Controversial Science Topics

List of 46 Controversial Science Topics

  1. Allopathy medicine vs. Homeopathy medicine: Which is better?
  2. Are deformities in parents causing less evolved generations with inferior quality of lives?
  3. Are genes really responsible for mental and lifestyle disorders?
  4. Are the benefits of nuclear power worth the risk?
  5. Can a diet be really designed to suit your genetics?
  6. Can you really challenge genetics with exercise and diet?
  7. Creationism vs. evolution: What does the truth tend towards?
  8. Do food supplements really make any value addition to your food?
  9. Do interventions really help?
  10. Do religious texts hold any amount of truth for scientists about human evolution?
  11. Does introduction to art at a young impact brain development differently, as compared to one that has had no exposure?
  12. Has excessive use of technology really degenerated our memory?
  13. Has yoga become the new face of fitness?
  14. How accurate are the fossil records to determine evolution?
  15. How can the disparity between malnutrition and obesity be bridged?
  16. How can we make the energy demands sustainable?
  17. How is exercise related to your brain health?
  18. How is FDA protecting people?
  19. How is stem cell research likely to shape human evolution?
  20. How is world food produce impacting generations across the world?
  21. How much alcohol is actually good for the body?
  22. How much time do we have before we run out of non-renewable resources?
  23. Is banning certain foods a solution to lifestyle diseases?
  24. Is bulimia a psychological issue or eating disorder?
  25. Is climate change a threat to the human species?
  26. Is depression being over-diagnosed?
  27. Is euthanasia an assisted suicide?
  28. Is evolution by natural selection the governing principle of biology?
  29. Is it possible to reverse certain lifestyle disorders?
  30. Is the epicenter of every disease stress?
  31. Is the morality of animal testing overrated?
  32. Is there a way in which daily consumption of energy be reduced?
  33. Pros and cons of abortions
  34. Should cancer treatments cost be reduced for everyone?
  35. Should cosmetic surgery patients be tested for psychological issues?
  36. Should obesity be treated as a disease?
  37. Sugar vs. artificial sweetener: Which is more dangerous?
  38. To what extent does diet affect our well-being?
  39. To what extent is marijuana good or bad?
  40. To what extent is plastic surgery healthy?
  41. What are the effect of fad diets on metabolism?
  42. What does it mean to totally depend on nuclear power?
  43. What is the effect of wars in the middle eastern regions on the global warming phenomenon?
  44. What is the solution for childhood obesity?
  45. What is the truth behind healthy oil?
  46. Where do we stand on population control?