Science Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 11.03.2020
Science Debate Topics

List of 367 Science Debate Topics

  1. (Evolutionists only please): Multiregional theory (Yes) or Out of Africa/Replacement theory (No)?
  2. 102-year-old orca: Are animals smarter than humans?
  3. 1749 out of 1750 species of cacti are native to only The Americas: Are we doing enough to regulate biodiversity?
  4. 18 a adult?
  5. 1960’s Project West Ford: An unnecessary creator of space litter?
  6. 2016 Hottest year on record is sign of global warming: Should industrialized nations limit carbon output even if developing nations do not participate in enforcing those limits?
  7. 2016 Was the Hottest Year Ever. It’s the Third Year in a Row of Record-High Heat. Will 2017 be the year climate warming skeptics become pariahs?
  8. 40% of corn is used for ethanol to add to fuel; another 40% is used for livestock feed. Should ethanol be used as a fuel?
  9. 50 Year Old Record-Busting Bottled Terrarium: Could terrariums support new ideas for plant growth in barren ecosystems?
  10. A $100 million initiative to listen for signals from alien life is targeting a star with an unusual dimming pattern. Is this a waste of money?
  11. A 99 million year old bird wing were found encased in amber. Will this impart important information to the science community?
  12. A 99-Million year old bird wing was found encased in amber. Should we be devoting more money to science?
  13. A black robin has become the mother of her entire species when she was the last fertile female in a group of 5 robins. Their status has been raised from Critically Endangered to Endangered. Should human get involved to save a species from extinction?
  14. A chimp named Nim Chimpsy used sign language to express that he wanted to smoke marijuana. Are chimps too smart to be test subjects?
  15. A corpse lives after a brain dies: Should brain activity be the measure of life?
  16. A habitable ocean found on the Saturn’s moon: Do you think that people could live on this moon one day?
  17. A huge crack is spreading across one of Antarctica’s biggest ice shelves: should the US being doing more to keep this from occurring?
  18. A huge helium deposit was found in Africa using a new technique. Will his lead to an end to the helium shortage?
  19. A key glacier in Antarctica is melting: Should global warming policies be put into place worldwide?
  20. A large 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the north-east coast of New Zealand. Are you concerned about an earthquake?
  21. A male bee can only mate once. Is this contributing to the declining bee population?
  22. A new equation might finally unite the two biggest theories in physics, claims a physicist. Can general relativity and quantum mechanics be reconciled?
  23. A new ocean: Will any humans be alive for the ocean that some scientists say is forming in Africa?
  24. A new paper conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada found more than 90 percent of large earthquakes in western Canada were triggered by fracking operations. Do you think fracking should be permitted?
  25. A pair of astronauts have entered China’s Tiangong 2 space station as they begin the country’s longest manned space mission. Will China rival the United States’ space program in 10 years?
  26. A rainbow is a reflection
  27. African Wild Dogs: Is the value of African Wild Dogs to the African ecosystem undervalued?
  28. After the recent crash, should Virgin Galactic take a break from space travel?
  29. Alan Shepard peed himself before becoming first man to walk in space: Were the early astronaut exposed to undue health risk due to poor planning?
  30. Albert Einstein once declared that his second best idea after the theory of relativity was adding an egg to his soup while it was cooking so he wouldn’t have an extra pot to wash afterwards. Do most scientists have common sense?
  31. Albert Einstein was also a gifted musician, playing both the piano and violin with exceptional skill. He once said: “The greatest scientists are artists as well.” Do you agree?
  32. Alien signal detected by Russian astrophysicists turns out to be terrestrial disturbance. Do you believe there is alien life?
  33. Aliens are they real? Yes? or no ?
  34. All scientific discoveries should be shared among scientists all around the world; governments and businesses should not keep any discoveries secret.
  35. Alzheimer’s disease is considered by some scientists to be Type 3 diabetes: Will we ever find a cure for diabetes?
  36. Amazon levels: Is the fall in the Amazon levels attributable to deforestation?
  37. America Almost Had Metric System: Would it be easier to be on the same terms as the rest of the world if we had had the metric system instead?
