Music Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 07.02.2020
Music Debate Topics

List of 409 Music Debate Topics

  1. “Bennie And The Jets” by Elton John isn’t a live recording but producer Gus Dudgeon wanted a live feel on the recording, so he mixed in crowd noise and whistles into the song. Have special effects gone too far?
  2. 5SOS is going to be more popular than One Direction
  3. Aaliyah was a R&B singer who helped shape the industry. Would artists such as Aaliyah and Tupac approve of the way the music industry has taken shape?
  4. Academy of Country Music awards: Are awards ceremonies a waste of time and money?
  5. Adolphe Sax: Is Adolphe Sax one of the most important musicians in human history?
  6. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is hospitalized after falling ill while playing with his other group, Hollywood Vampires: Is 65 too old for this career?
  7. Allman Brothers Drummer Dead at 69: Should the Band Do a Tribute?
  8. American Music Awards 2016: Do you think Selina Gomez deserved her award?
  9. Apple Radio: Are local radio stations becoming obsolete?
  10. Are all death growls not meant to sound angry?
  11. Are Beats by Dre a good value (yes) or are they too expensive (no)?
  12. Are Canadians Humans?
  13. Are godly music better than secular music.
  14. Are K-pop is popular?
  15. Are music streaming services fair to artists?
  16. Are music videos becoming more promiscuous?
  17. Are rap artists like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj ruining it for other rappers?
  18. Are school bands essential for students to succeed and have a successful future?
  19. Are Taylor Swift and Kanye West more similar than they seem?
  20. Are The Beatles one of the greatest musical groups of all time?
  21. Are the Beatles overrated or not?
  22. Are The Beatles really that good?
  23. Are the Country Music Awards the best awards show around?
  24. Are the members of One Direction good role models?
  25. Are The Smiths underrated?
  26. Are Vocaloids something that will be more prevalent outside of japan in the future of music?
  27. Are Vocaloids the future of music?
  28. Are words ineffectual at describing music?
  29. Are you a fan of Kpop?
  30. Ariana grande is the best singer born in the 90s.
  31. Arianna grande uses Princess Nokia’s music?
  32. Bagpipes are an abomination regardless of culture and have been surpassed by the accordian.
  33. Beatles and Apartheid: Do the Beatles deserve some credit for bringing an end to Apartheid?
  34. Beliebers? How do you feel about them defending Justin?
  35. Beyoncé crashed Chance the Rapper’s backstage VMAs interview,. Does this publicity help his career?
  36. Beyoncé snuck up on Chance the Rapper backstage at the VMAs. Will this help his career?
  37. Beyonce suffered an injury on stage. Will this cut her tour short?
  38. Biggie Smalls (yes) vs. Tupac (no)
  39. Billboard’s top earner is Taylor Swift: Is she truly talent?
  40. Busta Rhymes as Reptar: Should artists with mature lyrics be allowed to voice children’s characters?
  41. Butch Trucks, Allman Brothers Band Drummer and Co-Founder, Dead at 69: Is Southern rock drumming officially gone with his passing?
  42. Camila Cabello is leaving Fifth Harmony: Will the band survive without her?
  43. Can musical training help make one become more successful?
  44. Can Phil Collins still perform well?
  45. Can Tyler, The Creator be compared to other rappers?
  46. Chrysler offered Bruce Springsteen $12 million to use “Born in the U.S.A.” in an ad campaign. Springsteen turned them down and has still never let his music be used to sell products. Should more musicians adopt his approach?
