Biology Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 02.01.2020
List of Biology Essay Topics

The biology essay topics can be the valuable sources of information where you can research anything – from the molecular studies and cell morphology to the DNA extraction and other related topics! The biology essay topics help us to understand ecology, diseases, genetic procedures but also other interesting topics that enable us to comprehend how we, as living beings, interact with our nature! Whatever you choose to write, you can be sure that you can count on the extensive library of resources! Therefore, you can write on health subjects, the process of plant’s lifecycle or other titles that will help you to understand biology better. 

There are biological writings that would not need some deep investigations as you can find a lot of essay writings on the Internet by other students as well. These are crucial for your biology studies as you will have a lot more information to include in your paper. Whether you write on the Effects of Ultra Violet Radiation or about the cloning process, you can be sure that you will find out a lot of cool information. Check out our list with the most interesting titles!

List of Biology Essay Topics

  1. A Biological Look at Suicide
  2. A GCSE Biology Case Study on Whether Cannabis Should be reclassified to a Class B Drug
  3. A Gender Debate
  4. A Human Transporter Protein that Mediates the Final Excretion Step for Toxic Organic Cations
  5. A Leader of Death
  6. A Model for the Evolutionary Dynamics of Cross-Feeding Polymorphisms in Microorganisms
  7. A Research Career Is More Than A Goal That I Am Pursuing
  8. A Research Study On Biology Students
  9. A Study On Biology And Microbiology
  10. Absorptive and Postabsorptive States
  11. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
  12. Adolescence: Defined By Biology or Society?
  13. Advancements in Biotechnology
  14. Advances in Neuronal Control of Prosthetic Devices
  15. AIDS Resistance Genes
  16. Alternatives for Animal Dissection
  17. An Investigation to Show How Water Temperature and Alcohol Concentration Affect Membrane Permeability
  18. Analysis and Description of Synthetic Biology
  19. Analysis of Biology of Aloe Vera Plant
  20. Analysis of Load Carriage and Incline on Human Walking
  21. Analysis of the Enzyme Sucrase for Optimum Temperature, pH, and Concentration
  22. Application Essay for Master of Science in Biology Program (Online)
  23. Aquaporin-1
  24. Arabidopsis Thaliana
  25. Are Genetics Responsible for Allergies?
  26. Are Our Morals Genetically Determined or Merely Assumed?
  27. Are viruses living entities?
  28. Artisitc License: Color Vision and Color Theory
  29. As Toid by The Egg: Nonfiction Biology Article Summary
  30. Atmospheric Oxygen, Giant Paleozoic Insects and the Evolution of Aerial Locomotor Performance
  31. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Neurobiology of a Disorder or a Difference?
