment system?
  338. Should fully immersed Virtual Reality gaming be researched?
  339. Should Getty Images be allowed to sell donated images?
  340. Should Google be allowed to close its news service in certain countries to avoid paying publishers for their content?
  341. Should Google Wireless be allowed to use Sprint and T-mobile’s services and pay a minimal fee in order to provide its new services while posing a threat to Verizon and AT&T?
  342. Should home computer users be able to assume a right to privacy?
  343. Should hoverboards/Segaways be banned?
  344. Should Humanity become a hive mind through technology
  345. Should humanity become a single hive mind through technology
  346. Should I start having a YouTube channel by age 10?
  347. Should individuals that switch from Apple’s iPhone to Android systems be allowed to transfer old texts to their new phone?
  348. Should kids be allowed to play video games?
  349. Should kids be using tech all the time?
  350. Should kids do social media at age of 12
  351. Should kids get a iphone 6 for free in school
  352. Should kids under 12 have Instagram or TikTok
  353. Should kids under the age 18 be banned from phones
  354. Should law enforcement use of cell-site simulators without a warrant be allowed?
  355. Should login send you to the home page and delete everything you just typed (yes) or to the page you were just on (no)
  356. Should Mexico create a national search system for this who have disappeared?
  357. Should Miiverse for Nintendo 3DS, 2Ds, and Wii U make it so You can post more that 30 posts a day?
  358. Should more device manufacturers make graphing calculators?
  359. Should more state pass renewable energy acts?
  360. Should my parents buy me a computer?
  361. Should nuclear power be considered a life-saving technology?
  362. Should parents be able to read their children’s text messages?
  363. Should parents be held accountable for the way their kids behave on social media sites?
  364. Should people be able to change parts of their DNA to get rid of future diseases and to make them live longer.
  365. Should people test bending iPhones in stores before they buy them?
  366. Should People Under Age 13 Have Cell Phones?
  367. Should people who play online games have to pay per hour they play?
  368. Should plastic drivers licenses be replaced by digital in-app licenses?
  369. Should preteens have social media?
  370. Should researchers quit searching for a cure to cancer?
  371. Should reverse engineering be illegal?
  372. Should schools be allowed to have a requirement that all students need to have an Tablet or other similar devices to attend class?
  373. Should schools be treating the Internet as if it is the most dangerous thing in the world?
  374. Should social media be banned
  375. Should students be aloud to have phones in school
  376. Should tech companies attempt to deliver Internet from outerspace?
  377. Should teens have computers and cell phones
  378. Should the company Steam be held liable for patron’s personal information being exposed on their website?
  379. Should the company Steam provide insurance to those whose personal information was compromised and exposed during some kind of computer glitch?
  380. Should the dark net be regulated like the rest of the internet?
  381. Should the FBI director be more knowledgeable about technology?
  382. Should the FCC repeal net neutrality?
  383. Should the U. S BE NUKED
  384. Should the US have strict net neturality laws?
  385. Should there be CCTV cameras in toilet stools in order to catch people taking illegal drugs?
  386. Should there be more limits on tracking through websites?
  387. Should TV manufacturers stop making plasma TVs in favor of LCDs?
  388. Should Twitter have sold the Vine app to Pornhub?
  389. Should Verizon be allowed to slow the service of its top data users to allow its other users access to the network?
  390. Should violent games be published in stores for kids
  391. Should violent video games be banned among young children?
  392. Should violent video games be banned for teens?
  393. Should we allow global powers to utilize super-powerful nuclear bombs in warfare?
  394. Should we ban all sorts of media for a better society?
  395. Should we be doing more to make our equipment more energy efficient?
  396. Should we be tracked on the internet?
  397. Should we have self-driving cars?
  398. Should we keep Sony on the market because of its past inventions?
  399. Should we put an age limit on cell phones?
  400. Should youtube ban stunt videos?
  401. Should YouTube Die and be replaced by another platform?
  402. Show Halo Be Allowed in Schools?
  403. Sir Tim Berners-Lee says internet has become ‘world’s largest surveillance network’: Should the government take steps to limit what can be seen on the internet?
  404. Social Media: Are people biased against new social media?
  405. Solar

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