  47. Classical vs. Hard Rock
  48. Could “My Love From Another Star” Become a Global Sensation?
  49. Country music is the best
  50. Country OR rap ?
  51. Death of Paco de Lucia: Can highly traditional forms of music such as flamenco ever become fully mainstream?
  52. Did Black Sabbath really create metal?
  53. Did Buddy Holly play in Portland before he died?
  54. Did Iggy Azalea deserve to win the AMA for Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist?
  55. Did Marilyn Manson have his ribs removed?
  56. Did Michael Jackson molest children?
  57. Did pop punk have an influence on the glam metal of the 1980s?
  58. Do Hot Topic stores want to keep pop punk sales high?
  59. Do we need another girl group like the Spice Girls?
  60. Do you believe Jennifer Hudson should have won American Idol?
  61. Do you believe schlonged is a vulgar and inappropriate word?
  62. Do you believe that Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming project will come close to reaching the success or lyrical quality of G.K.M.C (Good Kid Mad City)?
  63. Do you believe the Spice Girls were controversial in their time?
  64. Do you believe the weight loss tactic used by Jennifer Hudson is legitimate?
  65. Do you believe there is a conspiracy around the death of Notorious B.I.G.?
  66. Do you believe Victoria Beckham when she said there will never be another Spice Girls reunion tour?
  67. Do you feel like Ozzy Osbourne is a bad role model?
  68. Do you find Jennifer Hudson’s songs motivational?
  69. Do you hate Fifth Harmony?
  70. Do you like Justin Bieber?
  71. Do you like kpop?
  72. Do you like music?
  73. Do you like the new Miley Cyrus (yes) or the old one (no)?
  74. Do you like The Wanted (yes) or One Direction (no)?
  75. Do you listen to Beethoven?
  76. Do you think Coachella will be able to successfully combine the music of both classic rockers and ravers in the 2015 festival?
  77. Do you think death metal causes people to act violently or immorally?
  78. Do you think death metal should be considered art?
  79. Do you think Fifth Harmony’s music sends positive message to young girls?
  80. Do you think it was a good idea to replace the original “Gemini” Virgin Records logo with the current “scrawl” logo?
  81. Do you think Jennifer Hudson lost weight strictly by using the Weight Watchers program?
  82. Do you think Jimi Hendrix was the best musician ever?
  83. Do you think Kenny G is the most popular smooth jazz musician in the world?
  84. Do you think Lil B should do more college lectures?
  85. Do you think Luke Hemmings’ apology for objectifying women was sincere?
  86. Do you think lyrics are the most important part of a song?
  87. Do you think Nicki Minaj will be on Drake’s new song “How About Now”?
  88. Do you think Notorious B.I.G. is the best rapper of all time?
  89. Do you think parental advisory labels infringe on artists’ free speech rights?
  90. Do you think parents should have a say over what music their child listens to?
  91. Do You Think Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Is Too Long?
  92. Do you think that the musical genre of rock/metal is taking a “beating” in present mainstream America?
  93. Do you think the Bank of Japan injecting more cash into the economy was the right decision?
  94. Do you think the signing of the Sex Pistols to Virgin Records was the most influential signing in the company’s history?
  95. Do you think the Spice Girls’ kissing Prince Charles in 1997 was controversial?
  96. Do you think there is a dispute as to the genre of Kenny G’s music?
  97. Do you think Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) is a good public representative of the Muslim faith?
  98. Do you think Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) is being truthful when he denies having ever supported the fatwa against Salman Rushdie?
  99. Does Bastille have a good singer?
  100. Does Beats by Dr. Dre make good products? (REVISED)
  101. Does Bob Marley deserve a day dedicated to him in the city of Toronto?
  102. Does Ed Sheeran’s cover of Stand By Me blow away John Lennon’s?
  103. Does heavy metal music cause violent tendencies
  104. Does hip hop have a negative impact?
  105. Does hip hop music influence bad behavior?
  106. Does Hip-Hop still represent ‘Peace, Love and Unity’ like it did during the 1979-85 approx? I am aware some still do though.
  107. Does Kid Cudi’s new song jab at Kanye West?
  108. Does Luke Bryan Have a better voice than Tim McGraw?
  109. Does mainstream rap express vulgarity, crudeness, and lack of respect toward authority to the extent that reactionary opponents to it may murder another rapper, similar to the shooting death in 1996 of Tupac Shakur?
