Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

List of Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

  1. Adolescent Deviance Within Families and Neighborhoods
  2. Attrition in Indian Rape Cases that Fail to Reach a Verdict: Going Beyond ‘Conviction’ and ‘Aquittal’
  3. Dr Julia Viebach, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow
  4. In the Shadow of Death: Death Penalty Abolitionism and the Normalisation of Life Imprisonment: A Comparative Study
  5. Intergroup Bias in Virtual Reality: Understanding the Public Support for Violent Policing
  6. Justice Upside Down: Narratives, Justice and International Criminal Tribunals
  7. Meta-Analysis of Early Life Influences on Behavior in Criminals
  8. Mind the Gap: Exploring the Interplay between Gender, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism
  9. Policing Migration Across the Globe
  10. Procedural Justice During Police-Citizen Encounters
  11. Protocol for New Research on Improving Risk Assessment in Prisoners
  12. Reducing the Prison Population: Lessons from Around the World
  13. The Adoption of Crime Prevention Technologies in Public Schools
  14. The Effects of Individual Vulnerability and Lifestyle/Routine Activities on Fear of Crime and Perceptions of Risk in the School Setting
  15. The Plight of Foreign Nationals on Death Row in Malaysia and Indonesia
  16. The Use of Protective Measures in Human Trafficking Cases: A Comparative Analysis
  17. Unaccompanied Minors at the Greek-Turkish Border: Stuck in Transit
  18. Victim Participation in International Criminal Justice: Real Power or Empty Rhetoric?

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