Computer Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 27.02.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Computer Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

List of 83 Computer Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

  1. 3D mobile game engine development software project
  2. A reverse engineering approach for converting conventional turbo c code to 64bit C#
  3. A web-based online library system
  4. Automated low-level analysis and description of diverse intelligent videos (ALADDIN)
  5. Automated robot for the military system (ARMS)
  6. Band-aids for broken microprocessors
  7. Battery Optimizer for Android mobile devices
  8. Bug tracking system
  9. Coaching management software
  10. Combining Kinect and Stereo depth measurements
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  12. Data-efficient robot reinforcement learning
  13. DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) using throttle algorithm
  14. Debugging grids with machine learning techniques
  15. Design and development of speed cash system (SCS)
  16. Desktop computers vs laptops vs tablet PCs
  17. Development of a feature-rich practical online leave management system (LMS)
  18. Diagnosing computer bugs using big data
  19. Efficient coding technique for aerospace Telecommand system
  20. Efficient peer to peer similarity query processing for high dimensional data
  21. Elevator control system
  22. Energy & power efficient, real-time system scheduling
  23. File system simulation
  24. Gaussian processes for Bayesian state estimation
  25. Gram-based fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data in cloud computing
  26. Honeypots a security system to identify black hat community in the networks
  27. Imitation learning in humanoid robots
  28. Information flow in bargaining scenarios
  29. Interoperability of 802.11e and 802.11
  30. Microcontroller-based security system using Sonar
  31. Mobile apps in the K-12 classroom
  32. Multi-million dollar maintenance using WLS algorithms
  33. MultiSpectral Identification Array
  34. Neural Network AI for FightingICE
  35. Northeast west south global unified reporting utility (NEW GURU)
  36. Online voting using Bluetooth enabled mobile phone
  37. OTD 360 Corsa Plate and PCB Recreation
  38. Ping Pong Trainer
  39. Plant Identification Using Tensorflow
  40. Polar Coordinate Farm Bot Final Project Report
  41. PolySat Helmholtz Cage
  42. Pre-touch sensing with sea shell effect
  43. Privacy-preserving data sharing with anonymous id assignment
  44. Procedurally Generating Genetic Keys
  45. Railway anti-collision system with phish plate removal sensing and auto track changing
  46. Random Oscar Movie Web Application
  47. Raymarching the Mandelbulb Fractal in VR
  48. Real Time and High Fidelity Quadcopter Tracking System
  49. Real-Time Audio-MIDI Controller
  50. Security issue of cloud-based storage
  51. Semi-supervised learning using graph kernels
  52. Senior Project – Roborodentia Robot
  53. Sense Yo Soles
  54. Simulation and exploration of hybrid systems via Automata
  55. Skin Tone Tracking Device (ChromaBand)
  56. Skylux Smartphone Controlled Skylight
  57. Slacker News
  58. Deep Learning Bot
  59. Small-Scale Intelligent Vehicle Design Platform
  60. Smart Speaker Integration with LetsHub
  61. SmartFarm
  62. SmartGarden
  63. Smash-scalable multimedia content analysis in a high-level language
  64. Sockets programming in Python – building a Python chat server
  65. Software engineering of scientific software
  66. Software Updates to a Multiple Autonomous Quadcopter Search System (MAQSS)
  67. Sort-a self-organizing trust model for peer-to-peer systems
  68. Spirit –spontaneous information and resource sharing
  69. Streaming MySQL Database Activity to AWS Kinesis
  70. SublimeSurf
  71. Tanrox workforce
  72. The design and implementation of a consolidated middle box architecture
  73. The Effect of Endgame Tablebases on Modern Chess Engines
  74. The Following Robot
  75. Tracking Eye Movements over Source Code
  76. Underwater Computer Vision – Fish Recognition
  77. Unique id (UID) management system project
  78. Unreal Engine 4 RPG
  79. Visual tracking using spare appearance model
  80. Water Fun at Exploration Station
  81. WheelieKing Trainer Project Report
  82. Wi-Fi-based mobile quiz
  83. Wireless Window Blinds
  84. XTC algorithm based scalable wireless ad-hoc networking IEEE

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