Political Science Dissertation Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 07.03.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Political Science Dissertation Topics

List of 50 Political Science Dissertation Topics

  1. A comparison of political corruption in countries around the world
  2. Reintegration Of Ex-Combatants And The Likelihood Of Small-Scale Violence Such As Riots.
  3. Federal Reserve Booms And Busts
  4. Foucault Bio Politics And Thailands Public Policies During The Military Regime From 2014
  5. The Impact Of Violent Video Games To Children
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  7. Emmanuel Macronalgeria And The Politics Of Colonial Apology
  8. A comparison of qualitative and quantitative research methods
  9. A comparison of the democratic process in the US with that of the UK
  10. A study of Christian political thought
  11. A study of political psychology
  12. A study of veto powers in major governments and political organisations
  13. An analysis of different democratic models
  14. An analysis of female representation in global politics
  15. An analysis of how George W. Bush won his first election
  16. An examination of a Totalitarianism regime
  17. An examination of the political process that lead to the War in Iraq in the 21st century
  18. An in depth study of spatial modelling
  19. Broken public policies and the roles of current administration
  20. Deinstitutionalization: review on replacing rural long-stay psychiatric hospitals
  21. Does true democracy exist in the United States?
  22. European Public Policy and Europeanization
  23. Examine the debt crisis of the economically challenge countries of the world<
  24. Give examples of how women’s rights in other countries needs to be improved
  25. Global Political Economy of Resistance
  26. How are election polls counted?
  27. How big is the gender gap in United States political life?
  28. How can the development of privacy rights be improved?
  29. How can we improve the quality of our relations with surrounding countries?
  30. How can we tackle the clampdown on weapons of mass destruction?
  31. How does the EU create legislation?
  32. How has the United States changed its foreign policy since 9/11?
  33. How influential are global environmental regulations?
  34. How intertwined are religion and politics in the United States?
  35. How is game theory used in making political decisions?
  36. How is the ethnic make-up of the United States political landscape changing in the 21st century?
  37. How relevant is the United States Constitution in the 21st century?
  38. Impact of Environmental Social Movements on social Activity
  39. Implementation of Global Labour Standards
  40. Liberalism vs Conservatism
  41. Liberalization of Agricultural trade
  42. New political developments and worldwide modernization—problems and solutions
  43. Should political parties receive state funding for political campaigns?
  44. The history of the Democratic Party in the United States
  45. The history of the Republican Party in the United States
  46. The pros and cons of Marxism
  47. The rise of independent voters and implications
  48. The sexual preference of the supreme court
  49. The study of race and ethnicity in modern politics
  50. What are the main problems with tackling global warming?
  51. What can be done about the problem of child soldiers in Africa?
  52. What can be done to ensure that the debt crisis of poor countries does not spiral out of control?
  53. What can be done to improve women’s rights in other countries?
  54. What influence do local political issues have on determining central government policies?
  55. What is deterrence theory?
  56. What is the science behind a successful political campaign?

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