Data Science Capstone Project Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 27.02.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Data Science Capstone Project Ideas

List of 35 Data Science Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Analysis of business performance in the automotive sales sector
  2. Analysis of complaints
  3. Analysis of health records
  4. Analysis of social media influencing
  5. Business analytics simulation and ofrecasting
  6. Business dashboard for small online sales company
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  8. Computer data network security
  9. Computer vision recognition app
  10. Coping with missing data for sales reporting
  11. Data commercialization technology application
  12. Data mining of call center information
  13. Data mining system processor
  14. Database Support for Large-scale Fast Visualizations
  15. Games and games technology
  16. Human computer interface recognition
  17. Improving branding through web analysis
  18. Improving customer retention through review of data
  19. Improving employee retention through analysis of data
  20. Improving insurance company risks
  21. Influence Extraction from Social Networks
  22. Intelligent support system processors
  23. Knowledge Base Construction from Text
  24. Making sales data meaningful within a company
  25. Mobile application and mobile learning
  26. Natural language processing system
  27. Optimizing web views through analysis of analytics data
  28. Prediction of disease outbreaks
  29. Problem prevention through analysis of issues
  30. Query processing over large Knowledge bases
  31. Scalable Image Retrieval Systems and Applications
  32. System for predicting stock prices
  33. System to detect abnormalities in accounting department
  34. Teaching a computer to read
  35. Using visual recognition systems for improved security
  36. Visual analysis of paintings
  37. Security Camera Simulation Using Raspberry Pi
  38. Comparing Hadoop Cloud Managed Service
  39. Comparing Big-Data Cloud Service

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