  32. Beauty, Biology, and Society
  33. Benefits of Cholesterol to Brain Development
  34. Benefits of Human Cloning
  35. Biochemical and Biophysical Principles
  36. Bioinformatics – Solving Biological Problems Using DNA and Amino Acid Sequences
  37. Bioinformatics : An Interdisciplinary Field That Combines Molecular Biology And Computer Science
  38. Biological Teleology in Contemporary Science
  39. Biological Theories of Manic-Depression
  40. Biology
  41. biology – how light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis
  42. Biology and Chemical Warfare
  43. Biology And Evolutionary Biology : Why Are We Here?
  44. Biology and Philosophy of Love
  45. Biology and the Properties of Gas Exchange Surfaces
  46. Biology Answers to Quiz: Cells
  47. Biology Basic
  48. Biology Cannot Be Reduced to Chemistry and Physics
  49. Biology Cell Parts
  50. Biology Class: A Short Story
  51. Biology Coursework: Improving Trauma Treatment Through EPR
  52. Biology Coursework: The effect of Trypsin on Gelatine.
  53. Biology Enzymes Coursework
  54. Biology Experiment
  55. Biology Experiment on Heart Rate
  56. Biology Key Skills
  57. Biology Lab Report
  58. Biology Notes regarding Cells and Related topics
  59. Biology of a Squid
  60. Biology of Cloning
  61. Biology of Mangroves
  62. Biology of Serial Killers
  63. Biology of Violence Examined
  64. Biology Oral Cancer
  65. biology presentation for the skeleton
  66. Biology Research Paper
  67. Biology Research Report
  68. Biology Revisited
  69. Biology Summative: Telomeres, Telomerase, and Cancer
  70. Biology- Cell Division
  71. Biology, Pragmatism and Contradiction
  72. Biology, The Five Major Compounds
  73. Biology: Arabidopsis Culture Cell and Transformation
  74. Biology: Biological Fuel Cell
  75. Biology: Biome and DNA Identification Process
  76. Biology: Cell Division Cycle
  77. Biology: Determining the Lengths of Telomeres Using Flow FISH Method
  78. Biology: DNA Forensics
  79. Biology: Endocrine Hormones
  80. Biology: Epigenetics and Nuerogensis
  81. Biology: Flatwroms
  82. Biology: Hydrolysis of Lipids Using an Enzyme Called ‘Lipase’
  83. Biology: Main Types of Wnt Pathways
  84. Biology: Mutations and Transformation
  85. Biology: Separation of Proteins
  86. Biology: The Chiral Molecules
  87. Biology: The Endosymbiotic Theory
  88. Biology: The structure of Luciferase
  89. Biology: The Thermodynamics of Protein-Protein Interactions
  90. Biology: Uncoupling Proteins
  91. Biology: What is Speciation?
  92. Biology: What´s a Chromosomal Mutation?
  93. Biology: What´s Ubiquitin and Ubiquitination?
  94. Bioprocess Engineering Science
  95. Biotechnology a New Beginning
  96. Biotechnology in the Rio Grande Valley
  97. Bird Species in Belize
  98. Blood Brain Barrier
  99. Bone
  100. Breeding Habits of Water Birds
  101. Business Analysis for Harris and Harris Group
  102. Cancer and NMR Spectroscopy
  103. Carbohydrates And Lipids : Biology Of Macromolecules
  104. Career: Marine Biology
  105. Careers After Studying Biology
  106. Cell And Molecular Biology Studies
  107. Cell Biology: The DNA of Both Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
  108. Cell Matrix Adhesions and Fibroblast
  109. Cell Migration
  110. Cell Morphology and Motility
  111. Cellular Biology
  112. Cellular Reproduction
  113. Change in View: Schizophrenia Moves From Psychology to Biology
  114. Charles Darwin and Natural Selection
  115. Charles Darwing and The Theory of Evolution
  116. Chemicals That Fix the Brain
  117. Chemistry of Biology
  118. Choas Theory In Biology
  119. Circadian Clocks
  120. Cloned stem cells may give you a new lease of life
  121. Cloning Madness
  122. Cloning: The Double-Edged Sword
  123. Cloning: The Ethical Dilemma
  124. Coming of Age in Mississippi
  125. Compare and Contrast Mitosis and Meiosis
  126. Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis
