Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 27.02.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

List of 123 Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

  1. 3D Printed Customized Hand Rehabilitation Device with Embedded Sensors
  2. Abdominal Cavity Loading Device
  3. Adjustible Stiffening Device for Alpine Snow Ski
  4. Air bike
  5. Automatic Silverware Napkin Wrapping Machine- Phase II
  6. Automatic Silverware-Napkin Wrapping Machine
  7. Biaxial Loading Mechanobioreactor
  8. Bio gas powered water heater
  9. Biomedical Microfluidic Delivery System
  10. Biomedical Microfluidic Devices Automated Filling System
  11. Biometric Data Collection Device for User Research
  12. Cancer Detection by means of Mechanical Palpation
  13. Car monitoring system
  14. Cleaning robots
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  16. Cold Wall Reactor For Carbon Nanomaterial Production
  17. Comfort Cast
  18. Commuter Scooter
  19. Computer controlled Car
  20. Corrective Pen – *Featured Article*
  21. Cpst Effective Wind Turbine Rotor Optimized for Low Wind Speeds
  22. Crack n Snack
  23. Delivery System for Hernia Mesh Fixation – *Featured Article*
  24. Design Flexible Plastics Feeding System to Pyrolyzer for Power Generation
  25. Design of a Vertical Wind Turbine to Power LED Street Lights
  26. Design of an Experiment: Correlation of CO2 and Global Warming
  27. Design of Setup for Flow Visualizations
  28. Designing an Inexpensive Automotive Dynamometer
  29. Distributed Pressure Sensing System to Prevent Bowel Perforations
  30. Easy Unplugger
  31. Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy in Real-time
  32. Electrochromic Window Energy Testbed
  33. Electrochromic Window Test Bed for Energy Efficiency
  34. Energy Efficient Table Top House
  35. Equi-biaxial Stretcher of a Thin Membrane
  36. Exercise Apparatus Energy Cost Walking Uphill
  37. Exercise Effectiveness and Muscular Activation Tracking – *Featured Article*
  38. Firenet to Contain Prescribed Burns and Protect Property
  39. Foldable Bicycle Helmet
  40. Gastro-Esophagael Reflux Disease Test Bed
  41. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Intervention Testbed
  42. Haptic Steering
  43. Heat Flux Team: Its Sensors
  44. Hermetically Sealed Globe Valve
  45. Homemade steam engine
  46. Horizontal Load Measurement Device
  47. How to build a robot
  48. How to build wind mill pump
  49. Human Powered Jump Starter
  50. Hydraulic car lift
  51. Hydrophilic Husky
  52. II Terrain Wheelchair: Handling All Terrain Conditions
  53. Independent Rear Suspension for Baja SAE Vehicle
  54. Instant Ice Maker
  55. Instrumented Pen – *Featured Article*
  56. K-Cup Recycling Process
  57. Limb Perfusion Device
  58. Line follower robot
  59. Live-Cell Media Conditioning System
  60. Low Cost Braille Embosser Phase II
  61. Low-Cost Desalination Device – *Featured Article*
  62. Low-cost Solar Desalinator
  63. Lung Indentation and in-situ Imaging
  64. Materials Tester for Breast Tissue in vivo
  65. Michelson Interferometry Creep Test Instrument
  66. Mini-Baja CVT: Covering mechanical Components
  67. Mobile Robot FastSLAM with Xbox Connection
  68. Motorcycle Engine Duo: Better Understanding
  69. Musical Instrument of Multiple Methods of Excitation
  70. Navigator 2 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Hand Rehabilitation Device
  71. NuPanel: Sustainable Topology Optimized Structural-Thermal Prefabricated-Panel Building System
  72. Pedal powered refrigerator
  73. Pedal powered water filter
  74. Personalized Humidifier for Airline Travel
  75. PhASE – PhotoAcoustic Schlieren Elastography
  76. PhASE: PhotoAcoustic Schlieren Elastography II
  77. Portable and Low Cost Braille Note Taker
  78. Portable Doorknob Assistant
  79. Power generation using railway tracks
  80. RC control computer cars
  81. Robot basics
  82. Robotic buffering cell
  83. Robotic spider
  84. Rotating Sphere for Opto-mechanical Characterization of Contact Lenses
  85. Selective Spectrum Light Source: Positive Results
  86. Soccer Ball Impact Measuring System
  87. Solar Boat Array
  88. Solar Boat Hull Design
  89. Solar Boat Hydrofoils
  90. Solar insect robot
  91. Solar power air compressor
  92. Solar powered bag
  93. Solar powered bicycle
  94. Solar powered boat
  95. Solar Powered Laser
  96. Solar powered live-stock watering system
  97. Solar powered remote control aircraft
  98. Solar water heater
  99. Spatially Resolved Backscatter Ceilometer
  100. Spherical Turbine with Skewed Axis of Rotation
  101. Stress Management Module Using Resistive Force Sensors
  102. Study of cooling tower
  103. Table Top Prince Rupert’s Drop Apparatus
  104. TALON Unmanned Robot Design
  105. The Commuter Scooter Re-Engineered
  106. The Five Minute Solution Bicycle Lock
  107. Thermal Control of an Oil Storage Container
  108. Thermal Effects of CO2 on Earth-Atmosphere System
  109. Translation Booth: Compared Updated and Outdated Booths
  110. Triple Hinge Ankle Foot Exoskeleton for Lower Extremity Rehabilitation
  111. Universal Laterial Pressure Percussion Injury Device
  112. Universal Screwdriver
  113. User Operated Hoyer Lift
  114. Vacuum Chamber: Intended Research Needs
  115. Variable Aperture Slit System
  116. Variable Diameter Umbrella
  117. Virtually Interfaced Robotic Ankle and Balance Trainer
  118. Waste management machine system
  119. WasteHeat Recovery from An Internal Combustion Engine
  120. Wheelchair Lift Device: Affordability and Safety
  121. Wheelchair lifting device
  122. Wind mill power generation system
  123. Wind powered drip irrigation system
  124. Wind turbines kites

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