Medical Capstone Project Ideas

List of 37 Medical Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Advantages of Dimensional analysis
  2. Asthma education programs for students.
  3. Awareness and prevention steps against diabetes
  4. Benefits and problems of hospital rates
  5. Breastfeeding and infant health
  6. How does plastic surgery help modern women to stay young-looking and attractive?
  7. How to grow the professional skills of nursing staff?
  8. How to screen sleeping apnea among patients with heart failure?
  9. How to treat and prevent obesity in children?
  10. Human health and bad habits: drinking, smoking, using drugs
  11. Improving incident reporting
  12. Increasing hospital nurse retention
  13. Making EMR/EHR adoption seamless
  14. Medical errors: should doctors be responsible criminally?
  15. Methods of increasing preventative care measures
  16. Non-pharmacological methods in Dementia patients’ therapy
  17. Offering better home health services to veterans
  18. Peculiarities of post-anesthesia release of pain.
  19. People with congestive heart failure and the quality of their life.
  20. Placebo effects in healing various groups of patients
  21. Prevention methods of Lyme disease.
  22. Prevention of infections in a clinical setting
  23. Prevention of Lyme disease among children
  24. Probiotics help to avoid health problems after antibiotic therapy
  25. Relationship between patient care and the ability to pay
  26. Review of emergency healthcare.
  27. Safety and Privacy Regulation Compliance
  28. Screening of sleep apnea among patients with heart failure
  29. Should doctors heal patients who have no insurance?
  30. Should homeless people be provided with a free health insurance?
  31. Sleep apnea patients and heart monitoring tests
  32. Stress and sleep disorders
  33. Various visitation models according to medical treatment.
  34. Why do the healthcare prices are different for various states?
  35. Why is the treatment for pregnant women different?
  36. Why some patients do not trust medicine and use homeopathy?
  37. Why there are so many young girls who are suffering from bulimia?

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