Health Care Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 17.03.2020
Health Care Debate Topics

List of 384 Health Care Debate Topics

  1. Is the coronavirus a cover up for something or not?
  2. “Affluenza Teen” Manhunt: Should the police have seen him as a flight risk?
  3. 1 Dead, 9 Missing in Chinese Mine Collapse: Is China doing enough to ensure miners’ safety?
  4. 2,234 Get Infected With HIV: Is the Indian Government in Denial Over Epidemic?
  5. 60% of fat and 31% of calories in BK Original Chicken sandwich are from mayonnaise: Should fast food chains strive to provide healthier food?
  6. A 2011 study revealed that people who eat candy weigh less than those who don’t. The study was sponsored by the “National Confectioners Association.” Is this a credible finding?
  7. A Lake County coroner’s jury ruled that the death of a patient who waited nearly two hours in the waiting area of a hospital ER was homocide. Should doctor’s be held criminally accountable?
  8. A Los Angeles teacher was found guilty of putting his own semen on cookies and making students eat them. Are teachers screened thoroughly enough?
  9. A man recently survived drinking a quart of soy sauce. Should people reconsider how much sodium chloride they consume?
  10. A measles outbreaks in Romania has killed three children. The Ministry of Health blames it on the anti-vaccination movement. Do vaccinations do more harm than good?
  11. A new study shows that jet hand dryers spread more germs than paper towels. Should jet hand dryers be replaced because of this?
  12. A nutrition professor lost 27 pounds off of a “Convencience Store” diet of Twinkies, Doritos, and sugary cereals in order to prove that weight loss relied on caloric intake, not nutrition. Do calories matter more than fat content?
  13. A revolutionary drug that melts away cancer in some stage four patients has been given fast-track approval in the United States. Will this be a blockbuster drug?
  14. A study of 1,300 cross country runners found that runners who didn’t stretch and runners who always stretched had the same injury rate; however runners who only sometime stretched had a much higher injury rate. Do you think stretching is beneficial?
  15. A Turkish family has received food poisoning twice in a short amount of time from home cooked meals. Should there be universal health standards implemented in order to help ensure food safety world wide?
  16. A typo skewed the history of HIV in the US and vilified “Patient Zero”. Is it true the AIDS virus came to this country a decade earlier than originally thought?
  17. A university is threatening to punish students who discuss their suicidal thoughts with friends. Will this increase suicides?
  18. A woman diagnosed HIV+ despite her husband and exes all testing HIV-: Should her husband really have been convicted in this case?
  19. A woman gives birth in car, and the hospital charges the full delivery fee. Do hospitals care too much about profits?
  20. Abortion Is Murder
  21. Abortion rates lowest in 40 years: Is this an indication that it’s time to ban abortions?
  22. Abused Chickens: Could America’s gluttony be at fault?
  23. Adis patient should be isolated
  24. AIDS deaths in India down 55% since 2007: Is AIDS and HIV no longer a problem for society?
  25. Alzheimer’s disease breakthrough as new drug clears toxic proteins from brains of patients. Will alzheimers ever be cured?
  26. An HIV-positive Malawian man, who says he is paid to have sex with children as part of initiation rites, has been arrested on the president’s orders. Can the U.N. stop these practices?
  27. Ancient burial ground offers evidence of past marijuana use: Is marijuana more useful to humans than alcohol?
  28. Animal testing should be band!
  29. Approximately one half of vegans are vitamin B12 deficient. Is being a vegan bad for your health?
  30. Are bananas good?
  31. Are braces like cosmetic surgery?
  32. Are bubble baths good for you?
  33. Are Canned Vegetables as good as Fresh Vegetables for Nutrition?
  34. Are doctors responsible for the opioid epidemic?
  35. Are environmental cancers on the rise?
  36. Are Fast-Food companies the ones to blame for obesity?
  37. Are Fruits Great Snacks?
  38. Are GMOs safe to consume?
  39. Are hebephilia and ephebophilia just two different forms of pedophilia?
  40. Are homeopathy treatments effective?
  41. Are Kids Eating/Drinking To Much Sugar?
  42. Are laser pointers dangerous?
  43. Are microbeads polluting our waters?
  44. Are most abortions just for the convenience of the mother?
  45. Are proper safety measures in place to prevent spread of HIV in hospitals?
  46. Are pumpkin-flavored products getting out of control?
  47. Are the World Health Organization wrong for stating Video Gaming is an disorder?
  48. Are there any conflicts of educating the public about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? How much do people know about Type 1/Type 2?
