High School Term Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 07.03.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
High School Term Paper Topics

List of 31 High School Term Paper Topics

  1. A small group of Italians have a disorder that causes them to permanently stop sleeping. After several months with this 5. condition, they go insane and ultimately die. Why do humans sleep at night? What happens when people stop sleeping?
  2. During a duel, what was the statistical probability of actually hitting the other person?
  3. Has anyone ever escaped from the prison at Alcatraz?
  4. How are bullet proof vests designed?
  5. How did feminists help to bring about the end of slavery in the United States?
  6. How did gunpowder change the face of warfare?
  7. How do computer viruses spread between computers?
  8. How do GPS systems actually work?
  9. How have submarines become more technologically advanced over the last few decades?
  10. If alcohol and tobacco were created today, do you think that they would be legalized?
  11. Is a lie detector an effective way of seeing if someone is lying?
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  13. Is the War on Drugs effective? How much is spent on it every year?
  14. Is there strong evidence that indicates the existence of aliens?
  15. Should there be more measures in place that protect endangered species?
  16. Since September 11, 2001, how has American life changed? Consider airport security, the Patriot Act, wars abroad and NSA spying.
  17. What are some of the possible causes of the hysteria behind the Salem Witch Trials? What happened?
  18. What caused the current conflict in the Crimea?
  19. What caused the English parliamentary system to develop?
  20. What caused the extinction of dinosaurs?
  21. What causes mosquitoes to bite some people, but not everyone?
  22. What impact did the railroads have on American culture?
  23. What impact do big box stores have on local businesses?
  24. What is the social structure inside of a beehive like?
  25. What made American slavery different from previous examples of slavery?
  26. What type of training does a Buddhist monk go through?
  27. What was the curse of King Tut? Does a curse actually exist?
  28. What was the original origin of the marathon?
  29. What were the causes of the 2008 recession and stock market crash?
  30. Who were the 47 ronin?
  31. Why did the long bow cause England to become a dominant military power?
  32. Why is the platypus considered a completely unique mammal?

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