Funny Short Story Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 15.04.2019
Updated: 07.02.2020
Funny Short Story Ideas

List of 39 Funny Short Story Ideas

  1. A former party animal lives in a retirement home. They’ve decided it’s time for one last bash.
  2. A friendly pranking rivalry between two colleagues in an office starts to get serious.
  3. A group of seniors in university have been planning a graduation prank all year. Today’s finally the day.
  4. A group of villains go on a team-building retreat.
  5. After searching for your lost cat for months, it saunters into your house one day. It looks rather plump.
  6. An office worker’s favorite coffee mug has gone missing, and the obsessive search for the mug throughout the workplace turns into a dire and ridiculous odyssey.
  7. Doctor Seuss has grown weary of writing children’s books and finds new work as a reporter covering violent crime for a newspaper. Despite his new line of work, he keeps his classic Seussian style.
  8. Emotional baggage must now be checked in at the airport.
  9. From a dog’s perspective, humans seem to be either immortal or at least live extremely long lives. Write from the perspective of a dog contemplating this.
  10. I’d like to buy a plane ticket to your furthest destination today, you told the airline employee.
  11. It was just a regular day at the office. Then the power went out.
  12. It was the most epic senior prank your high school had ever seen.
  13. It’s a Thursday evening, and Greg Richerson is flashing his sports cars again.
  14. It’s March 31st, the busiest day of the year at the joke shop you own.
  15. It’s Wednesday evening and you’re off to the weekly meeting of your writer’s block support group.
  16. Many action movies involve the hero jumping into a vehicle and demanding the driver to “follow that car!” Write from the perspective of the driver.
  17. One day, the world wakes up to find the Easter Island heads facing the opposite direction.
  18. The old bus driver who drives you to work every day always tells you rambling stories about his friends, who all seem to have passed away. Eventually, you begin to suspect he is immortal.
  19. The Tooth Fairy finds something unexpected sitting beside the expected tooth under a child’s pillow.
  20. While looking through old photos you discover something that unequivocally settles an argument that ended a childhood friendship decades ago.
  21. While transferring between international flights at an airport, you befriend a strange person while passing through security.
  22. Write a story that ends by coming full circle.
  23. Write a story that ends by jumping forward several years.
  24. Write a story that ends with a shocking plot twist.
  25. Write a story with an open ending.
  26. You accidentally break something at a dinner party and go to ever-increasing lengths to cover it up.
  27. You are a curmudgeonly old man whose name is Writer S. Block. You just spotted your next victim.
  28. You are a professional hoax-buster.
  29. You are a server at a restaurant, having the busiest shift of your life.
  30. You are a space kitty, traveling from planet to planet. You write a letter home and this is what it says.
  31. You are a student working on a team project. You and your group are accidentally locked in the school library overnight.
  32. You are an expert spy for the British government, trained to perfection. Your only weakness is that your background music alerts enemies to your presence.
  33. You are on a solo camping trip in the woods. After a deep night’s sleep, you awake to the voice of someone saying, “Rise and shine!”
  34. You buy your son a teddy bear. Every night, the bear protects your son from the monsters in the dark.
  35. You could only watch in disbelief as the work-place prank you had planned turned to chaos.
  36. You find your grandparent’s old chessboard in the attic. Absentmindedly, you move a piece. The next day, an opposing piece has been moved.
  37. You have a writer’s block breakthrough at the worst possible time.
  38. You have wondered how to bring down Jane Lotsacash for years. Now, the key to her demise rests on your desk…
  39. You just discovered England’s biggest secret: every time they sing “God Save the Queen” it extends the queens life.

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