  38. An explosion was reported at the Kennedy Space Center. Is space travel safe?
  39. Anaconda snack: Should people provoke dangerous animals in order to study them?
  40. Ancient medical science is far better than modern medical science
  41. Animal Testing Good or Bad
  42. Arabian cat not extinct: Do we do enough to preserve endangered species?
  43. Archeology: Will the discovery of an ancient skeleton in Greece significantly change the history of Ancient Greece?
  44. Arctic blast: Is the Arctic blast that the much of the Country will experience this week a sign of climate change?
  45. Arctic losing ice: Should weathermen and women be put in jail for denying climate change?
  46. Arctic temperatures at record highs: Does this prove that global warming is real?
  47. Are animals better than robots
  48. Are astronauts still needed on the Space Station?
  49. Are blue lobsters most rare animal?
  50. Are bug zappers a safe invention?
  51. Are cats smart?
  52. Are chimpanzees more war-like than humans?
  53. Are clones Human?
  54. Are colonial names (like Greenland, New York, New England, New Hampshire) disrespectful to the original names?
  55. Are cows genetically engineered?
  56. Are dinosaurs still alive today?
  57. Are dogs the most successful domesticated animals for protection?
  58. Are earthquakes in Michigan rare?
  59. Are enough funds being put into research to help scientists understand how human are affecting our planet’s climate change?
  60. Are fossil fuels bad for human health
  61. Are Gay People Actually Born Gay?
  62. Are Giant Tortoises similar to dinosaurs?
  63. Are GMOs unhealthy?
  64. Are human workers actually more cost-effective than robots?
  65. Are humans better off with wildlife?
  66. Are humans capable of controlling the weather?
  67. Are Humans Responsible for Climate Change?
  68. Are Humans superior to other animals??
  69. Are Jack Russells smarter than other dogs?
  70. Are large fish depleted by 90% in the oceans?
  71. Are ligers freaks of nature?
  72. Are maths people more successful than others
  73. Are Men who have 92 chromosomes more prone to death than those with 46?
  74. Are motherless births (i.E. Growing a newborn from a lab) a good idea?
  75. Are muslim security guards ironic?
  76. Are natural disasters getting worse due to Global Warming?
  77. Are nuclear plant workers inspected thoroughly enough for contamination?
  78. Are Penguins Ducks?
  79. Are people born transgender (born as in 100%, not as in may have predisposing factors)
  80. Are plants sentient beings?
  81. Are really using only 10% of the brain ?
  82. Are republican in USA really bad ?
  83. Are scientists the most trustworthy group on the planet.
  84. Are Snow Foxes Really Hearing Magnetically Directed Sounds?
  85. Are the “Hobbits” found on Flores Island homo sapiens?
  86. Are there additional benefits to the use of medical marijuana over painkillers?
  87. Are there certain lines we should never cross?
  88. Are there differences in the brain between heterosexuals and homosexuals?
  89. Are there good reasons to believe that we are living in a simulation?
  90. Are there more real love occur in friendship btw. Adults and children ?
  91. Are there more there more than 2 genders
  92. Are there other life forms in other galaxies? Like what about the one exactly like ours, what if there is life there?
  93. Are we alone?
  94. Are we as a society disrupting nature?
  95. Are we at an irreversible point in terms of climate change?
  96. Are we boss?
  97. Are we getting closer to global annihilation?
  98. Are we in danger due to a huge ice block from the Antarctic breaking off?
  99. Are we ready for the future?
  100. Are we the only living species, not including animals and plants, in the Universe?
  101. Are Whale death necessary to sustain ecosystems in the deep ocean?
  102. Are Williamsburg and Bushwick really bad neighborhoods?
  103. Are Wind farms (turbines) as enviromentally friendly as we are led to believe?
  104. Are you afraid of spiders and the webs they cast?
  105. Are Yttrium deposits in the leaves of trees killing us?
  106. Are zoos OK to have?
  107. Astronomers have discovered a roughly Earth-size alien world around Proxima Centauri, which lies just 4.2 light-years from our own solar system. The planet, known as Proxima b, circles in the star’s “habitable zone.” Could there be alien life?