  127. Comparison of Genetic Information In Eukaryotes And Prokaryotes
  128. Comparison of Science Based and Spiritual Based Reasons for Saving Environment
  129. Computers Predicting the outcomes of cutting DNA
  130. Conservation Biology in Yellowstone National Park
  131. Considerations of Individuality in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism
  132. Conversion of a Physical Biology Lab to an Online Virtual Lab
  133. Corn Domestication
  134. Correlations between Biology and Male Homosexuality
  135. Creating New Enzyme Actions De Novo
  136. Creationism Vs. Evolutionism
  137. Crime Is The Strongest Factor Of Criminology
  138. Criminal Biology
  139. Crying Away Stress
  140. Cryobiology: Low Temperature Studies Of Biological Systems
  141. Declining Population of Loggerhead Sea Turtle
  142. Differing Rates of Evolutionary Change and Common Misconceptions
  143. Division and Fusion in Mitochondria
  144. DNA and common elements
  145. DNA Extraction
  146. DNA: Exploring Creation With Biology
  147. Do You Choose to be Homosexual?
  148. Does raising the light intensity increase the rate of photosynthesis?
  149. Echolocation in Marine Biology
  150. Education in Biology and Anatomy: The Exhibition of Bodies
  151. Effects of Medicinal Versus Recreational Marijuana Use
  152. Effects of Ultra Violet Radiation
  153. Elephants
  154. Enzymes
  155. Epogen
  156. Eutrophication
  157. Evaluation of Sources Addressing Sleep and Performance
  158. Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution
  159. Evolution: More Than One Level
  160. Evolutionary Development Biology
  161. Evolutionary Developmental Biology
  162. Evolutionary Physiology of Animal Flight
  163. Evolving Antibodies
  164. Exchange and Transport in Protozoa
  165. Exocrine Secretions in Boisea trivittata Increase Over Time
  166. External Structure of Roots and Stems
  167. Extremely Controversial Topic of Human Cloning
  168. Fabrication of an Endothelialized Tube in Collagen Gel
  169. Feminism and the Neurological Body by Elizabeth Wilson
  170. Fibromyalgia
  171. field biology projects
  172. Fossil Gaps
  173. Free College Admissions Essays: Biology and Psychology
  174. Function and Structure of Hemoglobin and Myoglobin
  175. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
  176. Gender Role Behaviors: Biology and Society Share Responsibility
  177. Gender Roles: Biology or Culture
  178. Gene Expression Noise
  179. Genetic of Aging
  180. Genome Assembly for Draft Genome Sequence of Sphingobium Lucknowense Strain F2T Isolated from an HCH Dumpsite in Ummari Village, India
  181. GLUT 4 in Muscle Cells
  182. Gmo Biology Basis, Social And Ethical Dilemmas Associated With Gmo And My Personal Viewpoint
  183. Growth Hormones
  184. Guidelines for Writing a Biology Review Paper
  185. History And Procedures of Gene Therapy
  186. History of Biochemistry: Chemistry and Biology Connection to the World Today
  187. History of Biology: Patent Medicines Containing Sulfa
  188. How I Pursued My PhD as a Middle Eastern Woman
  189. How the Immune System Works
  190. Human Cloning
  191. Human Development Shaped by Biology and Experience
  192. Human Evolution
  193. Human Gene Therapy
  194. Human Genome Project
  195. Human Growth Hormone
  196. Hypoglycemic Depression in Diabetics
  197. I Love You From the Bottom of My Brain: The Neurobiology Behind Love
  198. Individuals Educated in Biology or Who Are Health Conscious Are Opposed to the Genetic Modification of Foods
  199. Inhibiting GSK-3 Activity
  200. Insulin Resistance and Exercise
  201. Interconnected
  202. Interpretation on Scientific Article about Sense of Smell
  203. Interspecific Fungal Horizontal Gene Transfer
  204. Introduction to Biology
  205. Introduction to The World of Biotechnology
  206. Investigating the Effect ofTeeth Cleaning Agents on the Growth of Bacteria
