High School Statistics Project Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 15.04.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
High School Statistics Project Ideas

List of 23 High School Statistics Project Ideas

  1. Are members of certain subpopulations (e.g., racial, ethnic, or educational backgrounds) more likely to receive the death penalty?
  2. Are men more likely than women to help someone who has dropped his or her books? Does the sex of the book dropper matter?
  3. Are people like the descriptions of their horoscope sign?
  4. Are people rational when playing prisoner’s dilemma games?
  5. Are policies that reduce governmental debt also associated with reduction in quality of life?
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  7. Can we predict the order of the NFL draft based on characteristics of the players?
  8. Correlation Between calorie Intake and Gender
  9. Do actors’ races affect which television programs Duke students are willing to watch?
  10. Do certain subpopulations get mammograms more frequently than others?
  11. Do FOCUS students at Duke eat, sleep, and go to parties with different frequencies than non-FOCUS students?
  12. Do the results of federal elections have an effect on stock prices?
  13. Does birth order affect academic success at Duke?
  14. Does drinking caffeine affect students’ performance on tests?
  15. Does eating popcorn affect people’s enjoyment of movies?
  16. Does having the pictures on puzzle pieces shorten the time to complete the puzzle relative to not having the pictures?
  17. Does the Chronicle fairly represent all students’ voices at Duke?
  18. Does the quality of Duke students’ relationship with their freshman roommate affect the quality of their overall experience at Duke?
  19. Does wearing shoes affect the height of a vertical jump?
  20. Is team payroll related to winning percentages in professional sports?
  21. Is there a correlation between female empowerment and AIDS prevalence in nations across the world?
  22. Relation of Eating Breakfast on High School Grades
  23. What Factors Affect Facebook Usage
  24. What is more important to Duke students when choosing a major: interest in the subject, career aspirations, family influence, or ability

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