Controversial Topics In Education

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 02.01.2020
List of 36 Controversial Topics In Education

List of 36 Controversial Topics In Education

  1. Abstinence-based sex education
  2. Banned Books
  3. College Education Worth It?
  4. Corporal Punishment
  5. Discrimination in education
  6. Drug and alcohol abuse, pregnancy, suicide
  7. Drug testing in schools
  8. Education and funding
  9. Exams often do little more than measure a person’s ability to take exams. Should exams be outlawed in favor of another form of assessment?
  10. Grade inflation
  11. Home schooling
  12. Homework
  13. In some European schools, fewer than 10% of students get “As”. Is there grade inflation in the U.S.? Why so many “As” for Americans?
  14. Mainstreaming students with disabilities vs. special classrooms for their special needs
  15. Multicultural/bilingual education vs. traditional basics
  16. National standardized tests vs. local control of education
  17. No Child Left Behind Act: Is it working?
  18. No government support vs. fairness to parents who pay twice for education
  19. Permit corporal punishment
  20. Physical punishment in schools
  21. Placement by age vs. placement by academic ability
  22. Policing schools
  23. Required standardized tests for advancement vs. course requirements only
  24. School Uniforms
  25. School Vouchers
  26. School’s responsibility vs. parental responsibility for school violence
  27. Separation of church and state vs. religion’s contribution to the public good
  28. Should teens in the U.S. adopt the British custom of taking a “gap year” between high school and college?
  29. Standardized tests
  30. Standardized Tests
  31. Student Loan Debt
  32. Tablets vs. Textbooks
  33. Teacher competency tests vs. degree requirements only
  34. Teacher Tenure
  35. Teacher’s needs/demands vs. teaching as a service profession
  36. Zero tolerance toward violence vs. toughness with flexibility

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