Economic Case Study Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Economic Case Study Topics

List of 35 Economic Case Study Topics

  1. Adding Cover Crops for Seed Production to a Corn/Soybean Rotation
  2. Adding Cover Crops to a Corn-Corn-Wheat Double Crop Soybean Furrow Irrigated Rotation
  3. Adding Cover Crops to a Corn-Soybean Rotation
  4. Adding Cover Crops to Continuous Corn with Grazing
  5. Adding Cover Crops to the Corn-Soybean Rotation: Alleviating Erosion Concerns and Avoiding Terracing
  6. Big Pharma R&D
  7. Colgate-Palmolive: Leadership Style of Reuben Mark
  8. Comparative Cost Advantage and the American Outsourcing Backlash
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  10. Demand for and Supply of Money: A Case of India
  11. Do Soaring Price and Mounting Demand in Indian Gold Market Speak of a Paradox?
  12. EU BREAK-UP?
  13. Executive Pay Package: A Study of Demand and Supply
  14. Gears of Consumption and Investment in Different Plan Periods
  15. Global Financial Crisis and ITS Impact on Real and Financial Sectors in India
  16. GMR Airport Business: Facing Challenging Times
  17. Google’s HR Practices: A Strategic Edge?
  18. Guwahati Molestation Case: Professional Responsibility Vs Moral Ethics
  19. Mexican Telecom Industry: (Un)wanted Monopoly?
  20. Mobile Telephony in India: Would Cheaper Rates Bring More Profits?
  21. New Distribution Initiatives at HLL
  22. Novartis: Globalization of Pharmaceutical Research
  23. Novartis’ Generic Drug Business: The New Growth Driver
  24. OPEC The Economics of a Cartel (B)
  25. OPEC: The Economics of a Cartel (A)
  26. Perfect Competition under eBay: A Fact or a Factoid?
  27. T-Chart Oregon Dalles Small Grain
  28. T-Chart Oregon Dalles Small Grain Overlap Reduction
  29. T-Chart Oregon Direct Seeding
  30. T-Chart Oregon Orchard Precision Spray
  31. The Cyprus Bailout – Is the European Zone Failing?
  32. The Renaissance of the South Africa Music Industry
  33. Troy: Trojan War and Leadership Styles
  34. US Financial Crisis: The Fall of Lehman Brothers
  35. Venezuela`s Macroeconomic Crisis: An Enduring Ordeal of Worsening Economy with Alarming Inflation
  36. Vietnamese Dong Devaluation: Securing the Future with a Weaker Currency?

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