  207. Investigating the Osmotic Values of Chinese Radish and Potato Cores
  208. Isolation of a Urea Degrading Bacteria
  209. Kingdom vs. Domain
  210. Lab: Which PH Breaks Down Albumin, a Substrase of the Enzyme Pepsin
  211. Lactobacillus Johnsonii Bacteria Research
  212. Large Amounts of Glutamine as the Cause of Disease
  213. Lewis Thomas’ The Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher
  214. Lichen
  215. Lythrum Salicaria
  216. Malaria Parasite Plasmodium and the Epidemiology of the Disease
  217. Male and Female Roles in Sexual Selection
  218. Marine and Environmental Sciences
  219. Marine Biology
  220. Medical School and Low Aceptance Rate
  221. Memory, Learning and Our Virtual Brains
  222. Men Eclipse Females
  223. Metaphor, Sociobiology, and Nature vs. Nurture: The Biological Battle of the Century
  224. Metasizing Cancer Cells
  225. Microscopy
  226. Mimicry and Survival of the Fittest
  227. Mirror Neurons and Motor Memory Formation
  228. Mitosis
  229. Model Organisms
  230. Monogamy and Marriage: The Battle Between Biology and the Buck
  231. Monotreme Reproductive Biology and Behavior
  232. Muscle Contraction
  233. My Biology Has Changed My Life
  234. My Desire to Understand Life Compels Me to Study Biology
  235. My Experience with Biology
  236. My PhD: The Conservation Biology of Shorebirds
  237. Natural Night Vision
  238. Nature vs Nurture
  239. Nature vs. Nurture: The Biology of Sexuality
  240. Near-Death Experiences
  241. Nematode and Bacteria Symbiosis
  242. New Tissue Engineered Bone
  243. Notes on Biology, Cells and Chemistry
  244. Nuclear Division
  245. Obesity Alters Gut Microbial Ecology
  246. On the Brink of Extinction
  247. Orangutans and the Meat for Sex Hypothesis
  248. Organic Anion Transporters
  249. Organisms Used In The Study of Aging
  250. Overview of Diabetes
  251. Overview of Molecular Biology
  252. Overview of the Importance of DNA
  253. Parasitic Malaria Prorogation Through Mosquito Host
  254. Perceptions of Mental Illness
  255. Phantom Limbs: A Neurobiological Explanation
  256. Photosynthesis Versus Cellular Respiration
  257. Physical Activity and Body Weight vs Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
  258. Physical Anthropology: The Link between Human Nature
  259. Plant Structure and Function
  260. Possible Mechanisms for Trinucleotide Expansion in Fragile X Syndrome
  261. Practical Applications of Evolutionary Biology
  262. Public Policy Analysis: the Crime Rate Among Schizophrenic People
  263. Rage Disorder
  264. Rani Shankar
  265. Relation Between Humans And Dogs
  266. Relationship between brain Expansion and the Appearance of Tool-Making in Hominids
  267. Relative and Absolute Quantitative Real-Time PCR
  268. Research Experiment Examining the Effect of Caffeine on the Heart Rate of Water Fleas
  269. Response to Article about Cystic Fibrosis
  270. Revealing Metabolic Phenotypes in Plant
  271. Review of Research Paper on RNA in Mammalian Cells
  272. Rotavirus
  273. Sample Questions for a Biology Exam or Essay Topics: Viruses and Bacteria
  274. Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
  275. Science Today and Human Cloning
  276. Scientific Classification in Biology
  277. Section 3.1-3.2 Biology 1 Notes
  278. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
  279. Sex Determination and Differentiation
  280. Sex Traits
  281. Sexual Selection: Fact or Fiction
  282. Short Interfering RNA
  283. Sibling Rivalry
  284. Signs and Symptoms of Gigantism
  285. Six Marine Biology Films
  286. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
  287. Sperm Selection After Mating
  288. Statement of Purpose for a Cancer Biology Application
  289. Stem Cells: Characterization and Biomedical Importance
  290. Study of Human Behavior and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  291. Study of Living Things and the Scientific Study of Life
