Controversial Sports Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020

List of 32 Controversial Sports Topics

  1. Americans and Their Flag
  2. Are Olympic Parents Supportive or Overbearing?
  3. Can Playing Ball Be Bad for Children?
  4. Do Rowdy Fans Need a Timeout?
  5. Does hosting the Olympic Games have benefits for the hosting country? What social and economic impact does it have?
  6. Does Soccer Need FIFA?
  7. Dropping the Ball
  8. Fans and the Foes They Love to Hate
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  10. Football, Minus the Draft
  11. Game, Set, Match…Roof?
  12. He Changed Sports. For Better or Worse?
  13. Is It Wrong to Watch Football?
  14. Is Tennis Strung Too Tight?
  15. Professional Pompom Problems
  16. Raise the Rim?
  17. Rethinking How Baseball’s ‘Greats’ Are Chosen
  18. Scholars, Players and Union Members
  19. Should Character Matter in Pro Sports?
  20. Should Doping Be Allowed?
  21. Should Every Young Athlete Get a Trophy?
  22. Should Hope Solo’s Actions Keep Her Off the Field?
  23. Soccer Practice, Or Else!
  24. Tax Break for Sports
  25. The Stakes Off the Field
  26. Ultimate Frisbee at the Olympics?
  27. What is the role of the national lottery in Olympic Games? Should it be provided in the US?
  28. What Should Be Eliminated From the Olympics?
  29. When Should Countries Boycott the Olympics?
  30. When to Use Your Head
  31. Which Country Did You Say You Were Playing For?
  32. Who Needs Football?
  33. Women’s Tennis: Is Best of Three Sets Enough?

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