Speech Topics For College Students

by Loraine Walters
Created: 12.02.2020
Updated: 12.02.2020
Speech topics for college students

List of Speech Topics For College Students

  1. A global warming is a serious threat to humanity
  2. A good way to take care of the online privacy
  3. Adoption of kids by gay couples
  4. Advantages & disadvantages of laptops
  5. Alternative sources of energy and their role in human life
  6. American population should be given a right to start voting at a younger age
  7. Are there any products that can cure diabetes?
  8. Artificial intelligence cannot improve the life of real human
  9. Asylums: pros & cons
  10. Bullying in high schools
  11. Can a clone replace a live being?
  12. Cheesy pickup lines you should not stick on your vehicle
  13. Chinese government must allow the families having more than one child
  14. Chips are dangerous weapon – they can control human mind
  15. Cloning should be forbidden
  16. College education years are absolute not the best years of our life
  17. Communism: some of the advantages
  18. Contemporary young people are rude
  19. Contraceptives & birth control
  20. Coping with anxiety in life
  21. Could Hilary Clinton change the United States for better?
  22. Countries with the lowest rate of living have the shortest average life
  23. Darwinism: can we apply the theory to the modern knowledge?
  24. Dealing with loss and mourning grief
  25. Digital explosion age is coming
  26. Drug testing in a workplace: pros & cons
  27. Elderly people should not be sent to hospitals or asylums against their will
  28. Excellent punishment of immorality
  29. FaceBook, Twitter, and other social networks are danger to our privacy
  30. Facts that prove Earth is not the single inhabited planet
  31. Funny awards and their meanings
  32. Government must consider physically disabled
  33. Handling your drunken roommate
  34. High Tech industry job opportunities
  35. Homeless people must be given a chance
  36. Homesickness is not pose
  37. Honesty in college really matters
  38. How much protein should an average sportsman take per day?
  39. How to boost confidence in public speaking
  40. How to communicate effectively at our campus
  41. How to cope with an autistic person
  42. How to eliminate the judicial mistakes
  43. How to stay in touch with old college mates
  44. How would the life without computers look today?
  45. Human services in health care
  46. Is genetic research helping the evolution?
  47. Is it possible to live on the Moon or Mars?
  48. Is it possible to trace someone on the internet?
  49. Lawyers are paid too much
  50. Limiting the promotion of alcohol diminishes traffic casualties
  51. Marrying robots: myth or reality?
  52. Mental disorders are as dangerous as the physical issues
  53. Military service must be compulsory
  54. Money problems – this is a very hot college speech idea 🙂
  55. Mothers and fathers are equally obligated to take care of their children
  56. My goals for the student council election
  57. My motto: Learn from the past, prepare the future, and live present
  58. Online bullying exists
  59. People are getting swallowed with their arrogance
  60. Political principles modern world grabbed from the Ancient Greece & Ancient Egypt
  61. Presidents should not receive the highest salaries in the country
  62. Problem drinkers and the problems that occur
  63. Safe sunbathing is a must in sunshine states
  64. Same-sex marriages must not be in law
  65. School uniform: necessary or not?
  66. Shocking facts about fast food meals
  67. Social media has a significant impact on human mood & behavior
  68. Social networks are more threatening than some people think
  69. Space observation is a waste of national budget
  70. Sports football vs. soccer, or other sports for another college speech topic
  71. Studying alone or studying with a group of college students?
  72. Television & social media hypnotize people
  73. Ten rules for achieving successes
  74. The army should be paid higher
  75. The best age for driving a car
  76. The best political regime in the world
  77. The causes of cancer
  78. The censorship of internet is important
  79. The current generation lack rules to follow and corresponding punishment to fear
  80. The first man in space: myth and truth
  81. The Free Speech Movement
  82. The growing number of teenage mothers: causes and ways to overcome
  83. The impact of violent TV shows on population
  84. The impact of violent video games on children
  85. The international diplomatic circus
  86. The most effective way to control the US population
  87. The progress of artificial intelligence is the act against God
  88. The pros or cons of organ donating
  89. The reasons for obesity: is it the lack of physical activity?
  90. The role of popular music videos in the life of US citizens
  91. The secrets of Japanese people: Japanese art of fighting
  92. The story about continents split
  93. The threats of Anorexia Nervosa: Why is it better to lose weight with the help of sports instead of the forced hunger strike?
  94. The threats of overpopulation
  95. The way “Family Guy” displays political figures
  96. They should not turn a court proceeding into the show
  97. Three ways how politicians can improve their performance
  98. Time management skills are no luxury these days
  99. Vegetarianism is not the best decision
  100. Was Arnold Schwarzenegger a successful politician?
  101. What I will do when I retire
  102. What is the cost of modern technology & innovations?
  103. What is the real size of the universe?
  104. Where do the trendy things come from?
  105. Who is responsible for the homeless dogs?
  106. Why is hate crime progressing in our society?
  107. Why movies are popular, or take one special movie that’s in and make a presentation of it.
  108. Why skipping classes can isolate a student socially.
  109. Why the American presidents have no right to star in the movies?
  110. Wine is the least harmful alcohol beverage, and it can improve our health

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