Marine Biology Term Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 07.03.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Marine Biology Term Paper Topics

List of 20 Marine Biology Term Paper Topics

  1. How have fisherman help managed the marine life? You can look at this in a good way or bad way.
  2. Look at an ecosystem in a body of water, what is the dynamics and theories behind it?
  3. Look at marine microbiology and pick a subject that has to do with it.
  4. Pick a deep sea creature or plant life and write about the biology of it.
  5. Pick a marine mammal and talk about it and its biology.
  6. Pick an animal or plant from the water and talk about its life history and what behaviors is this know for?
  7. Pick an invertebrate that lives in water and talks about the zoology and parasitology about it.
  8. Plankton and algae can be found in every body of water, talk about phytoplankton biology or you could focus on algal biofuels.
  9. Talk about marine benthic ecology.
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  11. Talk about the Food/Web interactions that take place in any body of water.
  12. The population of marine life is very important, study how one species has lasted longer than others?
  13. There are many pollutants in many bodies of water, pick one and talk about the environmental toxicology that made it this way.
  14. What conservation ecology is being used to help marine life?
  15. What is the biological impacts on marine life due to climate change?
  16. What is the biology and ecology of the coral reef?
  17. What is the chemical ecology of marine life?
  18. What is the coastal ecology of marine life?
  19. What is the developmental biology of marine life? Pick one to write about.
  20. What is the polar ecology of marine life and what is found in this area of the world?
  21. What natural products chemistry happens in bodies of water?

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