  108. Astronomers have found the source of a deep space radio wave burst for the first time. Could this be intelligent life trying to communicate with us?
  109. Atmospheric milestone: Do you support the prediction that we will never see below 400 ppm carbon dioxide in the air at Mauna Loa?
  110. Australian students recreate a drug for much less money: Does big pharma exploit people’s medical needs for money?
  111. Banned K Cups: Hamburg takes a stand for the environment, should others follow suit?
  112. Banning animal testing
  113. Beautiful Skin for a High Price – Micrplastics Destroying Ocean Life: Should Microbeads in Cosmetics and Facial Cleanser be banned due to the adverse effects of the pollution?
  114. Bee colonies at risk: Do you think the disappearance of bees is a serious issue?
  115. Beekeepers Fear Livelihood after anti-Zika toxin kills 2.5m bees: Will there be negative consequences with depletion of bee populations?
  116. Big Bang theory actually created by a Catholic Priest: Does this change your view on the universe was formed?
  117. Bill and Melinda Gates back an implant that could prevent HIV: Is this good News?
  118. Biology trumps psychology when it comes to transgender-ism and sex changes.
  119. Blue Lobsters Extremely Rare: Should rare animals be preserved?
  120. BP ordered to pay $175 million to settle claims that it lied about the extent of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill: should their payout be larger?
  121. Can “magic mushrooms” actually change someone’s personality?
  122. Can both genetics and bad parenting be involved in a disorder
  123. Can Einstein become wrong?
  124. Can humans fly?
  125. Can humans make sabers (weapons of Jedi in star wars)?
  126. Can humans occupy two planets peacefully?
  127. Can humans reach Type 1 status?
  128. Can Jet Fuel Melt Steel Beams?
  129. Can we as human beings really sense the temperature changing?
  130. Can we break the laws of physics
  131. Can we ever break the light barrier?
  132. Can we really ever know the physical basis of consciousness beyond any doubt
  133. Can We Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?
  134. Capturing CO2 emissions: Has India come up with the answer to global warming?
  135. Carmichael Coalmine: Is Australia the “fossil of the day”?
  136. Cave Lion Cub Remains: Is cloning extinct animals going to bring about the end of the world?
  137. Centralia mine fire: Is mining too dangerous?
  138. Cheetah population dwindling: Should Americans keep cheetahs as pets to keep their population up?
  139. Chimp abandoned 30 years ago after being used for medical testing: Should animals be subjected to medical tests and experiments?
  140. Chimps and language: Does the fact that Chimps can learn sign language entitle them to some rights comparable to humans?
  141. China builds world’s biggest solar farm in journey to become green superpower. Should the US follow in China’s footsteps regarding solar power?
  142. China Confirms Its Space Station Is Falling Back to Earth: Should the UN intervene with China’s falling space station?
  143. China hacks FDIC: Does Chinese hacking threaten America’s financial system?
  144. China plans massive sea lab 10,000 feet underwater: Should the United States also consider building a massive sea lab?
  145. China’s new laser cannon: Should it be shooting down drones?
  146. Claiming the assumption to be the conclusion is deception
  147. Climate change expected to cause refugee crisis: Should the worst polluters be held financially responsible?
  148. Coal power stations are 100 times more radioactive than nuclear power plants during normal operation: Should the U.S. move toward more nuclear plants?
  149. Concerning the flat earth theory, can you prove your living on a round earth?
  150. Costa Rica celebrates 113 days of 100% renewable energy. Will renewable energy become a major source of energy in the next 10 years?
  151. Cougars and the ecosystem: Are Cougars more important to the ecosystem than previously understood?
  152. Could an Alien Race Evolve on a lava planet.
  153. Could autism be influenced by the way people communicate in a society
  154. Could Earth be hollow?
  155. Could Elon Musk’s ideas revolutionize NASA and space exploration?
  156. Could Planes that collide potentially land safely?
  157. Could Psychoactive Drugs Cause False Memory?
  158. Could such increasingly frequent natural disasters as the tornadoes that occurred in Kokoma, Indiana along with the floods in Louisiana be a sign that more serious disasters are still yet to come?