  49. Are vaccinations good or bad?
  50. Are vaccinations good?
  51. Are vaccinations safe for children?
  52. Are vedioes games are the main factor that cause childhood obesity
  53. Are We Doing Enough For Ebola?
  54. Are we unfairly bashing foods that contain genetically modified organisms (G.M.O. foods)?
  55. Are you a fan of avocados?
  56. Are you concerned of risk from bacteria spread by hand dryers in public restrooms?
  57. Are you for, or against genetically modified organisms?
  58. Are you in favor of Regulating Health Insurance to a not-for-profit status? If not, should private Health Insurance have a Cap on Profits?
  59. Are you legitimately concerned about Ebola?
  60. Are you pro-choice (Yes) or pro-life (No).
  61. Are you satisfied with the school lunches? If no, then what do you think should be served?
  62. Are you tired of being stupid?
  63. Artificial sweeteners lead to high blood sugar: Should artificial sweeteners be banned?
  64. Assisted Suicide Canada: Is it morally wrong to provide free drugs for assisted suicide?
  65. Assisted suicide is now legal in Canada: Should other countries allow this as well?
  66. Bad genes or bad behavior: Are you responsible for your own cancer?
  67. Ban alcohol advertising
  68. Ban junk food
  69. Be It Resolved That: euthanasia should be legalized.
  70. Bently burial publicity stunt: Should organ donation be mandatory?
  71. Bernie Sanders says Trump would break campaign promises by repealing Obamacare: Does Trump have an obligation to protect the Affordable Care Act?
  72. Big Pharma a hazard to our health: Should Americans have to pay for their right to life?
  73. Big Soda: Will cutting back calories in soda help with obesity in America?
  74. Bird Mites from hell , just desperate for answers
  75. Birth control National Policy
  76. Blue Bell ice cream linked to three listeria cases in Texas: Is our ice cream safe?
  77. Breast milk contains substances which aren’t digestible by human infants. Is breast milk as healthy as proponents claim?
  78. Breyers added additives to their ice cream to cut costs, Therefore, Canada determined their product no longer contained enough milk and cream to meet labeling requirements for ice cream. Do you support increased regulation for food companies?
  79. British woman becomes one of the first cancer patients to be injected with new tumour-destroying vaccine: Do you think this treatment will have widespread use in the next 5 years?
  80. Burger king is cutting use of antibiotics in superbug fight: Is this the right decision?
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  86. By law, each citizen of Kentucky is required to bathe once each year. Is it time to do away with such strange laws?
  87. Campaign Aims to Get McDonalds to Stop Using Antibiotics: Should corporations be allowed to feed their cattle antibiotics?
  88. Can depression and manic depression (bipolar disorder) be linked to events in your early childhood?
  89. Can Jesus heal the mentally ill?
  90. Can Kamagra Tablets use to treat ED Problem?
  91. Can McDonald’s shake its unhealthy reputation?
  92. Can more be done to protect pregnant women from contracting the Zika virus?
  93. Can parents improve their children’s intelligence?
  94. Can safer sex practices lower projections for the HIV?
  95. Can sex be addictive?
  96. Can using text messaging draw in younger and more diverse demographics to blood donating?
  97. Can you prove that abortion is murder?
  98. Canadians spend half what the United States does on healthcare: Should the United States look at Canada’s healthcare system when reforming our own?
  99. Cancer Breakthrough: Will cancer have a cure in the next five years?
  100. Cancer is natural and it shouldn’t be treated?
  101. Carrot: Is the nutritional value of carrots worth growing them in your own backyard?
  102. Case of cannibalism in India. Was the perpetrator mentally ill?
  103. Cervical cancer: Bride suffering symptoms diagnosed with disease FIVE days after honeymoon: Should the federal government do more to encourage Cervical Cancer immunizations?
