Debate Topics For College Students

by Loraine Walters
Created: 15.04.2019
Updated: 07.02.2020
Debate Topics For College Students

Students can learn a lot from different types of competitions. If you participate in a rational argument, you can learn a lot of important things. Since ancient times, oratory has been considered one of the most important skills. It is often tricky to choose debate topics for college. It is at least not as easy as it sounds.

In order to win in a competition, you must know what you are talking about. It is important to know the pros and cons of the subject matter in discussion. What is a good subject for you? The one you know a lot about. The more you know the more chances you have to win in the competition.

If you are a student studying in a school or college, may be you already know how to participate in a good argument. But you will face difficulties if you fail to choose good debate topics for college.

In this page you will find some of the best debate topics for college students. See the list and choose the most interesting one. They will fire your imagination, and may be you will be able to come up with one.

Modern education always encourages research because it enables you to choose the best subject.

List of 101 Debate Topics For College Students

  1. Aborts should be banned in absolutely all countries
  2. All activities in the streets should be filmed on cameras to prevent crimes
  3. All people should take part in political events and have their own point of view on political decisions
  4. Alternative sources of energy: explain why they are effective or not
  5. Are beauty pageants just a way of objectifying women?
  6. Are elections just a farce?
  7. Are film stars and cricketers given too much importance in our society?
  8. Are live-in relationships the way to go?
  9. Are social networking sites doing us any good? Or are they just a sophisticated way of stalking people?
  10. Are superheroes misleading role models?
  11. Can science and religion really coexist?
  12. Can science live without animal testing?
  13. Celebrities make for bad role models.
  14. Corporal punishment of children should be illegal.
  15. Corruption, the abuse of public power for private gain, cannot be eradicated.
  16. Cosmetic Surgery
  17. Credit cards are more harmful than lifesaving.
  18. Credit cards do more harm than good.
  19. Daycare (universal provision of)
  20. Desert area residents should be required to use desert landscaping.
  21. Development programs hardly ever benefit the poor.
  22. Development that sustains the present inequalities is undesirable.
  23. Diet Pills Should be banned
  24. Does cheating get worse when students enroll into university or college
  25. Does living in a dorm help students assimilate into the college community or does it hurt the educational process?
  26. Does technology get in the way of studying or does it help?
  27. Does the boarding school system benefit children?
  28. Does the internet influence our health?
  29. Drinking Age
  30. Drug companies should not be allowed to advertise prescription drugs to the general public.
  31. Drug testing (mandatory) DUI convictions should include mandatory sentences
  32. Elections are not the best test of democracy.
  33. Employment creation should be the chief aim of our planning.
  34. English as the official language Federal Funding of Faith-Based Organizations
  35. English language should be an additional official language in all the countries
  36. Extra-terrestrial intelligence exists.
  37. Fast food restaurants do more harm than good. Agree or not?
  38. Feminists politics of equal rights will lead to the point when women will have much more rights than men
  39. Food aid does more harm than good.
  40. Football is a better game than cricket for Indian youth.
  41. For adolescents, television is a better teacher than books.
  42. Foreign Language Requirement in College
  43. Fossil fuels are easily replaced.
  44. Fried foods should come with a warning.
  45. Fried foods should have warning labels.
  46. Friends are the most important thing in life.
  47. Gambling
  48. Gay marriage Gay adoption of children
  49. GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) is more important in judging the well-being of a country than GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  50. Genetic Engineering
  51. Genghis Khan did more good than harm.
  52. Gentrification does more harm than good.
  53. Giving money to panhandlers is justified.
  54. Good economics is good politics.
  55. Has the caste system completely ruined us?
  56. Homework does more good than harm.
  57. Homework should be banned.
  58. Hospital employs should have the right to strike.
  59. How are social networks harming or improving our society?
  60. How can we keep the legal system updated with the technology of the internet?
  61. Human cloning should be allowed in the United States.
  62. Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.
  63. In the legal system should juveniles be treated the same as adults?
  64. Is a college education really that useful and essential?
  65. Is democracy practiced in all its sincerity?
  66. Is euthanasia ever justified?
  67. Is face-to-face interaction with professors more effective than online sessions and lectures?
  68. Is it ethical for companies to market to children?
  69. Is it true that the poor are getting poorer and the rich getting richer?
  70. Is overpopulation really a boon for us?
  71. Is peer pressure harmful or beneficial?
  72. Is there an explanation for the violent behavior displayed by school students in the past few years?
  73. Is there really a need to vaccinate children?
  74. Money motivates people more than any other factor at the workplace.
  75. Parking space should be shown before being able to purchase a car.
  76. Reservation of seats for women in the parliament is doing no good.
  77. Same-sex marriage.
  78. School program should include more references to popular culture to make it more interesting for children
  79. Scientists don’t have solutions for the growth of population
  80. Sex education should be imparted in middle school.
  81. Should parents have a say when it comes to banning books from schools and libraries?
  82. Should school attendance be made voluntary?
  83. Should student ID cards come with a tracking device
  84. Should the death penalty be completely abolished?
  85. Should the death penalty be eradicated?
  86. Should the voting system be changed by eliminating electoral colleges?
  87. Should we take away the death penalty completely?
  88. Should we teach ethics in high school?
  89. Should we teach financial management at school?
  90. Should we use school vouchers?
  91. Single-sex schools: are they more effective than traditional ones? Why?
  92. The concept of zoos should be nullified.
  93. The impact of social networking on the development of our society
  94. The moon landing was fabricated
  95. There are much bigger environment problems than global warming
  96. There can be no joke that doesn’t harm anyone in the world
  97. There should be more information in personal IDs
  98. To go to college students must know at least one foreign language.
  99. What are the pros and cons of fully automated cars?
  100. Which is better – arranged or love marriage?
  101. Women here are undervalued, underpaid and underutilized.

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