Capstone Project Ideas High School

by Loraine Walters
Created: 27.02.2019
Updated: 24.12.2019

List of 40 Capstone Project Ideas High School

  1. Build a working model of racing car
  2. Build a working model rocket
  3. Can Schools Use The Data Of Students To Improve Learning Facilities?
  4. Case study into how weather affects emotion
  5. Child care course for teens
  6. Create and launch a school magazine
  7. Creation of a school fashion line
  8. Creative ways of raising money for charity
  9. Design and build a robotic hand
  10. Does Grade Inflation Happen In The United States?
  11. Drug prevention awareness program
  12. Education for avoiding teen pregnancy
  13. Education in The East Versus The West
  14. Efficiency Of The Self-Regulated Type Of Schooling
  15. Environmental studies in New Zealand
  16. Examination of local pollution levels
  17. General Tests and Their Relevance In Different Institutions
  18. Guidance of parents versus teachers
  19. How Can Teachers Finally Solve The Issue Of Bullying In Schools?
  20. How Do High School Principals Influence Student Achievement?
  21. How To Improve The Climate In Schools To Support Student Achievement
  22. Impact Of Drug and Alcohol Use In High Schools Today
  23. Implication of quality education to high school students
  24. Importance Of Summer Learning For Immigrant Youths In The Country
  25. Is education really helps students?
  26. Is The Government Doing Enough To Reduce The Level Of Illiteracy In The Country?
  27. Is using gadgets helps students to learn?
  28. Organize a fun run to raise funds for gym
  29. Presentation on how to avoid AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
  30. Prevention of online bullying
  31. Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics Cell
  32. Script for a short film on drugs
  33. Sex trafficking in US
  34. Should We Change The School Curriculum To Incorporate More Practical Subjects?
  35. Social-Economic Learning In Schools
  36. The best curriculum for high school students
  37. Traditional Education Versus E-Learning
  38. Understanding Standardized Tests
  39. Voice of Democracy
  40. What is natural resources versus environment?
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