  110. Does more need to be done about sexual abuse at music festivals?
  111. Does movie need songs?
  112. Does music distract or help?
  113. Does music help improve sleep quality in adults with insomnia?
  114. Does music help one get over a tradegy?
  115. Does music influence life?
  116. Does music influence teenagers?
  117. Does music rule the world?
  118. Does rap music affect society today?
  119. Does rap promote rape?
  120. Does the melody or rhythm can simply convey the ideology of music regardless of the background differences?
  121. Does this person sing well?
  122. Eighty years after the birth of Elvis, does his legacy still affect music today?
  123. Everything She Wants by Wham! Or Mayonaise by The Smashing Pumpkins?
  124. Fifth Harmony or Little Mix?
  125. Follow at logan paul on youtube
  126. Frank Ocean’s album “Boys Don’t Cry” is due out on Friday. Do you think his work is innovative?
  127. Funk (yes) or Disco (no)?
  128. Garth Brooks: Is the country music star’s refusal to sell tracks individually a bad business model in the digital age?
  129. Grammy nominations out: Will Justin Bieber win?
  130. Green Day has a new CD out. Will fans be turned off by the political concept?
  131. Hans Zimmer (yes) or John Williams (no)?
  132. Has auto-tune lead to a talentless generation of false musicians?
  133. Has country music strayed too far from its roots?
  134. Has song-writing lost a lot of meaning since the 80’s?
  135. Has the pop music industry lost its creativity?
  136. Has there been a more divisive and contentious rock ‘n’ roll personality than Kid Rock?
  137. Have the standards for “quality music” declined?
  138. I believe that country music is the oldest and best genre of music
  139. If Love Handel were a real band, do you think they would be a big hit?
  140. In 1968, an astronomy student, a dental student and a bass player formed a band called “Smile.” In 1971 they renamed the band to Queen. Does Queen’s greatness stem from the eclectic backgrounds?
  141. In 1985, the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore held a youth rap contest. The winner was 14-year-old Tupac Shakur. Will he be remembered as a great artist?