  159. Could the 2017 AG13 asteroid have caused severe destruction if it made impact on Earth?
  160. Could the Butterfly Effect Influence Sexual Orientation
  161. Could there be unknown creatures deep in the sea?
  162. Could time travel one day be possible?
  163. Could we build 3+ mile high skyscrapers?
  164. Could we destroy mountains/hills and use the mined material to create large islands (maybe islands that are as large as Massachusetts or bigger/smaller) for settlement?
  165. Crack opening land of Africa: Will there be a new ocean and two divided African continents?
  166. Creationism/Intelligent Design, Is Scientifically Fraudulent: Scientific Fraud Should Never Be Taught As Science?
  167. Creationist Schools Should Be Teaching That Birds Are Dinosaurs, Because It Is Factual, They Have No Excuse Not To:
  168. Crimes against endangered animals should be sentenced like crimes against human beings
  169. Crow succeeds in cognitive tests: Do you think crows could be smarter than children?
  170. CRTC to implement wholesale access to ultra fast fibre networks: Should the US follow Canada;s footsteps with providing access to fiber networks?
  171. Curiosity just found the first evidence of ancient mud cracks on Mars. Is this proof that there was water on Mars long ago?
  172. Dak Prescott: Does respect for the environment reveal a deeper morality?
  173. Dan Aykroyd was featured in a 2012 documentary about UFOs – do you think aliens exist?
  174. Danish world record: Are windmills the new way to get our electricity?
  175. Debates On humans philosophy
  176. Decrease in air quality: Are fireworks to blame?
  177. Did archaeologists drop the ball in failing to properly investigate what appears to be the oldest known aboriginal settlement?
  178. Did evolution ever actually occur? If so why did it all of a sudden stop
  179. Did Humans really landed on moon in 1969?
  180. Did the big bang happen
  181. Did the Big Bang Theory actually happen? Doesn’t this break the Law of Conservation of Mass?
  182. Did the Soviet Union cover up a failed space exploration?
  183. Digging Out: Are blizzards becoming more common as global warming ramps up?
  184. Dinosaurs weren’t real
  185. Do artificially created homo-sapiens have human rights?
  186. Do birds have more peaceful lives than human beings?
  187. Do debates / opinions generally concede to the “Well-Posed Problem”?
  188. Do dolphins actually scare sharks?
  189. Do fireworks increase the air pollution too much?
  190. Do Humans have any advantages other than our Brains and our technology.
  191. Do mammals have sex the same way humans do?
  192. Do more financial resources need to be used to assist teenage girls in the juvenile justice system?
  193. Do more immigrants mean more jobs
  194. Do neutrinos have mass?
  195. Do Penny Give you good luck?
  196. Do Person’s Behaivor is Chosen by Genes or by Environment?
  197. Do Person’s Behaivor is Chosen by Genes?
  198. Do rainbows exist objectively?
  199. Do ripples in the fabric of spacetime exist?
  200. Do the illuminati exist?
  201. Do too many debates and opinions not concede using the “Well-Posed Problem”?
  202. Do we have a clear definition of Evolution?
  203. Do we need to do more to stop the growth of the Sahara desert?
  204. Do Women need Men anymore?
  205. Do you accept Evolution as true.
  206. Do you agree with building new nuclear plants? If so, why?
  207. Do you believe Aliens are watching us like we watch un-contacted tribes in Oceania and South America? (Letting them evolve naturally until they discover us)
