Business Capstone Project Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 27.02.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Business Capstone Project Ideas

List of 58 Business Capstone Project Ideas

  1. A comprehensive review on social enterprise and non-profit
  2. A look into the major challenges of legal aspects of business
  3. A review of the effects of free cash flow on a firm’s profitability
  4. A study of enterprise risk management and its role in sustainable growth
  5. Allowing students to use gadgets inside the classroom: a good thing
  6. Alternatives to standardized tests: are there any available?
  7. An analysis to ratio of financial statement
  8. Analysis of bank profitability: comparing local and international banks in the US
  9. Avoiding putting sales letter to waste bin
  10. Banking, Investment, Finance and Loans
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  12. Cash Flow and Fund Flow
  13. Collaboration and stakeholders between enterprises
  14. College canteen: survival of fittest
  15. Costing and budgeting
  16. Cross cultural management and its effects on productivity
  17. Designing an effective franchising system
  18. Designing risk assessment and decision making system in the business sector
  19. Designing total quality management system in business
  20. Developing a property market management system for business
  21. Dividend Policy and Credit Crunch
  22. Do modern Universities make students educated or literate?
  23. Does cancer survivor’s photos of the facebook a cancer awareness or pornography?
  24. Does discrimination of the black women thing of the past?
  25. Does link to pay for performance makes employees be loyal.
  26. Does survival of the fittest can be used in the college canteen?
  27. External recruiting vs. internal promotions
  28. Global standardization vs. local customization
  29. Graduate degree vs. undergraduate degree: the difference
  30. Great marketing lessons: fanaticism roots
  31. Having control group in the nursing research: good idea?
  32. Industrialization and globalization among Chinese businesses
  33. Internal promotions vs. external recruiting
  34. Investment Appraisals
  35. Is it right to use education video games in schools?
  36. Key or Main Account Management
  37. Local customization vs. global standardization: which is better?
  38. Management: boost the productivity of employees or stress?
  39. Market Management of property
  40. Multinational corporations: How strong their presence to other companies
  41. Payment to employees makes them loyal to the company, does it?
  42. Personal development and assessment
  43. Population aging vs. world population
  44. Productivity of employees: How it affects their performance
  45. Review of supply chain management in the construction industry
  46. Roots of fanaticism on iPad: great marketing lessons
  47. Services management in the restaurant sector in (country name)
  48. Sharing opinion on public online: is it good?
  49. Sharing personal opinion on the internet: good for the public?
  50. Strategic analysis of the hotel industry’s business practices in (country name)
  51. Strong presence in other countries: needed by multinational corporations?
  52. Studying share price based on interest rates
  53. Supplier relationship management and its role in business
  54. Swaps, Bonds and Hedge Funds
  55. The growth of homeschooling and unschooling: is it something to worry about?
  56. Using of education games inside the classroom
  57. Why there are numerous guns in the united states of America?
  58. Women empowerment in microfinance
  59. World population vs. population aging

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