  142. Is 1Direction better than 5 seconds of summer?
  143. Is 5 Seconds of Summer a “Boyband”?
  144. Is AC/DC a good band?
  145. Is Ariana Grande one of pop music’s “good girls”?
  146. Is Auto-Tune killing music?
  147. Is auto-tuned music real music?
  148. Is Aviators The Best Artist?
  149. Is Biggie Smalls one of the greatest rappers of all time?
  150. Is Blink 182 still popular?
  151. Is classical music better than country music?
  152. Is Dave Davies a musical genius?
  153. Is David Bowie one of the greatest artists of all time?
  154. Is David Bowie still a relevant artist?
  155. Is death metal the best music ever made?
  156. Is Demi Lovato a good global citizen?
  157. Is Demi Lovato one of the most beautiful women in the music industry?
  158. Is Disney trying to create pop punk bands?
  159. Is downloading music from the Internet without permission wrong?
  160. Is downloading music without permission morally equivalent to theft?
  161. Is Drumstep Better Than Mainstream Pop?
  162. Is dubstep dangerous?
  163. Is dubstep music
  164. Is Dubstep real music?
  165. Is EDM Dying?
  166. Is Enrique Iglesias still a relevant performer?
  167. Is farting good for your body?
  168. Is Frank Ocean’s new album worth downloading?
  169. Is Funeral the best Arcade Fire album so far?
  170. Is Gucci Mane a clone?
  171. Is hard rock music a bad influence on teenagers?
  172. Is hip and rap bad for you?
  173. Is hip hop nowadays pointless and generic and all about money, power, sex, and weed?
  174. Is I.C.P. Really the most hated band in the world? I don’t think so.
  175. Is it possible to appreciate (foreign language) music if you cant understand the lyrics?
  176. Is it worth becoming a K-pop star?
  177. Is it worth studying music if this is not the career path you would like to take?
  178. Is iTunes as we speak, ruining music?
  179. Is Janet Jackson better than Taylor Swift
  180. Is Jazz a neglected and an almost hated type of music in contemporary society?
  181. Is Jazz better than Rock?
  182. Is Jennifer Hudson actually a size 0, as she claims?
  183. Is John Lennon the greatest songwriter ever?
  184. Is Jon Benjamin’s fake jazz album worth listening to?
  185. Is Justin Bieber a good role model?
  186. Is Justin Bieber the best artist ever?
  187. Is Justin Bieber the new King of Pop?
  188. Is Justin Bieber the worst thing to happen to music today?
  189. Is Kid Cudi’s album “Satellite Flight” really his most impressive album to date?
  190. Is Kid Rock the most symbolic musician of the city of Detroit, Michigan?
  191. Is kpop good music
  192. Is Lady Gaga’s new record going to go platinum?
  193. Is Led Zeppelin the most creative rock band of all time?
  194. Is lil penis a good rapper
  195. Is lil yachty trash
  196. Is Linkin Park Metal?
  197. Is listening to music in school bad for your education?
  198. Is Logic’s new mixtape overhyped?
  199. Is Lorde a good role model?
  200. Is Lou Reed one of the greatest musicians of all time?
  201. Is Marilyn Manson a homosexual?
  202. Is Marilyn Manson’s music controversial?
  203. Is Metallica Satanic?
  204. Is Michael Jackson the best (based on opinion) artist of all time?
  205. Is Miley Cyrus ruining her career?
  206. Is Miley Cyrus trying to be like Rihanna?
  207. Is modern popular music any good?
  208. Is modern time music making the youth more lazy
  209. Is music a proper subject?
  210. Is music bad for kids?
  211. Is music bad to hear or helpful
  212. Is music better than what it was in the past? (both mainstream and not so mainstream)
  213. Is music food for the soul?
  214. Is music good for our lives?
  215. Is Music On The Radio Played Too Frequently?
  216. Is My Chemical Romance a bad influence?
  217. Is Nick Brown, drummer for Pink Floyd still a great drummer?
  218. Is Nicki Minaj’s new “Anaconda” video too racy?
  219. Is Nirvana better than the Foo Fighters?
  220. Is One Direction as good as they seem?
  221. Is One Republic better than One Direction?
  222. Is Owl City/Adam Young the musician that everyone should listen to?
  223. Is Phish the most influential band of our time?
  224. Is pop punk a major revenue generator for major labels?
  225. Is post-1994 music any worse than pre-1994 music?
  226. Is Rap music better than Rock music?
  227. Is rap music evolving (yes) or devolving (no)?
  228. Is rap music good?
  229. Is Rap Music Important and Beneficial to our society?
  230. Is rap really that bad
  231. Is Rock and Roll really dead?
  232. Is Rock and Roll the best kind of music?
  233. Is RockBitch a band to watch?
  234. Is screamo music demonic?
  235. Is sexism still alive in the music industry today?
  236. Is Sia’s video for Orlando worth watching?
  237. Is Steven Tyler’s new country song good?
  238. Is Suicide Silence better now (yes), or when Mitch was alive (no)?
  239. Is Taylor Swift a fake country singer?
  240. Is Taylor Swift’s music good enough to earn so many Grammy nominations?
  241. Is Taylor Swift’s music video for Bad Blood a ‘feminist manifeto?’
  242. Is technological based music as long enduring and valuable as human performed acoustic music?
  243. Is the album “ColleGrove” by 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne going to sell a lot of records?