  208. Do you believe in ancient alien theory?
  209. Do you believe in Darwin’s Theory in evolution? Why?
  210. Do you believe in the Big Bang Theory (yes) or life is created (no)?
  211. Do you believe MDMA (commonly known as ecstasy or molly) should be used to treat patients with PTSD?
  212. Do you believe mental health should be covered by our taxes?
  213. Do you believe that evolution determined the color of our hair?
  214. Do you believe that ghosts are real
  215. Do you believe that NASA scripted Neil Armstrongs words?
  216. Do you believe that the evolution is, in fact, real?
  217. Do you believe that there are time travelers in disguise in our society
  218. Do you believe there’s a link between climate change and terrorism?
  219. Do you consider Mathematics a scientific subject/area?
  220. Do you know there are more trees than stars?
  221. Do you like believing in aliens?
  222. Do you like turtles?
  223. Do you plan on purchasing a drone in the future?
  224. Do you recycle plastic?
  225. Do you see any practical uses for an emissionless EmDrive that seems to break Newton’s law of gravity?
  226. Do you think “global warming” plays a part in the melting of the North Pole?
  227. Do you think a map of the Nepal Earthquake will help in being better prepared for future earthquake disasters?
  228. Do you think abortion should be allowed if the foetus is tested to have abnormalities/genetic defects if they are born?
  229. Do you think aliens live in our solar system?
  230. Do you think all places should be like California and have Mandatory Vaccinations?
  231. Do you think burning forests to build plantations to satisfy the world’s demand for palm oil will cause the extinction of orangutans?
  232. Do you think financial incentives to save rainforests are a good idea?
  233. Do you think genetic engineering of living organisms is unethical (yes) or just risky (no)?
  234. Do you think if animals should be used in scientific experiments?
  235. Do you think in the future we would prevent global warming ?
  236. Do you think iPads and other electronic devices should come with a warning label about the risks of using them at night?
  237. Do you think it’s possible to build an space ship like in starwars in the future ?
  238. Do you think JUNO is an appropriate name for the spacecraft going to Jupiter?
  239. Do you think Neil Armstrong was misquoted?
  240. Do you think personality and character reside entirely in the brain?
  241. Do you think that aliens really exist?
  242. Do you think that creationists make a fool of themselves?
  243. Do you think that economically space travel is worth the cost
  244. Do you think that global climate change is a genuine problem?
  245. Do you think that the Dead Sea can be revitalized?
  246. Do you think that we could find a way to manipulate time?
  247. Do you think the human race have what it takes to survive?
  248. Do you think the hydrogen bomb should exist?
  249. Do you think the launch of the robot probe Philae is a waste of time and money?
  250. Do you think the multiple earthquakes in the San Francisco area on Sunday are cause for concern?
  251. Do you think the scientists of the world will run out of low-grade steel?
  252. Do you think there are more dinosaur species to be discovered?
  253. Do you think there are more earthquakes because of global warming?
  254. Do you think there are undiscovered planets in our solar system?
  255. Do you think we came from monkeys?
  256. Do you think we should save the red pandas from being en-dangered?
  257. Does Alien Life Exist?
  258. Does ancient use of electrotherapy suggest that it may be effective?
  259. Does anyone think that the megalodon is real?
  260. Does Autism Vaccines Cause Measles?
  261. Does Bad Luck exist?
  262. Does drinking a cup of coffee in the morning make a difference in your activity level throughout the day?
  263. Does evolution reward evil?
  264. Does feminism cause violence amongst men?
  265. Does fire burn itself?
  266. Does infinite energy exist
  267. Does light have color?
  268. Does medical testing on animals cause more harm than good?
  269. Does NASA lie to us?
  270. Does P=NP for any problem?
  271. Does religion manipulate the brain
  272. Does science go too far sometimes?
  273. Does science support abortion?
  274. Does the EPA need to do something about the death of honey bees?
  275. Does the government spend too much money on space explorations?
  276. Does the merger of Dollar Tree and Family Dollar constitute a conglomerate?
  277. Does the microbiome prove the existence of life after death
  278. Does the moon rotate on its axis?
  279. Does will be ethical to artificially be means of genetic engineering to increase human IQ
  280. Dolphins are recorded having a conversation “just like two people” for the first time. Are dolphins smarter than humans?
  281. Don’t you LOVE astronomy?
  282. East China Sea parts every year, allowing people to cross from island to island: Does this show there may have been a scientific explanation for the parting of the Sea in the Bible?