  292. Studying Development Biology and Cellular Biology
  293. Survival of the Fittest: Defense Mechanisms in Nature
  294. Survival of the Sickest Questions
  295. Survival of Warm-Blooded Aminals in Arctic Conditions
  296. Symmetry Defines Beauty
  297. Synoptic Biology.
  298. Synthetic Biology And The Engineering Of Living Systems
  299. Synthetic Biology: Promises and Perils
  300. Synthetic Biology: Transplanting an Artificial DNA to a Living Bacterium Mycoplasma
  301. Synthetic Model of Bioethical Inquiry
  302. Testing the Strength of Plant Fibers
  303. The Analysis of Spinach Pigmentation During Photosynthesis (biology Lab Report)
  304. The Australian Aboriginal People: Dating the Colonization of Australia
  305. The Biology and Diversity of Extant Reptiles
  306. The Biology of a Serial Killer
  307. The Biology of Breast Cancer
  308. The Biology of Cancer
  309. The Biology Of Cocaine Addiction
  310. The Biology of Prayer and Healing
  311. The Biology of the Venom of Hapalochlaena Maculosa
  312. The Causes of Psychogenic Dwarfism
  313. The Complex Moral Issue of Stem Cell Research
  314. The Different Roles of Macromolecules in Biology
  315. The Dream State
  316. The Effect of Cholesterol on Membrane Fluidity
  317. The Effect Of Substrate Concentration On The Activity Of The Enzyme Catalase
  318. The Effect of Temperature and Germination or Nongermination on Cellular Respiration
  319. The Excretory System
  320. The Eye is The Most Complicated Sense Organ
  321. The Galapagos Islands
  322. The Genetic Code and Protein Synthesis
  323. The Genetic Screening Debate
  324. The Health, Biology, Culture and History of The Ginger Plant
  325. The Homosexual Brain?
  326. The Human Perception of Pain in Conjunction with the Mind-Body Problem
  327. The Hysteria Over Conversion Disorder
  328. The Importance of Geographic Isolation
  329. The Importance Of The Human Genome Project
  330. The Importance of Water in Biology
  331. The Issue of Non-Human Intelligence
  332. The Life of Plankton
  333. The Natural Biological Phenomena Involved On The Complex Processes Of The Life
  334. The Natural History of the Galapagos Written by Ian Thornton
  335. The Nature and Function of Dreams
  336. The Nature Versus Nurture Debate
  337. The Nature-Nurture Debate
  338. The Rapid Development of Functional Genomics
  339. The Roles of Water in Living Organisms and as an Environment for the Organisms
  340. The State of Georgia vs. Evolutionary Biology
  341. The System Biology Graph Extender
  342. The Theory Of Biological Evolution
  343. The Tree of life: Genetic Sequencing and Evolutionary Biology
  344. The Trouble With Testosterone and The Biology of the Human Predicament by Robert M. Sapolsky
  345. The Truth About SARS
  346. The Understanding of Behavior and the Brain
  347. The Use of HPL Chromatography for Separation and Detection of Amino Acid in Plasma
  348. The Uses of Biology
  349. The Utility of Nucleic Acid Hybridisation and Nucleic Acid Probes In Molecular Biology
  350. The work of Darwin
  351. Therapsids
  352. There’s A Hair In My Dirt
  353. This Quicksilver Illness: Moods, Stigma, and Creativity
  354. Tissue Engineering
  355. Tissue in the Human Body
  356. Tourette Syndrome
  357. Using Computational Design in Proteins
  358. Using Scientific Inquiry Model in High School Biology
  359. Utilization of 14c Phenylalanine Derived from Arylphorin or Free Amino Acid in Manduca Sexta Pharate Adults
  360. Verifying a Potential Role of GH in the Maintenance and Regeneration of Skeletal Muscle Precursors
  361. Vertebrate Adaptions for Terrestrial Life
  362. Violence and the Brain
  363. Vygotsky And The We-Function
  364. Water Potential Investigation
  365. West Nile Virus
  366. What is Addiction, and What Causes it?
  367. What is Molecular Biology?
  368. What Is the Role of a Macromolecule?
  369. White Rat Dissection Lab Report
  370. Why Shark Bay (Australia) is a World Heritage Site
  371. Wildlife Conservation and Biology
  372. Wiring Up Biology
  373. Xenotransplantation and Human Fetal Tissue Transplantation
  374. Xenotransplantation, Transgenics, and the Animal-human Boundary
  375. Zoology Biology Quiz: Arthropods and Worms
  376. Zootherapy

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