  104. Cervical cancer: Bride suffering symptoms diagnosed with disease five days after honeymoon. Should women begin testing for cervical cancer at an earlier age?
  105. Child Mummy has virus: Are there diseases that we do not even know exist?
  106. Children 4-5 years old tend to skip more because it is less fatiguing than walking. Is this part of our evolutionary cycle?
  107. Children in England consume half their recommended maximum daily intake of sugar at breakfast, and by the end of the day have had more than three times the healthy limit, according to Public Health England. Is childhood obesity a worldwide problem?
  108. Chipotle’s Burrito Promotion: Is eating vegetarian worth the hassle?
  109. Chris Mortensen fighting throat cancer: Would you take time off work to complete treatment?
  110. Cigarette prices skyrocket to $40 a packet in Australia: Should governments of the world increase tobacco prices to curb usage?
  111. Circumcision doesn’t prevent any disease or infection, the only thing it prevents is normal sexual functions
  112. Circumcision doesn’t prevent any diseases or infection, the only thing it prevents is normal sexual functions
  113. Cleaning for a Reason: Should all cancer patients be provided with free house cleaning services?
  114. Clinton joked that her pneumonia got people interested in women’s health issues. Do Republicans care about women’s health issues?
  115. Coconut water is better than sports drink
  116. Congress outraged over hepatitis C treatment: Should it be illegal to get rich at the expense of the sick?
  117. Consumers and EMTs resort to syringes for severe allergies: Should EpiPens be cheaper, so more people can afford them?
  118. Cornea cells successfully grown and implanted: will all organs be replaceable like this one day?
  119. Cosmetic Should Be Stop?
  120. Cost of EpiPen continues to rise, which is putting a burden on people with allergies. Should drug prices be regulated?
  121. Could Ebola & Cholera Wipe Out Humanity?
  122. Could magic mushrooms be the cure for depression that we need?
  123. Cracking the Date Code on Egg Cartons. Can You Really Tell How Fresh Your Eggs Are?
  124. CVS sanctioned for packaging: Should misleading packages be illegal?
  125. Cystic fibrosisThere has gained more attention recently. Should there be more federal funding for the disease?
  126. Dangerous cat bites: Are cats more dangerous than dogs?
  127. Danish grocery chain begins selling ‘expired’ food: is it time to re-examine what we think of as food ‘waste’?
  128. Debbie Reynolds dies: Is a stroke the cause of her death?
  129. Dementia “Truman Show” village: Should the illusion of normal living be a goal of Alzheimer’s doctors?
  130. Denmark doctors want to ban circumcision: Is this a violation of freedom of religion?
  131. Diarrhea main cause of death during Civil War: Is digestive health taken seriously enough today?
  132. Diarrhea was the leading cause of death in the American Civil War. Would better health conditions have changed the outcome?
  133. Diet or exercise to get healthy?
  134. Do Animals React Differently To Humans
  135. Do cats really have nine lives?
  136. Do cell phones cause brain tumors?
  137. Do contacts cause more harm than good?
  138. Do dollar store products contain toxic chemicals?
  139. Do eggs count as meat?
  140. Do longer vacations equate to better mental health?
  141. Do males prefer females who have circumcised vulvas?
  142. Do more people need to donate to the ebola cause?
  143. Do only 2 genders exist?
  144. Do organ donor pass on their allergy’s to recipients?
  145. Do parents who model an unhealthy lifestyle influence their children’s lifestyles?
  146. Do people who complain a lot have more health issues?
  147. Do vaccinations cause autism and homosexuality?
  148. Do we put too much stock in beauty?
  149. Do women have the right to abort a fetus?
  150. Do women need to be healthier to be happier, like Kate Hudson’s new book implies?
  151. Do you believe that antibiotics in animal feed are harmful to children who eat meat?
  152. Do you believe that children diagnosed with ADHD are just immature, rather than handicapped?
  153. Do you believe that companies should be held responsible when the consumption of their product has led to harmful side effects?
  154. Do you believe that intelligence is fluid?
  155. Do you believe that Living next to a nuclear plant for 1 year gives you 100 times less radiation than eating a bag of potato chips every day for 1 year?