  283. Eccentric German alchemist discovered phosphorus when he tried to turn his own urine into gold!: Are most scientific discoveries accidental?
  284. Electric eels make ‘leaping attacks’: does this make them the most dangerous sea creature?
  285. Elon Musk plans to get humans to Mars in six years. Is this a waste of time?
  286. Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, Tesla Motors, and many other companies, paid off the rent for his house during college by hosting 1,000+ sized nightclub parties and charging an admission for entry. Is entrepreneurship an inherited trait?
  287. Elon Musk’s SpaceX Plan: Is It Feasible To Inhabit Mars Within The Next 6 Years?
  288. Europe’s Schiaparelli probe has been determined to be destroyed: Should efforts continue to study Mars?
  289. Even if AI transcends human ability, Should it be used in reality
  290. Every month this year has been the hottest on record: Does this make global warming a given fact?
  291. Evolution (Yes) or Intelligent creation (No)
  292. Evolution is fact.
  293. Evolution isn’t a theory… It’s a fact.
  294. Explorers spot a mysterious purple orb on an ocean floor. Should further research be conducted?
  295. Explorers spot a mysterious purple orb on ocean floor. Could scientists have discovered a new species?
  296. Falcons on the Moroccan island of Mogador catch and eat other small birds: Would you ever resort to cannibalism to stay alive?
  297. Faulty DNA evidence leads to a forensic failure in several European crimes between 1993 and 2008: Should criminal investigators place so much faith in DNA evidence?
  298. Feeding cows seaweed could slash global greenhouse gas emissions, researchers say. Adding a small amount of seaweed to a cow’s diet can reduce the amount of methane a cow produces by up to 99%. Is this a realistic solution to combat global warming?
  299. Fighting Climate Change: Should we celebrate small victories?
  300. Fires torch San Gabriel Mountains. Is global warming responsible for the rash of fires?
  301. First Monkeys with Autism Created in China: Is scientific experimenting with animals immoral?
  302. For $20, a group of high school students created 3.7 grams of an active ingredient used in the medicine Daraprim, which would sell in the U.S. for between $35,000 and $110,000. Are drug makers largely to blame for the high cost of prescription drugs?
  303. For someone to say Atheism is True is a Contradiction?
  304. Four countries team up to create a Super Grid: Is the United States lagging in renewable energy development?
  305. Frequency Illusion (Baader-Meinhof phenomenon): Do you believe this exists?
  306. Friday was rough from start to finish for Tiger Woods at the British Open: Was his poor performance a preview of what’s to come?
  307. Friend and I got into an argument about disobedience in children. Is an INFANT really disobedient if they’re not old enough to know the rules?
  308. Friend and I got into an argument about disobedience in children. Is an INFANT really disobedient since they aren’t old enough to know the rules?
  309. Fritz Zwicky liked to insult people by calling them ‘spherical bastards’: Do we still have a lot to learn from astronomy?
  310. Fukishima Earthquake: Should the Pacific Rim be preparing for more quakes?
  311. Genius and Insanity: Is there a link between the two?
  312. Germany Bans Single-Use Coffee Pods: Should other countries follow in their footsteps to help reduce waste?
  313. Giant panda gives birth to twins: are pandas still on the verge of extinction?
  314. Giant Pandas definitively categorized as bears: Will DNA testing show that other species belong in different classifications than originally thought?
  315. Giant Tortoise did not receive a scientific name for over 300 years because specimens were eaten before they could be classified: was this proper scientific practice?
  316. Given the discovery of a previously thought to be extinct Tazmanian Tiger, do you believe there are other “extinct” species still alive?
  317. Given the importance of dragonflies, should more be done to protect them?
  318. Glitter differs from company to company and can be used as evidence in a crime scene: Will advances in crime fighting technology make it impossible to get away with a crime someday?
  319. Global warming the biggest threat
  320. Google turns to renewable energy: Should we ban fossil fuels and nuclear power?
  321. Google will run entirely on renewable energy. Should other companies try to do the same thing?
  322. Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency due to the Blue Cut fire. Is global warming going to create more fires such as this one?
