Funny (Hilarious) Debate Topics

List of 94 Funny (Hilarious) Debate Topics

  1. 15 minutes of fame or behind the scenes?
  2. 15 minutes of fame or staying behind the scenes?
  3. Abortion – yes or no?
  4. Advantages of being a man over a woman
  5. America accent vs. British accent
  6. American Idol vs. America’s Got Talent
  7. American Idol vs. The X Factor
  8. Are ghosts real?
  9. Are school uniforms even necessary?
  10. Are we aliens?
  11. Australian accent vs. British accent
  12. Barbie doll – an icon
  13. Best pizza topping?
  14. Best Star Wars character
  15. Bon Jovi vs. The Rock for president
  16. Bottled water vs. regular water
  17. Bottled water vs. Regular water: What’s the fuss?
  18. Can marijuana be legalized?
  19. Can you be best buds with your boss?
  20. Cartoons vs. animated films
  21. Cats vs. Dogs
  22. Cats vs. dogs as pets?
  23. Co-ed schools vs. single sex education schools
  24. Dating popular men/women or intelligent men/women?
  25. Dating techniques- are there any?
  26. Daydreaming vs. Nightdreaming
  27. Did God create the universe vs. did it occur naturally
  28. Do nice girls finish last?
  29. Do vampires get AIDS from sucking infected blood?
  30. Do video games cause bad behavior in children?
  31. Does age matter in relationships?
  32. Does age really matter in a relationship?
  33. Does Batman make a good male role model?
  34. Does playing video games actually increase IQ levels?
  35. Does Virginity Rock?
  36. Eat to live or live to eat?
  37. Females vs. males in performance in academics
  38. Going out or Netflix and chill?
  39. Han Shot First?
  40. Harry Potter vs. Twilight
  41. Honest and poor or dishonest and rich
  42. Instagram famous vs. Twitter famous?
  43. Is everything fair in love and war?
  44. Is sans the hottest character in undertale?
  45. Is social media just making it easier for people to stalk others?
  46. Is summer the best season?
  47. Is the law easier on celebrities?
  48. Is there life after death?
  49. Junk food banned from public schools
  50. Kissing with eyes open or closed?
  51. Medicine vs. Engineering
  52. Men gossip more than women
  53. Men stitching vs. women wrestling
  54. No face-to-face interaction because of facebook
  55. Nursery rhymes have inner meanings
  56. Oatmeal cookies vs. raisin cookies
  57. Possibility that the Earth is flat
  58. Ragging – to make friends vs. to make fun
  59. Rock n Roll music or Hip Hop?
  60. Rock n Roll music vs. Hip Hop
  61. Santa Clause vs. the Easter bunny
  62. Sex education- when is the right time to start?
  63. Should a grammar nazi be dealt with like real nazis?
  64. Should Chewbacca Get A Medal In A New Hope?
  65. Should homework be banned?
  66. Should humans eat to live or live to eat?
  67. Should people who post dead memes on social media be exiled into the depths of space?
  68. Should we execute anybody cosplaying as anything other than sans undertale
  69. Superman and Batman – superheroes or misleading idols?
  70. Tandoori chicken vs. plain chicken
  71. Twilight vs. The Vampire Diaries
  72. USA will never have a woman President. True or false
  73. Vampire Diaries vs. FRIENDS
  74. Vampires vs. werewolves
  75. Water is not wet
  76. What are more real – pirates or ninjas?
  77. What do women really want in a man?
  78. What pizza toppings are the best?
  79. What women want
  80. What’s important: beauty vs. brains?
  81. Which is better: night dreaming or daydreaming?
  82. Who are likely to be more successful: introverts or extroverts?
  83. Who are more complicated – men or women?
  84. Who came first, the hen or the egg?
  85. Why Coke is better than Pepsi
  86. Why fish make the ultimate pets
  87. Why Friends is better than How I Met Your Mother
  88. Why homework should be abolished from the school system
  89. Why niggas are created?
  90. Why nursery rhymes are actually quite twisted
  91. Why students should receive their letter from Hogwarts
  92. Women marrying younger men
  93. Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja?
  94. Would you rather be the hero or the sidekick?