  244. Is the band Black Veil Brides demonic?
  245. Is the band weezer still relevant in music today?
  246. Is the quality of songs gone down hill?
  247. Is the rap industry too harshly criticized?
  248. Is The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Incompetent With Who They Indict?
  249. Is the top 40 effective in showcasing popular music?
  250. Is The Wanted better than One Direction?
  251. Is the whip nae nae an inappropriate
  252. Is Tupac coming back in 2014?
  253. Is Van Halen still popular?
  254. Is Yo-Yo Ma the best cellist in history?
  255. Is YouTube Killing The Music Industry
  256. Joan Jett — good (yes) or mediocre (no)?
  257. Joe Perry collapses on stage at concert: Is there an age where you’re too old to rock?
  258. John Lennon and Paul Mccartney Record Together After The Beatles breakup: Should this historical moment be diminished based off of the offer of cocaine to Stevie Wonder?
  259. Johnny Cash tribute performance: Will future generations remember Johnny Cash?
  260. K-Pop or Cameron Dallas
  261. KayO Redd Death. Do you know who Waka Flocka Flame is?
  262. King of rap
  263. KISS inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but doesn’t perform: Did the band deserve the induction?
  264. KPop (yes) vs. JPop (no)?
  265. Leon Russell: Did you follow this musician’s musician?
  266. Les Miserables (yes) or Phantom of the Opera (no)?
  267. Marching (yes) or Concert (no) bands. Which do you prefer to hear preform or be involved in?
  268. Mattyb or Jhonny orlando
  269. Megadeth vs. Metallica
  270. Metallica’s new album: Does “Hardwired” sound like vintage 80’s metal?
  271. Mick Jagger and Kieth Richards met at a train station. Are these kinds of random meetings important?
  272. Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx was legally dead for two minutes after a heroin overdose. Paramedics revive him with two shots of adrenaline, inspiring the song “Kickstart My Heart”: Do you believe in second chances?
  273. Mp3 players in school
  274. Music is cool
  275. Music is the best
  276. Music lessons are too expensive and not available to everyone
  277. Nas listed his daughter Destiny as an executive producer on Stillmatic, so that she would always receive royalty checks from the album. Is this fair to others that worked on the album?
  278. Neil Diamond: Will he perform well on his 50th Anniversary World Tour?
  279. New Music (2010 and up) or Old Music? (70s and 80s)
  280. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Split: Should Mariah Carey be able to keep Nick Cannon from talking about the relationship?
  281. Nick Lowe made an album named “Bowi” in response to David Bowie’s album, “Lowe”: Was it all in good fun?
  282. Nirvana (yes) vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers (no): Who’s better?
  283. “Non-music employers don’t recognise music activity
  284. and qualifications, such as
  285. music A level, instrumental grades, regular ensembles etc. as highly as they should.”
  286. Pharrell Williams’ Hit Song “Happy”: Do you think Pharrell Williams’ choice of venue, Oprah Prime, was the most appropriate, to discuss and promote “Happy”?
  287. Pitbull goes through with concert after rigged contest: Should online contests be more strictly monitored?
  288. Pol pol pol
  289. Pono Music Players: Will the hefty price tag be worth the cost?
  290. Private school are more better than public school
  291. Queen’s Brian May uses a sixpence British coin instead of a guitar pick: Can you make better music on a guitar using a guitar pick over everything else?
  292. Rap music is inspirational?
  293. Rap, good (yes) or bad (no)? Why?
  294. Rapper Bobby Shmurda arrested in Manhattan: Does the popularity of the rap music genre hinge specifically on drugs and violence?
  295. Recycled Orchestra Allows Young Musicians to Achieve Dreams: Would the music sound good with these instruments made out of recyclables?
  296. Rock is cooler than jazz?
  297. Rock n Roll is better than Pop music.
  298. Rock n Roll music (yes) vs. Hip Hop music (no): Which is better?
  299. Rolling Stone Praises Louis C.K: Does he deserve it?
  300. Rosa Parks Sued Outkast for defamation for using name in song title: Do we take usage of names in entertainment too seriously?
