Art Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 27.12.2019

List of 178 Art Debate Topics

  1. Andy Warhol: Would you purchase a print of Warhol’s computer art?
  2. Are arts hard
  3. Are big food businesses abusing the power of the graphic designer to manipulate the consumer to buy goods that are unhealthy?
  4. Are cars really safe
  5. Are Electric Cars Better Than Gas Cars? (It can be about the looks, Speed, Whatever you think why one is better than the other. )
  6. Are Kpop Amazing
  7. Are pastels good for drawing?
  8. Are the arts (including music, dance, drama, etc) pointless?
  9. Are truffles worth the outrageous prices attached to them?
  10. Are you for (yes) or against (no) the color red?
  11. Art is best way for time pass
  12. Art is Better Than Music
  13. Buzzfeed Expanding: Do you like to read Buzzfeed articles?
  14. Charlie Hebdo: Does it take courage to be a comedian in this day and age?
  15. Could Donald Trump damage America as president?
  16. Death of Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Do you believe Marquez’s writings will have a lasting impact?
  17. Do first time home owners have the biggest effect on the housing market?
  18. Do live performances of “The Sound of Music” live up to the original movie?
  19. Do private donors do enough funding of the arts?
  20. Do we need crafts
  21. Do we need to have talent to Draw/Paint?
  22. Do you believe artists should continue charging for their work (yes) or should all music be free (no)?
  23. Do you believe characters belong to their authors (yes) or the fanbase (no)?
  24. Do you believe people who write ideas, poems, and designs down, still own them?
  25. Do you consider a novel a piece of art?
  26. Do you consider everyone an artist?
  27. Do you hate art?
  28. Do you love to draw?
  29. Do you prefer essays (YES) or fiction (NO)?
  30. Do you remember when you first figured out what death was? Please explain: How, how you felt, and any other details.
  31. Do you think Anne Frank’s diary is pornographic?
  32. Do you think art is Good for children
  33. Do you think Art is waste of time?
  34. Do you think art museums should raise their prices to assist in funding?
  35. Do you think dance is hard? Why or why not?
  36. Do you think Graffiti Tagging is unfairly discriminated against?
  37. Do you think I should stop watching Orange is The New Black because they haven’t posted a teaser for season 3?
  38. Do you think performing music is artistic?
  39. Do you think that graffiti is art?
  40. Do You Think That The Art (of every type) Is More Important Than Science?
  41. Does art include the realm of video games?
  42. Does art really imitate life?
  43. Does collaborative consumption interfere with intellectual property protections?
  44. Does drawing help with sadness
  45. Does funding the arts have any societal benefit?
  46. Does having an award to compete for undermine the artistry involved in the making of films?
  47. Does inserting Parmesian cheese (Kraft, Publix bottles) into your frozen pizza cool it down upon cooking?
  48. Does Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ promote knife/sword violence due the duels in the play?
  49. Does the censoring of explicit language in music constitute art censorship?
  50. Does writer Gabriel García Márquez’s bond with Fidel Castro affect your opinion of his books?
  51. Doubt and ambiguity in Ernest Hemingway’s novels and short stories create complex characters.
  52. Edgar Allen Poe found on the streets of Baltimore: Was Edgar Allen Poe one of America’s best writers?
  53. Father’s Day: Should you make your greeting cards by hand for a more personal touch?
  54. Freedom should have limitations
  55. Get ready for the Boom: Will the world accept supersonic jet noise pollution for the convenience of a few airline passengers?
  56. Giant Lego Bridge in Germany: Should only street art by known artists be acceptable?
  57. Ginuwine’s Nude Pictures: Did He Expect This Response?
  58. Gonna take my horse where?
  59. Has Internet censorship undermined the freedom of art creation?
  60. Has pursuing an art career in America become too expensive?
  61. How does doubt and ambiguity in Ernest Hemingway’s novels and short stories create complex characters?
  62. How much opportunity do women have in Saudi Arabia for arts?
  63. If creationism can be taught at school, then evolution and the big bang can be taught in churches
  64. If you could change one thing about society, what would it be? Please be specific and frivolous.
  65. In today’s day and age is social media a necessity?
  66. Is Andy Warhol overrated?
  67. Is Andy Warhol’s work really art?
  68. Is anime and cartoon different?
  69. Is anthropology a science?
  70. Is art censorship a big problem in China?
  71. Is art just a phenomenum of modern society/industrialisation/wealth (because the people have more free time)?
  72. Is art more compatible with atheism or religion?
  73. Is art useless?
  74. Is Banksy’s work vandalism?
  75. Is beauty ever practical?
  76. Is Bob Ross a painting god?
  77. Is censorship justified? Discuss?
  78. Is Cra-Z-Art a Government Conspiracy to get kids to buy markers?
  79. Is dance an art?
  80. Is Dr. Seuss the greatest American children’s author?
  81. Is drawing real art?
  82. Is fiction becoming better (yes) or worse (no)?
  83. Is gore a beautiful thing?
  84. Is graffiti a form of modern art
  85. Is Holden the best?
  86. Is irony as an art form misunderstood by today’s standards?
  87. Is it important for art students to study Andy Warhol’s life and art?
  88. Is it important that Art is taught in schools?
  89. Is it possible for a god to exist.
  90. Is Lil Durk’s “Remember My Name” worth buying?
  91. Is Literature the “Best” Type of Art form?
  92. Is Photography an art?
  93. Is reading classics in literature class a chore?
