Project Management Term Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 07.03.2019
Updated: 04.03.2020
Project Management Term Paper Topics

List of 23 Project Management Term Paper Topics

  1. Behavioral aspects of project management
  2. Can you explain the difference between such terms as “project” and “operations”?
  3. Chain project management
  4. Different approaches to project management
  5. Discussing project management soft wares
  6. Event chain methodology in project management
  7. How to handle crisis in project management
  8. How to make your team work faster and better?
  9. Human resource project manager
  10. Process based project management
  11. Project management and leadership
  12. Project management critical success factor
  13. Project management from a traditional approach
  14. Project management organizational structure
  15. Project management triangle – project, scope and cost
  16. Role of project manager
  17. Top qualities of a project management head
  18. Training essentials for project management
  19. Various theories in human resource management
  20. What are the main characteristic features of the decision making process?
  21. What is project portfolio management?
  22. What kinds of reports are commonly used?
  23. What techniques are used with the aim to manage projects in prosperous companies?

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