Engineering Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 13.12.2019
List of 150 Engineering Research Paper Topics

When you write the engineering research paper topics, the best thing is that you will always look for the latest engineering news and therefore, you will learn new things! The engineering, like medicine or any other field, advances quickly and there are a lot of studies that involve the use of computers and the latest technology. 

All students who think of studying engineering should involve in writing about the latest computer features that assist and help with technology and engineering! There are new systems that are still being developed and many people will work on these systems in the future! Most of the students find it easier to write about engineering than about medicine, as they somehow find more familiarity with this branch of industry. Engineering research paper topics require a lot of research before producing high-quality content!

While you work on your topic, you can find a lot of online information and expand your education with the information that you need to work on your paper. You can write about the latest technologies in engineering, as well as about the structure of the airplane or how the climate can be affected by the latest technologies! If you need a complex and deep study, then make your way to engineering!

List of 150+ Engineering Research Paper Topics

  1. Aerodynamics
  2. Agile engineering methods for distributed dependable systems
  3. Aircraft
  4. Antenna
  5. Automation
  6. Automobile
  7. Balloon
  8. Battery
  9. Bridges
  10. Canal
  11. Cathode
  12. Cathode-ray tube
  13. Cell, electrochemical
  14. Compact disc
  15. Dam
  16. Diesel engine
  17. Diode
  18. Electric arc
  19. Electric current
  20. Electric motor
  21. Electricity
  22. Electrocardiogram
  23. Electromagnetic field
  24. Electromagnetic induction
  25. Electromagnetism
  26. Electronics
  27. Fluorescent light
  28. Generator
  29. High speed communication designs that will drastically reduce the noise levels
  30. How to build structures that will withstand the force of earthquakes
  31. Incandescent light
  32. Integrated circuit
  33. Internal-combustion engine
  34. Jet engine
  35. Knowledge representation and reasoning
  36. LED (light-emitting diode)
  37. Lock
  38. Machines, simple
  39. Magnetic recording
  40. Mass production
  41. Math theory of computation
  42. Micro-sensors that would effectively improve how oil flows through pipes
  43. Probabilistic methods and game theoretic methods
  44. Radar
  45. Radio
  46. Robotics, vision and physical modeling
  47. Steam engine
  48. Submarine
  49. Superconductor
  50. Telegraph
  51. Telephone
  52. Television
  53. The use of acoustics in running motors and appliances
  54. Transformer
  55. Transistor
  56. Ultrasonics
  57. Using composite materials in bridge construction
  58. Video recording
  59. A case study on the carbon index of an energy-intensive firm
  60. A Comparative Approach to Architecture and Technology in Optical Switches – An Overview
  61. A Fully Adaptive Approach to Smart Antennas
  62. A New Revolutionary System to Detect Human Beings Buried Under Earthquake Rubble.
  63. Advanced Wireless Communications
  64. Agile engineering methods for distributed dependable systems
  65. An Emerging Technology in Wireless Communications
  66. Applications of Nanotechnology in Electronics
  67. Artificial Vision towards Creating the Joys of Seeing For the Blind
  68. Bio Chip Informatics Technology for Electronic and Communication Engineering
  69. Biometric Voting System
  70. Blu-Ray Disc VS. HD-DVD
  71. Brain Fingerprint Technology
  72. Cellular and Mobile Communication
  73. Channel Tracking for a Multi-Antenna System
  74. Compressed Image Processing
  75. Concealed Weapon Detection Using Digital Image Processing
  76. Concentrated Solar Power
  77. Context Monitoring of a Patient Using Wireless Networks
  78. Controlling and sensing LED light intensities
  79. Diamond – The Ultimate Semiconductor
  80. Digital Jewelry Made Possible Using Wireless Communication
  81. Dvb-H Broadcast Mobile
  82. Embedded NDE with Piezoelectric Wafer-Active Sensors Aerospace Application
  83. Fingerprint Identification and Its Advanced Applications
  84. Haptic Technology
  85. High speed communication designs that will drastically reduce the noise levels
  86. Holographic Data Storage Memory
  87. How Biometric Systems Work?
  88. How Night Vision Works?
  89. How the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices work
  90. How to build structures that will withstand the force of earthquakes
  91. How to design and develop a carbon index system
  92. How to improve productivity in organizations through information technology
  93. How to measure household consumption via the development of a compact device
  94. Importance of Verichip in Electronics
  95. Intellectual Camera Unit
  96. Internet (Broadband) Over Electric Lines
  97. Introduction to Surveillance Camera Control System
  98. IRIS Recognition as a Biometric Technique
  99. Knowledge representation and reasoning
  100. Math theory of computation
  101. Medical uses of Nanotechnology
  102. Micro-sensors that would effectively improve how oil flows through pipes
  103. Modern day organizations and IT implementation – the best practices
  104. Nano Wire Growth for Sensor Arrays
  105. Nanotechnology for Electronic and Communication Engineering
  106. Nanotechnology’s role in glucose biosensor development
  107. Natural olfactory biosensors computational simulation
  108. Next Generation Wireless Communication- Free Space Optics (FSO)
  109. OFDM Basics for Wireless Communications
  110. Optical Computers: The Future of Technology
  111. Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)
  112. Paper Presentation on 3D Integrated Circuits
  113. Parallel Logic Simulation of VLSI Systems
  114. Plasmonics: “Vision for the Future”
  115. Plastic Solar Cells: Implementation of Nanorod and Screen Printing Technology
  116. Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes (PLED)
  117. Power Minimization Strategy in MOS Transistors Using Quasi-Floating-Gate
  118. Probabilistic methods and game theoretic methods
  119. Radio Frequency Identification
  120. Research to identify efficient logistics operations within a supply chain.
  121. Research to introduce efficiency within information systems and support timely transfer of knowledge and information.
  122. Robotics, vision and physical modeling
  123. Satellite-Based Tsunami and Earthquake Early Warning System
  124. Satellites for Amateur Radio
  125. Secure Symmetric Authentication For RFID Tags
  126. Silicon Microphotonics in Basic Electronics
  127. Smart Antenna Opens Lanes For Wireless Highway
  128. Smart Car Wheels
  129. Smart Card Security
  130. Sniffer for Mobile Phones
  131. Space Solar Power
  132. Speech Signal Analysis and Speaker Recognition by Signal Processing
  133. Supply chain management and sustainable practices
  134. Supply chain management: The impact of developing a learning organization to it
  135. System on Chip Designing Challenges
  136. The Bluetooth Technology
  137. The effect of globalisation on supply chain engineering/management for large multi-national companies.
  138. The Evolution and Improvement of the ARM Architecture
  139. The Future’s Fastest Transcars
  140. The role of information technology for a sustained competitive advantage
  141. The use of acoustics in running motors and appliances
  142. Third Generation (3G) Wireless Technology
  143. Ultra Wide band Technology Creating a Wireless World
  144. Using composite materials in bridge construction
  145. Using Theory of Bio-Metrics
  146. VLSI Logic Circuit Using Single Electron Transistor Set
  147. What process mapping methods can be used in identifying bottlenecks for a supply chain industry?
  148. Windows Based Embedded Systems
  149. Wireless Battery Charger
  150. Wireless Capsule Endoscopy
  151. Wireless Communication IRIDIUM Satellite System (ISS)
  152. Wireless Communication Zigbee
  153. Wireless Optical Communication
  154. Wireless Technologies, Wire less Fidelity (Wi-Fi) & World Wide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wi-max)
  155. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wi-Max)
  156. Zigbee – A Wireless Mesh

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