Social Media Thesis Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
Social Media Thesis Topics

List of 37 Social Media Thesis Topics

  1. Compare and contrast the different forms of social media available
  2. Discuss how small businesses are able to benefit from the use of social media
  3. Discuss some of the challenges of the use of social media in making employment decisions
  4. Discuss some of the procedures that you would have to follow when coming up with a good social media strategy
  5. Discuss the important role that social media plays in social movements today, citing relevant examples of how this has worked in different parts of the world
  6. Discuss the negative impacts of being on Facebook
  7. Discuss the risk and rise of social media libel
  8. Discuss what has often been referred to as the reality of social media, highlighting how this has in the past had a lot of people fail to understand the kind of smokescreen that their interactions online have been reduced to.
  9. Discuss why marketing on social media is currently one of the most important things for any business.
  10. Explain how access to social media is affecting teenagers
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  12. Explain the connection between business and social media, and how the two subjects are interrelated
  13. Explain the different types of social media blogs, and what makes them unique from one another
  14. Fake account and what is it used for.
  15. Has carpal tunnel surgery increased due to the increase of social media?
  16. Highlight and discuss the important social media metrics that are necessary for a successful marketing campaign online
  17. How are celebrities impacted by social media and privacy laws?
  18. How are social media and censorship laws connected?
  19. How can social media posts get an employee fired?
  20. How do parents affect the social media choices of their children?
  21. How do people react on the Internet and how do they react in real life in certain situations?
  22. How does social media affect careers of professional athletes?
  23. How does social media affect friendly or familial relationships?
  24. How does social media affect low-tech careers?
  25. How does social media affect the quality of news we receive?
  26. How does social media affect the way teachers and students interact?
  27. How does social media impact our work life? How about our love life?
  28. How is social media affecting the economics of journalism?
  29. Is traditional news more accurate than news presented on social media?
  30. Some strong examples on social media workers and their success so far.
  31. The dangers kids face when using a popular website.
  32. These networks have a “target audience”, or they are open for everyone?
  33. What are the determining factors for social media posts that go viral?
  34. What are the differences in social media usage among different cultural groups?
  35. What are the most useful tools to use on social media?
  36. What does it take to pursue a career in this field?
  37. What does social media have in common with real interactions?
  38. Why does nudity sell? Especially on the Internet, the more naked you are, the more likes you get.

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