Legal Thesis Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 04.03.2020
Legal Thesis Topics

List of 35 Legal Thesis Topics

  1. Critically examine the relationship between national law and international law.
  2. Discuss ramifications of amendments to Roe v Wade to provide adequate protections to the rights of the father.
  3. Discuss the legal ramifications of breaches of authoritative norms in general international law.
  4. Discuss the prevailing attitude among journalists and media entities that their First Amendment Right to free speech should be given special protection and latitude by reason of their role in advancing the public interest.
  5. Discuss the process of judicial review from a strong vs weak perspective.
  6. Discuss the role of cultural norms and customs in the development of international criminal law.
  7. Discuss the viability of the enforcement of benefit sharing as a tool for regulating aspects of intellectual property rights.
  8. Examine the attitude of the courts, as demonstrated in relevant rulings, toward trusts espousing political purposes.
  9. Examine the conflict between civil liberties and public safety in the arena of anti-terrorism legislation.
  10. Examine the conflict between general business law and corporate trade secrets.
  11. Examine the moral and legal issues surrounding “late-term” abortion procedures.
  12. Examine the potential legal ramification of stem cell research to include human embryos cultivated for profit.
  13. Examine the validity of the presumption that resulting trusts and advancement have gained defunct status and should be abolished.
  14. Exploring the Most Effective Public Law: Your Personal Favorite
  15. For-Profit Prison System: How to Stop the Corruption
  16. Freedom of Speech for Terrorists: How Freedom of Speech Does Not Exist When a Government Feels It Is Threatened
  17. How IRS Laws Give Tax Breaks to the Wealthy: Why People Are Kept out of the Loop about Breaks Available to the Masses
  18. How Lawyers Are Being Replaced by Automated Online Forms
  19. How Public Law Side-Steps Freedoms and It Serves the Government
  20. How Public Laws from Other Countries of Your Choosing Could Better Public Laws in the US
  21. How to Best Change Current Public Law Legislation
  22. In what ways has the decision in Harrison v Gibson altered the law on the certainty of intention?
  23. Indictments: Why Top Tier Politicians Are Not Indicted for Federal Crimes They Commit
  24. Inequality: Why Government Leaders Are Not Prosecuted but Everyday Citizens Are
  25. Pardoning Criminals: How Presidents Wield Their Power
  26. Racial Differences: How the Public Laws Treat People Differently
  27. Socio-Economic Differences: How Police Treat Poor People Differently
  28. Spying on Its Citizens: How the US Ignores Public Law without Legal Ramifications
  29. State Laws: Why Harmful Historic Laws Remain in Operation
  30. The Ability of the Federal Government to Circumvent Standard Legal Proceedings
  31. The FBI and Public Law: How the FBI Is Circumventing Laws by Hiring Japanese Third Parties to Hack Phones
  32. The Problem with Police: How Police Officers Protect Their Own without Realizing It
  33. The Prosecution of Top-Tier Officials: Whether Post-Conflict Justice Is Served after New Presidents Are Elected
  34. Trustee powers of investment: A critical examination of the courts’ consideration of financial benefits
  35. Why Family Law Courts Favor Mothers in Modern Society: The Tragedy of Fathers in Custody Battles

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