Short Story Ideas

Are you having trouble coming up with interesting short story ideas? When you have a deadline fast approaching, it can be difficult to conjure up short story topics. But that is why TopicsMill is here. We can help you with our titles that are designed to give you an idea for a short story.

Free Short Story Ideas for Students

What is a Short Story?

You may be wondering what a short story is before you begin to write. Well, this is a shorter piece of fictional text that is not as detailed as a novel. There are normally only a few characters and one theme in this prose writing. This means you should be able to build a creative story in a short period of time.

How to Choose a Short Story Topic

Normally, the hardest part of writing this kind of assignment is getting started with an idea. At, we have lots of short story ideas that you can choose to gain your inspiration. Let’s take a look at how you can choose short story topics on our website.

  • Start by choosing the category and type of short story topics that you need. For example, there are lots of categories to choose from, such as fantasy ideas, scary short story ideas and romance topics.
  • Once you have selected the category you want, it will now be looking at the subject’s generator. There will be lots of strong titles you can choose from or use as sources to create your own for your academic assignment.
  • Now it will be over to the student to complete their paper and write about their good short story ideas.
  • Then all is left is to be satisfied that you have completed your paper in time for your deadline!

What Are Some Good Short Story Ideas You Can Find on the Website?

Do you want to see some of the good short story topics we have at Let’s take a look at a few examples so that you can see what to expect.

  • Your character runs into some trouble while in the forest.
  • The orphan finally found her forever family.
  • The spaceship visiting earth plans to take over the world.
  • Winning a large sum of money changes the life of a poor woman.

Of course, these are just a few examples from our list of top short story ideas. This means there are still thousands of popular and creative titles to discover for yourself.

The Advantages of Using TopicsMill

There are a lot of companies and websites out there that claim they are the best. So, what is unique about TopicsMill? Well, the difference is we provide you with topics and an idea for a short story; we do not write your paper for you. A lot of companies want to take your money and charge you for writing services. But this is not how we work. We simply want to prompt you to write your own assignment with some great ideas that you were struggling to think of by yourself. They are just to get you started and help you progress.

What’s more, TopicsMill is a great resource to use because we are completely free. We do not charge you for any services and our short story ideas are totally free to access. You will not have to spend a penny. So, do not fall for the tricks and gimmicks you can find online. Choose TopicsMill as the number one source for short story ideas.

We have an extensive database of thousands of topics and titles. You will be able to browse through them all at your leisure and find the inspiration for a great story. We are constantly updating our database, which means there is always something new that you will find. Plus, we welcome students to submit their own concepts and titles so that they can inspire other students. Our goal is to create a community where everyone can receive help for learning. So, when you are looking for unique concepts, choose