Electrical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 27.02.2019
Updated: 09.01.2020

List of 32 Electrical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

  1. 1kW sine wave inverter
  2. Automated USB controlled power switch
  3. Automatic Anchor Light
  4. Automotive computing enterprise
  5. Biomedical technologies
  6. Blue marble security
  7. Configurable RS232 to TTL to I2C Adapter
  8. DC Panel Meter using Arduino
  9. Design and analysis of single stage amplifier using C++
  10. Directional control for solar panels
  11. EEE Projects: Dual Axis Solar Tracker System
  12. Electric hybrid motorcycle
  13. Electrical Engineering Project Ideas: 4 channel multi mode audio amplifier
  14. Enterprise: Commercial and Sponsored research development
  15. Four channel video and audio sequencer
  16. Four frequency generator
  17. High Power LED Stroboscope
  18. High-Impedance Audio Buffer With JFET
  19. Infrared Motion-Sensing Relay Switch
  20. Linear Timer For General Use
  21. Low-Cost Dusk-Dawn Controller
  22. Low-cost LPG Leakage Detector
  23. Password Based Circuit Breaker
  24. PIN Diode Based Fire Sensor
  25. Plus-Minus 5V Supply From 9V Battery
  26. Portable emergency generator
  27. Power-Saving Relay Driver
  28. Team building: What it is all about
  29. Ted traffic light detector
  30. Vibration Activated Smart CRO Probe
  31. Wireless communication enterprise
  32. Wireless Power Transfer
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