Business Dissertation Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 07.03.2019
Updated: 10.02.2020
Business Dissertation Topics

List of 97 Business Dissertation Topics

  1. A Study Of Factors Affecting Organisational Changes
  2. A study to examine the factors affecting the MNC’s choice of alliances and entry modes – The case of Sri Lanka
  3. An Evaluation Of Drivers For Change
  4. An investigation into the business opportunities to Chinese oil companies that the State of Qatar offers
  5. An investigation into the impact of globalisation on UK businesses operation on both national and international scale
  6. An investigation into the implementation of strategic change management within business organisation to successfully meet the changing market needs
  7. An investigation into the process of offshore outsourcing of customer services to determine causes of poor customer satisfaction
  8. Analysis Of Brand Management In The Global Economy
  9. Analysis Within UK Mergers and Acquisitions
  10. Analyzing the issues associated with the implementation of Information technology in new technology based firms
  11. Business management framework and globalisation – An empirical study
  12. Can human resource development and training help to remedy poor selection processes
  13. Change Management in the Banking Sector
  14. China’s Business Culture and Management Strategy
  15. Configuration of human resource management system in multinational companies
  16. Consumer expectations based on the importance of well-developed business plans.
  17. Corporate responsibility: Different issues on sustainability.
  18. Creating and Performing the Balance Scorecard
  19. Critical Success Factors In The Telecoms Industry
  20. Cross border management strategy – A research study focusing on foreign business organisations in Malaysia
  21. Customer service level: The importance on economic growth in highly developed countries.
  22. Developing a framework for the strategic management of information technology
  23. Developing an effective human resource management system in large multinational companies – The recommended practices and strategies
  24. Differences in working styles of Saudi project managers and foreign project managers
  25. Drivers And Barriers For Internet Banking
  26. E-commerce in developing countries: A study on how the use of internet platforms can change their economy.
  27. Engagement of employees with highly-productive organizational environments.
  28. Examining the factors affecting organisational changes from the perspective of employees – The case of HSBC
  29. Examining the factors that could motivate large multinational corporations to adapt internationalisation strategy
  30. Examining the impact of human resource professionals and human resource management in the new global economy
  31. Exploring strategic alternatives in Research & Development through exploitation of opportunities and capabilities
  32. Foreign investment on high-risk economies with oil business possibilities: An analysis.
  33. Global business strategy for MNCs and the role of corporate vision, conflicts, and empowerment
  34. How banks can implement business strategies in light of globalization to improve connectivity with clients – A case of Barclays Plc
  35. How business organisations can gain competitive advantage through social media branding in a fast paced electronics industry?
  36. How Do Automobile Companies Use CRM To Enhance Customer Loyalty?
  37. How e-HR system can help UK energy companies to improve their efficiency?
  38. How Telenor internationalised in Asia – The case of Pakistan
  39. Identification of the drivers of Chinese business expansion strategy into Africa and other developing countries; The market seeking and resource seeking perspective
  40. Identifying the most influential factors affecting information technology management in UK construction industry
  41. International Management Strategy
  42. International partnerships between highly-successful businesses and companies around the world: An investigation on why it happens.
  43. Internationalisation opportunities for Chinese multinational companies – The link between international business development and “knowledge and learning”
  44. Intervention, project management and change management – The banking sector in the UK
  45. Investigating “foreign direct investment” strategies of large and diversified companies in developing economies – The case of India
  46. Investigating the effects of organisational transition on employees’ performance in large diversified companies
  47. Investigating the patterns of foreign direct investment in new global economies
  48. Issues regarding Strategic Alliances
  49. Learning from small businesses in the UK – How firm performance is associated with strategic human resource management.
  50. Managing employees’ performance in non-profit organisations – A case study of any non-profit organisation
  51. Managing Supply Chain Vulnerability
  52. MBA Thesis drafted on the Principles Behind Outsourcing
  53. Multinational organizations: A study on effective communication with employees and the effect on business effectiveness.
  54. Oil companies and their seek for investment from other oil companies in the world.
  55. Performance Measurement Concepts and Practises in a Supply Chain Management
  56. Performance, e-business strategies and globalization – Examining the factors affecting social media strategy of business organisations in the UK
  57. Price perception of a longevity derivate
  58. Project Management in UK Industries
  59. Quality Management And Its Affect Among Different Sectors Of The Cyprus Tourism
  60. Recommended practices to introduce and implement information systems in business organisations
  61. Role of information technology management in large diversified business organisations
  62. Role of innovation in the life sciences: The impact of intellectual property right on scientific knowledge utilisation, accumulation and diffusion
  63. Role of the municipal council in beginning business
  64. Stock Market Reactions To Merger & Acquisition Announcements
  65. Strategic Analysis Of The UK E-Retail Industry
  66. Strategic Information System Planning In Investment Banks
  67. Strategic management of change in Asian countries – The case of Singapore
  68. Structured Finance as a Tool for Poverty Alleviation
  69. Success Factors of Customer Relations Management
  70. The causes and forms of deviance in business and non-profit organisations
  71. The contract in an international supply chain?
  72. The economic downturn has left many British companies struggling for survival.
  73. The effect of strategic thinking in the corporate culture
  74. The Effect of TQM on the Service Industry
  75. The Future Bases For Competitive Advantage In The Telecom Industry
  76. The future of bamboo industry in Europe – Opportunities and challenges
  77. The growing importance of social media strategies in global business environment – Internationalisation, e-business plans and performance of firms
  78. The impact of corporate governance on performance and internationalisation of business organisation
  79. The Importance of the Automotive Industry in the Business Growth
  80. The Influence Of Economic Liberalization On Indian Textile Industries
  81. The Multicultural Design Manager
  82. The Office Market in Central Birmingham.
  83. The Positioning Strategy of Etihad Airways.
  84. The report will discuss how employee engagement adds value to an organisation
  85. The role of celebrity in the endorsement.
  86. The role of feedback in organisational culture change: A case study of any multinational company
  87. The role of global marketing negotiations in cross-border.
  88. The role of new theoretical models with respect to global politics and business
  89. The role of senior management of business organisations in developing a framework that connects unexpected results and strategic plans
  90. The role of strategic alliances, acquisitions and mergers in building eCommerce business giants – A case study of any large scale and established virtual company
  91. The UK Investment Capital Industry
  92. The view of customers and managers in business: A study on the influence of those who can change the path of an organization.
  93. To establish the importance of measuring stress levels of employees in order to successfully implement change
  94. To investigate the important elements of information technology management
  95. Use of a proprietary change management system with respect to transformational change and stakeholder communication
  96. What Factors Make A Successful Business?
  97. Why organisations and businesses must change their business strategies in the era of globalization

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