High School Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
High School Paper Topics

Writing a research paper is a process, and the process begins with choosing a topic. Many high school students can not come up with appropriate ideas, and as a result, end up writing poor-quality papers. Students should always remember that academic writing is a serious undertaking, and it should never be taken lightly.

There are good reasons why modern education puts so much emphasis on writing. This is one of the best ways to assess a student. But how do you choose a good topic for your paper? Before you start writing, make sure you choose something you are comfortable with. Simply choosing a good subject is not enough. You should be interested in what you are writing.

For high school students, brainstorming with other students is a good way. Your teacher can also help you choose a subject matter you can tackle. This list contains some of the most interesting ideas for high research papers.

If you read this list carefully, finding a good idea will not be that difficult. You have a lot of choices at your disposal. Even if you do not find something on the list, it will inspire you to think about the subject from different perspectives. Hopefully, it will be helpful. Just come up with an amazing idea and get started.

List of 55 High School Research Paper Topics

  1. Can the American Revolution be considered profitable for women’s rights?
  2. Can the results of pre-election polls that are enlightened in the media affect voters’ behavior?
  3. Compare and contrast the level of public security before and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York.
  4. Dark matter: questions that are still unrevealed.
  5. Discrimination in education
  6. Drug and alcohol abuse, pregnancy, suicide
  7. Education and funding
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  9. Exams often do little more than measure a person’s ability to take exams. Should exams be outlawed in favor of another form of assessment?
  10. Factors that influence the incidence of African American women’s obesity at the age group of 18-30.
  11. Grade inflation
  12. Home schooling
  13. How are the problems of racism described in media of the USA, including TV shows, animation, and movies?
  14. How can storing radioactive waste in the United States affect prolificacy?
  15. How climate has influenced the development of Europe.
  16. How do women immigrating to the USA cope with gender equality, marriage, and social identity?
  17. How does the parents’ divorce affect the ability of a child to be educated?
  18. How have the latest immigration reforms influenced Hispanics in the USA?
  19. How to act like a leader during times of change?
  20. How to reduce the involvement of violence in sports?
  21. How was the chivalric code invented? Did it work in Medieval Europe?
  22. In some European schools, fewer than 10% of students get “As”. Is there grade inflation in the U.S.? Why so many “As” for Americans?
  23. Is music treatment an effective means for mental diseases as an additional therapy?
  24. Is there any connection between the educational possibilities for women and their will to have babies?
  25. Mainstreaming students with disabilities vs. special classrooms for their special needs
  26. Multicultural/bilingual education vs. traditional basics
  27. National standardized tests vs. local control of education
  28. No Child Left Behind Act: Is it working?
  29. No government support vs. fairness to parents who pay twice for education
  30. Permit corporal punishment
  31. Placement by age vs. placement by academic ability
  32. Policing schools
  33. Required standardized tests for advancement vs. course requirements only
  34. School’s responsibility vs. parental responsibility for school violence
  35. Separation of church and state vs. religion’s contribution to the public good
  36. Should death penalties be outlawed completely?
  37. Should teens in the U.S. adopt the British custom of taking a “gap year” between high school and college?
  38. Social factors that boost teenage eating disorders.
  39. Standardized tests
  40. Teacher competency tests vs. degree requirements only
  41. Teacher’s needs/demands vs. teaching as a service profession
  42. The development of cryptography in the USSR.
  43. The flaws of the American prison system.
  44. The importance of early motor development at age three or younger.
  45. The role of women in the industrialization after the American Civil War?
  46. The significance of Plato’s philosophy of mathematics.
  47. The social causes for the Russian Revolution and the assassination of Alexander II.
  48. What are the factors that encourage people to be highly moral if they do not believe in God?
  49. What are the specificities of educating Indian teenage boys?
  50. What impact does the media have on teenagers’ self-esteem?
  51. What is the impact of air pollution to the population’s health?
  52. What is the significant effect of genetically modified food on the environment?
  53. What should school administrators do to prevent the increase in the number of students who become addicted to drugs?
  54. What steps should a government take to provide people with disabilities with high-quality education?
  55. What was the impact of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 on the local population of the surrounding areas?
  56. Zero tolerance toward violence vs. toughness with flexibility

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