  156. Do you believe that you can fidget your way to fitness?
  157. Do you believe the listeria scare will have an impact on food safety guidelines?
  158. Do you care about T.J. Duckett’s struggles with depression?
  159. Do you continue to love your addicted person unconditionally?
  160. Do you feel a cancer drug which seems to act as a male birth control pill would be widely accepted by the male population?
  161. Do you guys think now Ebola virus can be cured perfectly?
  162. Do you guys think we’re safe from the Ebola Virus?
  163. Do you look forward to exercise each day?
  164. Do you support the ‘War On Drugs”?
  165. Do you think being shy is a bad thing?
  166. Do you think Chipolte is safe to eat at one year after their e-coli crisis?
  167. Do you think cigarettes should be sold in plain packaging in the United States?
  168. Do you think consumer-directed health plans are too expensive?
  169. Do you think Dr. Nancy Snyderman’s credibility is damaged after she violated an Ebola-related quarantine?
  170. Do you think Ebola quarantine should be mandatory for people who have been in close contact with infected patients?
  171. Do you think enough is being done to fight the Ebola outbreak?
  172. Do you think GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) or vegetables are better than real pure foods?
  173. Do you think it is hypocritical of WalMart to sell health insurance when it doesn’t offer many of its employees health insurance?
  174. Do you think it is important to get carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned? Will it effect your family’s health?
  175. Do you think it was right for Canadian lawmakers to pass a bill that legalizes Physician-assisted-death?
  176. Do you think Parkinsons was a big factor in Robin Williams’ suicide?
  177. Do you think soda is to blame for the USA’s obesity problem?
  178. Do you think that cancer treatments are too expensive?
  179. Do you think that cigarettes should be sold?
  180. Do you think that salad should be in school
  181. Do you think that schools should be able to suspend children who have not been fully vaccinated?
  182. Do you think that the Congress should have abolished the law that required meat packaging to contain the meat’s country of origin?
  183. Do you think that the Russian government is minimizing the number of persons infected with the HIV virus?
  184. Do you think that the Zika virus will affect Americans?
  185. Do you think the clinic Joan Rivers visited when she went into cardiac arrest could be responsible for her death?
  186. Do you think the EU is anti-science in their food safety requirements?
  187. Do you think the man in Puerto Rico should have been arrested for watching a pornographic film that included an underage actress based on a doctor’s opinion?
  188. Do you think the VA will be able to get the doctors, nurses, and employees that they need without making major changes?
  189. Do you think we are overpopulating the earth?
  190. Do you think Wolf Blitzer’s epic failure on Jeopardy! is evidence of dementia?
  191. Do you want to die from smoking or nah ?!?!?!?
  192. Do zoos need to exist?
  193. Doctors in Denmark want to end circumcision for children: Should this decision be taken out of the hands of parents?
  194. Doctors should be allowed to prescribe contraception for under-age girls ?
  195. Doctors, Pharmacists Indicted In $100M Fraud Case . Are They Ripping Off The Military?
  196. Does acupuncture “Work” due to the placebo effect?
  197. Does DNC control donor access?
  198. Does eating chocolate keep people slimmer?
  199. Does fast food of Mac Donald is more healthy then KFC?
  200. Does Homeopathy work
  201. Does nuclear power cause genetic harm?
  202. Does social media isolate people?
  203. Does student’s opinion warrant psychiatric treatment?
  204. Does the existence of feelings prove mental illness?
  205. Does the recent death of actor Stephen Lee warrant the need for more awareness of cardiac issues?
  206. Don’t you think that healthier school lunches will help our brains work in class?
  207. Doomsday. Is it going to happen?
  208. Doughnut Day’ celebrated in the United States on June 3rd: should the holiday be eliminated given the nation’s obesity epidemic?
  209. Drugs: Should All Kinds be Legalized?
  210. Early toxicity tests of Penicillin were performed on live mice. Had the tests been run on guinea pigs, we might not be using the antibiotic today, because Penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs. Are there benefits to testing drugs on animals?
  211. Ebola death toll tops 1200. Should the US be worried?
  212. Ebola drug maker’s stock falls after big pop: Are pharmaceutical companies reliable investments?
  213. Edwina Currie was forced to resign in December 1988 after she issued a warning about salmonella in British eggs. Should she really say stuff she doesn’t know to be true though?
