Anthropology Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 12.04.2020
Anthropology Paper Topics

There are several courses that really fascinate students. Some of the favorites are psychology, sociology, mythology and anthropology. When students attend these courses, their instructors usually assign academic papers and essays. Psychology class students like to choose topics because the topic is constantly evolving. Research documents on mythology are difficult to compile because the subject has not changed much in thousands of years. The topics of sociology and anthropology are diverse due to special secondary subjects. In the field of anthropology, it is possible to search for secondary topics such as biological, sociocultural, linguistic, theories, culture, methods and current events. Here are a few different topics that fascinate students with researching people and their past, present and future:

List of 73 Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. A history of Warfare: John Keegan and cultural/biological aggression
  2. A television analysis: Modern Family & Will & Grace; changing definitions of the family unit
  3. Aboriginal/native cultures and anthropology
  4. Ancient civilizations: The Aztec and Maya
  5. Anthropological theory and human evolution
  6. Anthropology with an Attitude by Johannes Fabian
  7. Anthropology: The Exploration of Human Diversity by Conrad Phillip Kottak
  8. Arguing for or against the purpose of IQ around the world
  9. Art and anthropology
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  11. Automation and changing patterns of human behavior
  12. Barack Obama: Implications of the first African American President
  13. Beliefs in magic and the supernatural
  14. Biological anthropology and human social patterns
  15. Biological anthropology and human warfare
  16. Biology and culture: Influences on human society
  17. Cities and the modern man
  18. Closed societies
  19. Coming of age in contemporary Jewish families
  20. Concepts of childhood in emergent economies
  21. Conflicts in different cultures
  22. Critical race theory
  23. Cultural anthropology and its links to political science
  24. Cultural assimilation
  25. Cultural imperialism and modern media
  26. Definitions of culture
  27. Deviant behavior and cultural implications
  28. Differences in death rituals
  29. Differences in growth and development
  30. Different “ranks” in society (peasants, royalty, etc.)
  31. Education around the world
  32. Emergence of terrorism and culture
  33. Environmental anthropology and contemporary policy
  34. Ethnic cleansing: Genocide in the human experience
  35. Feminism in different cultures
  36. Festivals, rituals, dance, parties, music
  37. Folklore and primitive society
  38. Franz Fanon and the impact of colonialism
  39. Gangs vs. Fraternities vs. Families
  40. Genetic engineering
  41. Growing old in Western culture
  42. Health and wellness in different cultures
  43. Heroes in societies
  44. HIV/AIDs: A global perspective
  45. Human biological variability and social interactions
  46. Human evolution
  47. Hunter gatherer societies
  48. Interracial couples in Islamic society
  49. Lord of the Flies: An anthropological exploration of human behavior
  50. Marriage rituals in different cultures
  51. Medical anthropology
  52. Migration around the world
  53. Mythologies and its effects on modern culture
  54. Pagan festivals and rituals
  55. Peru’s Quechua people
  56. Political correctness in the 21st Century
  57. Political organizations and anthropology
  58. Race and the causes of racism
  59. Racial identity and stereotypes
  60. Religious diversity in Turkey
  61. Savage, primitive and tribal: Labels and the evolution of perspectives on indigenous people
  62. Similarities and differences in Asian and American hip hop
  63. Social media and its impact on cultures (first vs. second and third world)
  64. Social status and role
  65. Studying twins in different cultures and throughout time
  66. The evolution of the modern Western celebration of Halloween
  67. The influence of culture, health and illness on human society
  68. The role of literature in human development
  69. The role of storytelling in different cultures
  70. The Western impact on North American indigenous peoples
  71. Trekies: The subculture of the Star Trek franchise
  72. Underwater anthropology and the advancement of human knowledge
  73. Using anthropology as a forensic science
  74. Women in Lakota Sioux culture

The best Anthropology Research Paper Topics are the ones the students want to study. It’s easier to search for a topic if you really want to know more, because everything you read will be interesting. If you really want to write well, you can always try to prove the opposite of what you wanted to find. Students who want to test themselves while writing a fascinating topic can immerse themselves in cultures they know little about, or try to prove a difficult subject that can be proven.


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