  94. Is thanos car LIT
  95. Is the color combination of green and blue better than black and green?
  96. Is the eraser an important invention?
  97. Is the Ghost of Hamlet from purgatory or Hell?
  98. Is the Ghost of King Hamlet really from purgatory not a demon from hell?
  99. Is the National Endowment for the Arts worthwhile?
  100. Is there a special “it” factor (something that can’t be taught) required to become a great actor?
  101. Is world media freedom increasingly under threat?
  102. J.R.R. Tolkein inspired by World War I battlefields: Should authors receive inspiration from war?
  103. James Franco v. New York Times Theater Critic: Was James Franco justified in his critique against the New York Times negative review of his new Broadway play?
  104. Kids should be allowed to drive at age 10.
  105. Love solution astrologer
  106. Math is more easier to pass than English
  107. Miami artist Maximo Caminero believes there should be a limit to damages caused via protest, such as his breaking of Ai Weiwei’s vase. Do you agree?
  108. Might the dismissive attitude toward fans of Justin Bieber be, in part, a symptom of sexism in society?
  109. Mike Diana convicted for obscene artwork: Can artwork ever be criminally obscene?
  110. PBS Joy of Painting’s Bob Ross did not actually create any of his paintings spontaneously while the show aired: Was this deception fair to the viewers?
  111. Photographer sues Getty Images: should photographer be able to sue Getty Images for selling donated images?
  112. Pope says journalism based on fear mongering is terrorism: Does the pope have a right to criticize journalism?
  113. Red Pill Or Blue Pill (Yes for red, No for blue)?
  114. SHould abstract be considered a type of art?
  115. SHould ALL cars sold in Australia have a warranty attached if they are sold with a Road Worthy Certificate?
  116. Should anal sex be leg of legends?
  117. Should Andy Warhol’s art be of any value?
  118. Should Andy Warhol’s death be considered tragic?
  119. Should anyone be able to become a famous artist or not
  120. Should art be a required class everyday?
  121. Should art be censored if it has innoproprite parts?
  122. Should art be recognized more academically
  123. Should art be taken more seriously?
  124. Should Art Class Be Longer In Elementary And Middle School.
  125. Should Art Class be required?
  126. Should artistic expression should never be censored?
  127. Should Boston Beer Company (the company that brews Samuel Adams) be considered a craft brewery?
  128. Should cars be considered a cultural expression, Kinda like music, Fashion or art?
  129. Should cars use gas or electricity?
  130. Should crystals be illegal to find
  131. Should Dance Be An Olympic Sport?
  132. Should digging up ancient artifacts be illegal if they’re located under your house?
  133. Should everyone be given a cheap electric car?
  134. Should kid artists be paid for their work
  135. Should kids draw horror art
  136. Should music be considered in schools to be an art form and language course?
  137. Should or can, video games be considered art?
  138. Should personal collectors be allowed to purchase historic pieces that belong in museums?
  139. Should Phillip Turner be allowed to photograph anything he wants?
  140. Should schools have more non academic classes
  141. Should Scotland become independent from the UK?
  142. Should teachers allow students to draw anime?
  143. Should the arts be taught in school?
  144. Should the government censor the arts? Do you think its right that they do that?
  145. Should the government censor the arts? It is right for them to do so?
  146. Should the government give more funding to the arts?
  147. Should the government of any country ban offensive arts?
  148. Should the Kansas City Chiefs players have worn shirts in support of Eric Berry?
  149. Should the Mona Lisa have eyebrows?
  150. Should there be a separate arts and craft class in schools?
  151. Should there be more public art
  152. Should we ban arts from schools.
  153. Should we Ban Beauty Pageants
  154. Should we change policies regarding book censorship?
  155. Should we have art
  156. Should we have breathalyzers in all cars?
  157. Should we have nice cars
  158. Should we have school during Summer break?
  159. Should you tubers be idolized
  160. Slavery, Good or bad?
  161. Stolen art by ‘female Banksy’ sought by police: Do you think this art piece should have had better security because of its high value?
  162. Stolen Gauguin and Bonnard art: Would you recognize a valuable work of art if you saw it in someone’s home?
  163. Swego gaming should bring back his channel
  164. The animation industry is treated as a cheap method rather than an artform.
  165. The poor man from PIPIGANJ
  166. The Tragic Life of Lady Day: Does great art need to be borne out of life’s misfortunes in order to resonate with the audience?
  167. Thomas Kinkade: Will Thomas Kinkade ever gain the respect of art critics?
  168. Was Leonardo da Vinci the most intelligent and skilled artist of all time?
  169. Was Pope Francis right to say we should not be allowed to offend others’ faith?
  170. Was William Shakespeare a real person (yes), or was it a pen-name for some other writer or a collection of writers (no)?
  171. What make’s good, bad or great art?
  172. Will people want to see the Shia LaBeouf “#IAmSorry” art show?
  173. Will the drop in oil prices deal long-term damage to the Russian economy?
  174. Will you be reading J.K. Rowling’s new book?
  175. Windows automatic updates should be banned permantly
  176. Women should not allowed join the armed forces?
  177. World famous Muslim lady astrologer Salima begum
  178. Would altering the offensive words in ‘Huckleberry Finn’ affect the meaning of the story?

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