  214. Environmental Contamination: Should companies have to pay for contamination done prior to laws being put in place?
  215. Environmental toxins have been found to hurt brain development. Should there be increased government regulations?
  216. Exploding Teeth: Has dentistry made enough advances to cavity fillings in the last 150 years?
  217. Farrah Abraham’s botched lip injections: Is cosmetic surgery safe?
  218. Female genital mutilation: Should the UN do something to bring an end to the tradition of female genital mutilation?
  219. Fingers can detect Nano-Scale Wrinkles: Do you think that means larger hands are more or less sensitive to wrinkles on a flat surface?
  220. Finland says children need 3 hours of exercise per day. Is this excessive?
  221. First organisms to have sex were not heterosexual: Would spreading this knowledge lessen homophobia?
  222. Flakka considered possible cause of man biting the face of his murder vicitm: Should more be done to stop the sale and use of this drug?
  223. Former QB Ken Stabler had CTE: Should brain disease researchers and scientists be given more money to find cures for the diseases?
  224. Forty percent of patients in malpractice suits say they would have accepted an apology instead: Should more people start with an apology letter?
  225. France bans pesticides in public green spaces: Is this necessary?
  226. Free refills banned in France: Should people be able to choose how much soda they drink?
  227. French Toast Crunch is back: Will you buy it?
  228. Generic Drug Prices Skyrocket: Should pharmaceutical companies be regulated to control rising costs?
  229. George Michael dead from AIDS: Is AIDS worse than cancer?
  230. Getting my 7yr old to zip her jacket up.
  231. Gillette vs. Dollar Shave: Is Gillette’s Patent Infringement claim valid?
  232. Hоw Lоng Does Hеrоin Stау In Urinе If Snоrtеd?
  233. Half of vegans are deficient in vitamin B12: Should veganism be outlawed?
  234. Hamburgers are healthier than hot dogs?
  235. Has health insurance become to confusing?
  236. Has rice farming been perfected by civilization?
  237. Has the Ohio Coca-Cola plant always used natural sugar?
  238. Head transplants: Miracle surgery or ethically wrong?
  239. Health Care Exchange: Are Obamacare premium prices out of control?
  240. Hershey Bars contain only 11% cacao, only 1% more than the FDA legal minimum to be called chocolate. Is Hershey being deceptive?
  241. Hezbollah selling drugs in Europe and US to support terrorist acts: should the US treat drug traffickers as terrorists?
  242. Hillary Clinton Says She Would Reschedule Marijuana: Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use?
  243. Hillary Clinton unveils her plan to improve mental health treatment. Should the federal government increase funding for mental health?
  244. House GOP conceals Obamacare’s costs: Are Obamacare costs out of control?
  245. How the Victoria Secret Angels exercise: Would you train like an Angel?
  246. How to achieve good health?
  247. How to buy Real Adderall Online?
  248. hypothermia and death: Should there be more money spent to study the effect of cold temperatures on the human body?
  249. If a homo-sapiens fetus is not considered a person, are there other types of homo-sapiens not considered to have person-hood? If so what are they?
  250. If plants felt pain, would you (still) eat them?
  251. If the disease ‘Ebola’ first broke out in U.S. its transmission and impact was less..
  252. If there is a Walking Dead blackout, will you blame AMC (yes) or DirecTV (no)?
  253. If you had the power to see into the future and saw your own death, could you stop it?
  254. In 1906, Dr. Alois Alzheimer presented his research on what would later be known as Alzheimer’s Disease. The audience asked no questions because they simply wanted to hear the next lecture. Would greater resources have cured the disease by now?
  255. in 1984, Steven Tyler heard an old Aerosmith song on the radio and didn’t recognize it due to memory loss from years of drug use. Are drugs more harmful than we think?
  256. In America during a child’s yearly physical there should be a psychiatric evaluation to help identify any struggles and prevent mental health issues.
  257. In Denmark there are facilities called “fix rooms” letting addicts inject certain type of drugs under supervision. Would this approach help in the U.S.?