  301. Schoolboy Q: Has the star quit rap for good?
  302. Science says “We Are the Champions” is the most catchy pop song: Is it?
  303. Should 4th of July events include music from the Russian Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture”?
  304. Should AC/DC cancel its tour because its lead singer might suffer from total hearing loss?
  305. Should AC/DC find a different lead singer for future tours?
  306. Should America follow Norway’s lead and go to digital radio instead of FM?
  307. Should artists memorize the lyrics to popular songs?
  308. Should Axl Rose consider permanently separating himself from Guns N’ Roses?
  309. Should Axl Rose of the rock band Guns N’ Roses undergo extensive plastic surgery?
  310. Should Britney Spears retire?
  311. Should BTS come to tour in America
  312. Should children be sheltered from Ozzy Osbourne?
  313. Should Chrissy Teigen and John Legend be a couple?
  314. Should Christian music be made by indie labels (yes) or mainstream labels (no)?
  315. Should conspiracy theories such as those surrounding the shooting death in 1996 of Tupac Shakur be granted federal and collegiate funding on the basis of deducing the ultimate truth to their claims?
  316. Should copyright be banned even if you put the authors and other creators and actors?
  317. Should Digital Music Files Be Available For Free?
  318. Should downloading music for free be illegal?
  319. Should Dubstep be a genre?
  320. Should heavy metal be played on popular music stations?
  321. Should I like Jay-Z as much as I did 4 years ago?
  322. Should Janet Jackson be elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
  323. Should Justin Bieber be deported back to Canada?
  324. Should Kenny G be considered a crossover artist (yes) or purely a smooth jazz musician (no)?
  325. Should Kid Rock overhaul his sound to incorporate modern rock stylings?
  326. Should kids be able to get free instruments at school?
  327. Should kids be able to listen to music in class while doing their school work?
  328. Should kids be able to listen to music in class?
  329. Should kids be allowed to listen to artists like T.I. and Lil Wayne?
  330. Should Lana Del Rey come to Greece this year?
  331. Should learning a musical instrument be compulsory?
  332. Should Lionel Richie and the Commodores be elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
  333. Should Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s edited version of “Blinded By The Light” be suitable for high energy dance aerobics?
  334. Should Michael Jackson be considered a musician even though he didn’t play any instruments?
  335. Should more people ascribe to Lil B’s so-called ‘based movement’?
  336. Should music be allowed in schools like lil pump and other people??????
  337. Should music be censored?
  338. Should music copyrights be abolished?
  339. Should music education stay in schools?
  340. Should music performance courses be required in schools?
  341. Should music that glorifies violence towards women be banned?
  342. Should music with explicit sexual lyrics be banned?
  343. Should Notorious B.I.G. be taught in music history classes?
  344. Should original rock music be called classic just because it’s old?
  345. Should Ozzy Osbourne be considered one of the fathers of modern metal music?
  346. Should Ozzy Osbourne retire from making and performing music?
  347. Should parents allow their teens to go to concerts, even with all of the dangers that come with going to a concert in 2018?
