Autism Thesis Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
Autism Thesis Topics

List of 26 Autism Thesis Topics

  1. Advocacy organizations for people with this disorder.
  2. Different levels of this disorder.
  3. Difficulties that are faced by autistic people.
  4. Methods of treating employees with autism.
  5. Moral issues related to abortions caused by a risk of giving birth to autistic children.
  6. Music therapies that help autistic patients.
  7. Places where autistic people can work and release their potential.
  8. Relations between parents and autistic children.
  9. The autistic people rights movement.
  10. The best methods to identify this disorder in patients.
  11. The best ways to educate children with this disorder.
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  13. The brain abnormalities which are connected to this disorder.
  14. The history of this disorder and its definition.
  15. The impact of education on the development of autistic people.
  16. The influence of autistic people on their families.
  17. The influence of toxins and environmental pollution on a number of autistic people.
  18. The link between twins and autism.
  19. The place of autistic people in human society.
  20. The reasons for the elevated levels of serotonin in autistic patients.
  21. The reasons that cause children to be born with autism.
  22. Therapies created specifically for autistic patients.
  23. Treating adults with this disorder.
  24. Treating autistic patients with a help of physical therapy.
  25. Treatment of this disorder in the U.S. in comparison to the UK.
  26. Viruses that increase a chance for a child to be born with this disorder.
  27. What evidence is available to determine whether the rise in autism is caused by environmental triggers?

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