  258. In order to promote health and wellness, should there be a higher tax on junk food and soft drinks?
  259. In order to prove that an individual overdosing from marijuana is almost impossible, James Joiner ate 900mg of THC brownies. Is marijuana dangerous?
  260. In some countries, everyone is automatically an organ donor upon brain or cardiac death: Should automatic organ donation become a global standard?
  261. In your eyes, is abortion okay?
  262. Incorrect blood transfusions cause a sense of foreboding: Are transfusions a bad thing?
  263. Infants should be eating peanuts by six months, allergists say: Should infants be fed possible allergens to reduce risk of severe allergic reactions?
  264. Insulin price spike leaves diabetes patients in crisis. Are drug manufacturers to blame?
  265. Is “affluenza” a real thing?
  266. Is “Big Pharma” to blame for high drug prices?
  267. Is 117 a good age to live to?
  268. Is a no carb diet safe to do?
  269. Is a tamato a vegetable?
  270. Is Abortion OK If You Have Been Sexually Abused
  271. Is alcohol poisoning a serious problem?
  272. Is Alta better than Fitbit?
  273. Is Alzheimer’s the most deadly disease?
  274. Is anxiety a common mental illness?
  275. Is being vegan actually worth it?
  276. Is bleeding gums a good or bad thing when you brush or floss?
  277. Is Blood Blue?
  278. Is Chicken Classified as a Food?
  279. Is Chinese food better than American fast food?
  280. Is chocolate considered a healthy snack?
  281. Is chocolate milk good for you?
  282. Is circumcising babies OK?
  283. Is Congress protecting drug makers and failing to help the public with the current opioid epidemic?
  284. Is depression a choice?
  285. Is diabetes becoming a global epidemic?
  286. Is diet soda making Americans overweight?
  287. Is drinking water safe in America?
  288. Is enough being done to protect the recipients of blood transfusions from HIV?
  289. Is environmental protest a dangerous activity?
  290. Is Euthanasia Wrong? I think so.
  291. Is exercising in the morning better than exercising in the afternoon? Why?
  292. Is fast food beneficial to the USA?
  293. Is fidgeting a great way to burn calories?
  294. Is gender identification (post birth) a mental illness?
  295. Is gender identification (post-birth) a mental illness, and if so should it be treated as such?
  296. Is Greenland’s environment sustaining severe damage?
  297. Is health care important to people?
  298. Is Health Insurance being run by the Syndicate (since Health Care Reform, thus far)?
  299. Is health more important than education?
  300. Is HIV increasing globally?
  301. Is human cloning ethical?
  302. Is Intelligence Quotient or ‘IQ’ a good way to measures people’s intelligence?
  303. Is it a good idea for McDonalds to shrink its menu?
  304. Is it a good thing that CVS doesn’t sell tobacco products anymore?
  305. Is it bad for an animal’s health to be kept in a zoo?
  306. Is it fair for Carl Icahn to ask the union to give up health benefits in exchange for him saving the Trump Taj Mahal from going out of business?
  307. Is it fair for Sandwell Hospital in the UK to force junior doctors to work longer hours for less pay?
  308. Is it good to be naked?
  309. Is it healthy for animals (not endangered) to be in zoos?
  310. Is it important to learn about cancer?
  311. Is it morally justifiable for governments to ask people to pay for health care?
  312. Is it ok for people to use drugs?
  313. Is it ok to drink the Arsenic-tainted water in Texas?
  314. Is it ok to kill kids?
  315. Is it okay to take potentially risky drugs that improve cognitive functioning and performance?
  316. Is it right to skip breakfast?
  317. Is it right to use products that have been tested on animals?
  318. Is it safe to play football due to concussion injuries related to multiple brain diseases?
  319. Is it safer for an older adult to have sex with an 18-year-old rather than an underage teen?
  320. Is it true that by 2050 our life expectancy increase
  321. Is it unhealthy just eating snacks all day getting FAT?
  322. Is Johnson & Johnson’s new drug Viacyte the beginning of the end for diabetes?
  323. Is MacDonald’s doing us harm?
  324. Is male circumcision comparable to female genital mutilation?
  325. Is marihuana better for people than alcohol and other legal drugs?
  326. Is marijuana as dangerous as herion?
  327. Is mcdonalds good for u?
  328. Is McDonalds unhealthy?
  329. Is meat good?
  330. Is milk chocolate better than white chocolate?
  331. Is Monsanto concerned about the safety of its consumers?
  332. Is my mom gay?
  333. Is Mylan’s proposed $300 coupon for under-insured patients a sufficient response to complaints about the recent price increase of the Epipen?