  348. Should people get fined for loud music?
  349. Should rap music be censored?
  350. Should rap music be considered an art?
  351. Should Recording Artists have more Creative Freedom?
  352. Should School have music and art as a class/required in middle school?
  353. Should schools budget cuts have to take away music from students?
  354. Should schools have an orchestra?
  355. Should Scotty Moore have been more well-known for his music?
  356. Should Slash have told the story about David Bowie and his mother?
  357. Should song lyrics be supported by the first amendment?
  358. Should songs have bad words in it?
  359. Should songs on the radio say cuss words?
  360. Should students be allowed to listen to music in school?
  361. Should students have music classes in school??????????
  362. Should students listen to music while working at school?
  363. Should teens be allowed to buy music with explicit and violent lyrics?
  364. Should the Spice Girls have a reunion tour?
  365. Should there be controversy surrounding Lil B’s album entitled ‘I’m Gay (I’m Happy)’ because he is heterosexual?
  366. Should there be more (yes) or less (no) regulation of music downloading websites?
  367. Should this new Michael Jackson album, “Xscape”, be released?
  368. Should Virgin Records have merged with Capitol Records to form Capitol Music Group?
  369. Should we follow Beyonce’s advice and “bow down”?
  370. Should we save the wild cats?
  371. Should Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier than 2014?
  372. Sia’s new video is about the Orlando massacre. Should she have made this more obvious?
  373. Sing: Will Sing be the #1 Holiday movie?
  374. Singer Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Should he still be allowed to perform?
  375. Sir Mix a Lot weighs in on Anaconda debate: Is “Baby Got Back” a modern classic?
  376. So… Is Metallica better than Megadeth
  377. Songwriter and Musician Leon Russell Dead at Age 74: Is 2016 the Saddest Year Ever for Music Fans?
  378. Spice Girls — hot music (yes) or are there better girls who can sing (no)?
  379. Ss ee eee
  380. Stevie Wonder Presents Song of the Year Grammy Award, Points Out Need for Accessibility: Are we doing enough to provide inclusion to those with disabilities?
  381. That Christopher Lee released a Symphonic Metal album about Charlemagne in 2010 and won the “Spirit of Metal” award: Do you think it was worth the award?
  382. The band Vulfpeck released a completely silent album on Spotify and asked their fans to play it on repeat while they slept. They earned $20,000 in royaltees before Spotify closed the loophole. Should they have been forced to repay the money?
  383. The Beatles (yes) or Elvis (no)?
  384. The Cure once played a four-hour concert during which they played 50 songs. Do you feel bands give people their money’s worth?
  385. The Led Zeppelin song “D’yer Mak’er” is pronounced “Jamaica” in reference to the way British people say the country’s name, hence the reggae beat. Did the group stray too far from its roots with this song?
  386. The New Edition Story’ treats the boy band with the respect it deserves: Are boy bands relevant to the modern music scene?
  387. The reason the Top 40 has specifically forty singles is because standard jukebox machines held that many songs at that time. Would a list with fewer songs have a bigger impact?
  388. The Rolling Stones would never have been formed if Keith Richards and Mick Jagger hadn’t accidentally met at a train station in 1961. Do you have to be lucky in order to be successful?
  389. The Weekend: Is “Starboy” the best song on the the Weekend’s new album?
  390. The Weeknd is being sued for “sampling” music. Should sampling require royalties to the original artist?
  391. Top 40: Did it all begin with a jukebox?
  392. U2 to headline Bonnaroo music festival: Is U2 past their prime?
  393. Under Pressure: Was David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” one of his true greatest hits?
  394. Understanding the Fundamentals of Music is the Most Underrated Skill
  395. Usher to Marry: Is Usher’s “Yeah!” the best song of all time?
  396. Violinist Tartini composed the Devil’s Trill Sonata based on music he heard in a dream: Does paying attention to dreams help boost your creativity?
  397. Was “Fats Waller” the greatest jazz composer?
  398. Was Billy Gilman’s cover of “The Show Must Go On” better than the Queen original?
  399. Was Glenn Frey the most important member of the Eagles?
  400. Was Green Day ever punk rock music?
  401. Was Gustavo Cerati influential to Latin American rock music?
  402. Was it right for Instagram to take millions of spam followers from celebrities like Justin Bieber?
  403. Was James Taylor right to cancel his Philippines concert over Duterte’s drug war killings?
  404. Was Joe Cocker one of the best singers in history?
  405. Was John Bonham a better drummer than Neil Peart?
  406. Was Justin Timberlake better when he was with N’Sync?
  407. Was Martin Shkreli’s purchase of Wu-Tang album only a show of financial power (yes) or the actions of an actual music fan (no)?
  408. Was Megan Trainor and John Legend’s duet performance one of the best in music history?
  409. Was Michael Jackson a musical genius even though he could not read or write music?

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