Nutrition Thesis Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
Nutrition Thesis Topics

List of 29 Nutrition Thesis Topics

  1. Are events such as World Food Day effective in making people more aware of nutrition issues and how to eat well in order to be healthier?
  2. Caffeine for Athletes: An investigation of the effects of caffeine intake on athletic performance.
  3. Can Neutrigenomics promote improved overall health or is it just another passing fad?
  4. Carbohydrates and their effects on endurance in athletes.
  5. Do food labels really influence the consumer’s buying choices? Have they started buying healthier foods?
  6. Exercise and diet: An exploration of the relationship between levels and types of diet and various forms of exercise.
  7. Glucose for athletes: A study of the metabolism of a swimmer following pre-competition ingestion of glucose.
  8. Has the availability of nutritional information on fast food meals inspired consumers to make healthier choices? Has it changed their eating habits?
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  10. Has the growth of the supplements industry really contributed to an overall improvement in health? Do more people buy supplements now and which ones do they buy?
  11. he use of dietary supplements in sports: A study of pre-game supplement use and its effect on in-game performance.
  12. How can you improve household food security among households with lower incomes? Is spending more on food necessarily the best way to promote food security?
  13. How do you most efficiently use existing agricultural resources to create a sustainable food supply?
  14. How successful are emergency food programs at reaching populations that are most in need? How can they be improved to become more effective?
  15. Is iron a major concern for sportsmen and women? An exploration of the use of iron supplements in sport.
  16. Is there a need to change nutritional guidelines for certain populations, such as women and children, which may have special needs?
  17. Nutrition for cricketers: A study of how nutrition science can boost performance in a skill-based sport.
  18. Nutrition for the Vegetarian athlete: A study of the comparative benefits of various nutrition plans for vegetarian athletes.
  19. Nutritional strategy: The development of a performance related nutritional strategy for high performance for an ageing swimmer.
  20. Proteins in sports: A study of the effects of Protein Supplementation on endurance sports and strength training.
  21. Should government nutrition agencies recommend the Mediterranean diet as a way of lowering obesity rates and promoting overall better health?
  22. Should more people can their own food in order to improve overall food safety?
  23. Should state agencies intervene in the growing influx of fast food into public school cafeterias? Can this move help reverse or slowdown the growing epidemic of childhood obesity?v
  24. Should the Food and Drug Administration adopt more stringent measures regarding the regulation of bottled water? Is bottled really safer than tap water?
  25. The use of dietary supplements in sports: An exploration of the stated positions of various international and domestic sporting associations.
  26. The use of vitamins supplements by athletes: A study of the effects of vitamin supplementation on endurance athlete performance.
  27. Vitamin D and bone strength: A study of Vitamin D supplementation on the performance of endurance athletes.
  28. Vitamin requirement in Sports: A comparative study of the levels of vitamin supplementation required by male and female athletes.
  29. What are the best ways to promote access to affordable food among population in lower socio-economic categories?
  30. What is the best way to make people aware of nutrition issues? What impact will this have on overall public health?

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