  334. Is Nancy Snyderman credible any more after violating a quarantine for Ebola in the United States?
  335. Is now a bad time to invest in energy stocks?
  336. Is Nuclear waste really dangerous?
  337. Is obesity an epidemic? If yes, please explain.
  338. Is Orlando Bloom a pervert?
  339. Is Parkinson’s Disease an unmanageable problem in the US?
  340. Is pizza healthy for you?
  341. Is plastic surgery is a good way to pursue beauty?
  342. Is popcorn healthy?
  343. Is procrastination just about laziness or is there something else there (such as mental illness, for example)?
  344. Is psycho-analysis effective?
  345. Is Satanism good for your health?
  346. Is Screening Time bad for kids
  347. Is soy sauce too high in sodium?
  348. Is stretching before exercising necessary?
  349. Is suicide a cowards way out? Or selfish?
  350. Is sunburn a silent killer?
  351. Is teen smoking BAD?
  352. Is the breast cancer pink campaign overdone?
  353. Is the discovery of a suicidal palm tree in Madagascar a huge discovery?
  354. Is the repeal and delay of Obamacare an irresponsible move?
  355. Is the Zika Virus a major health threat in the US?
  356. Is the Zika virus more dangerous thaan we thought?
  357. Is the Zika virus spreading into an epidemic?
  358. Is there a link between Alzheimer’s disease and Diabetes?
  359. Is there such thing as “Type 3” diabetes?
  360. Is vegan diet healthy
  361. Is Verizon a legitimate threat to AT&T?
  362. Is working overtime causing ill health?
  363. It is proven that commuting is bad for your health. Should adults and parents (mother and father) take jobs that are closer to home?
  364. It morally justifiable for governments to ask people to pay for health care?
  365. It’s been discovered that lying down during childbirth is actually bad for both mother and baby. Should we encourage more women to squat during childbirth?
  366. Jamierm82 and misterd
  367. Japan’s Fake Food Industry is now a Multi-Billion Yen Business: Should businesses be required to display actual food instead of plastic food?
  368. John Glenn hospitalized in Columbus: Are his ailments due to past space travel?
  369. Johnny Cash’s love letter to June Carter has been called the greatest love letter of all time; Johnny died 4 months after June: Do those who are deeply in love lose their will to live when their spouses die?
  370. Journalists Backing Out from Rio: Would the Zika virus keep you from the Olympics?
  371. Karoshi: Do the Japanese tend to be more prone to death by overwork than people in other countries?
  372. Kinder chocolate cancerous: Is famous chocolate unsafe for consumption?
  373. Kinder chocolate contains dangerous levels of likely carcinogens: Do you think reading the ingredients label on the snacks you buy is important?
  374. Kylie Jenner’s Exposing Outfit: Did She Show Skin for her Cosmetic Collection Reveal?
  375. Largest Fentanyl bust in U.S. history: Is enough being done to stop abuse of pharmaceutical drugs?
  376. Legal marijuana boom: Is it healthy for so many Americans so smoke marijuana?
  377. Legal pot: Should dispensaries be required to provide more information to customers regarding their products?
  378. Legalized Marijuana: Is this America’s new cash crop?
  379. Listeria Outbreak: Should product recalls be left to the company’s discretion when health departments discover a potential link to an outbreak?
  380. Listeria: Could an outbreak be avoided with more hygiene-focused advertisements?
  381. Live anthrax sample unintentionally distributed: Should the public be worried?
  382. Living next to a nuclear power plant: Can you still receive harmful levels of radiation?
  383. Loudest known sound was produced by a volcano eruption that damaged the ear drums of sailors forty miles away: Is hearing worse in modern times due to the many loud sounds around us?
  384. Louisiana Flooding: Will it have a major impact?
  385. Maine legalizes

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