Data Mining Case Study Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Data Mining Case Study Topics

List of 20 Data Mining Case Study Topics

  1. Autonomous Profit Maximization in Online Search Advertising
  2. Click Fraud Detection: Adversarial Pattern Recognition over 5 Years at Microsoft
  3. Closing the Gap: Automated Screening of Tax Returns to Identify Egregious Tax Shelters
  4. Data Mining in Time Series Databases
  5. Data Mining with Decision Trees
  6. Data-driven Modeling of Acute Toxicity of Pesticide Residues
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  8. Detection of Anomalous Particles from Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill using SIPPER3 Underwater Imaging Platform
  9. Evaluation & extension to Duckworth Lewis method: An application of data mining techniques
  10. External Search Term Marketing Program: A Return on Investment Approach
  11. Improved Cardiac Care via Automated Mining of Medical Patient Records
  12. Knowledge Mining Using Intelligent Agents
  13. Knowledge Sharing Motivation Among External and Internal IT Workers
  14. Market Basket Recommendations for the HP SMB Store
  15. Optimal Allocation of Online Advertisements using Decision Trees
  16. Price Optimization in Grocery Stores with Cannibalistic Product Interactions
  17. Publishing Operational Models of Data Mining Case Studies
  18. Television Ad Targeting and ROI Measurement
  19. Text Mining: Techniques, Applications, and Challenges
  20. The Mining of SAS Technical Support Data
  21. Top coal caving mining technique in thick coal seam beneath the earth dam

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