  323. Granny Smith apples are grafted from another tree. Does this bring a new perspective to GMO’s?
  324. Group of NASA scientists have been pretending to live on Mars: Will NASA send a manned mission to Mars at some point in the future?
  325. Hangover-free alcohol’ could replace all regular alcohol by 2050: Is this hangover-free alcohol too good to be true?
  326. Harvard Says Expired Drugs Are Okay: Should a person take prescription drugs after the drug’s expiration date?
  327. Harvard scientists believe they’ve pinpointed the physical location of consciousness: Can consciousness be defined in physical terms?
  328. Has climate change already done significant damage to national parks?
  329. Has NASA been keeping a lot of things from the general public?
  330. Has technology done more harm than good
  331. Has the Orion test flight ushered in a new era of space exploration?
  332. Hawaii’s Trash-covered Beaches: Are we doing enough to protect our island escapes?
  333. Heliocentrism (Yes) or Geocentrism (No)
  334. Hello Kitty has no mouth so that people can project their own emotions onto her face depending on their mood: Does this make sense psychologically?
  335. Hip hop (yes) or reggaeton (no)?
  336. HIV detected in “cured” baby: Is there enough being done to prevent the spread of HIV?
  337. HIV early treatment method on infants: Is it effective?
  338. Honeyguides are birds known and named for the fact that they lead humans (but not honey badgers) to bee colonies: Are birds intelligent?
  339. Houston should have gotten the Space Shuttle Enterprise, instead of New York.
  340. “How are animals habitats important to their lives?
  341. How are animals habitats important to their lives?”
  342. Human birth control pills work on gorillas. Are gorillas closer to humans than we think?
  343. Human brain cells improve the function of mice: Should scientists mix human cells with animals?
  344. Humanitarian crisis expected as a result of climate change: Should the worst polluters be held responsible?
  345. Humans are the greatest distance runners in the animal kingdom: Will human running capabilities continue to evolve since most people live sedentary lives now?
  346. Humans are the world’s greatest endurance runners: Are humans losing this ability due to their growing dependency on machines?
  347. Hypnic Jerks: Are they a problem?
  348. I think america needs an antisemitism registry, to keep track of neo-nazis and potential adolf hitlers.
  349. I’m as sure as can be that Extra-Terrestrials exist and have been visiting Earth for millions of years. Convince me otherwise (Picture for comedic effect)
  350. Ice worms are a real species: If these worms can survive within glaciers can humans find a way to survive in space?
  351. Iceland discovers method of converting carbon dioxide into stone: Should other governments consider investing in further carbon dioxide conversion experiments?
  352. Iceland’s largest volcano is set to erupt after the biggest tremors in 40 years. Should Iceland have better warning systems?
  353. If overwatch was realistic reaper would be the strongest. . . Prove me wrong
  354. If the earth is pear shaped like Neil degrade says it is, is that proof we have only faked pictures of Earth?
  355. If there are physical causes for our will then our will is not free. Agreed?
  356. If there was no change that we could preceive in which to measure time. Would it still exist?
  357. If you could improve the quality of life of your child (designer baby), would you?
  358. If you were able to live forever, would it be a blessing or a curse?
  359. In 1911 a New Zealand town had electric street lights controlled by chickens: Were people more innovative 100 years ago?
  360. In 1988, British politician Edwina Currie was forced to resign after stating that British eggs were tainted with salmonella. A government report found she was actually correct, but it was covered up until 2001. Can a similar cover-up occur today?
  361. In 2011, a man found a penguin covered with oil and nearly dead. He worked feverishly to save its life. Every year since, the penguin swims 8,000 kilometers to meet and live with his rescuer. Do we give animals enough credit for having feelings?
  362. In 2013 a scientist injected human brain cells into a mouse brain, which improved the mouse’s memory and ability to learn. Has science crossed an ethical line?
  363. In 2013, scientists were able to grow an extinct tree from ancient jar of seeds: Will technology allow us to restore other extinct plants and animals?
  364. In light of the recent pipeline explosion in Alabama, should companies be doing more to make gas pipelines safer?
  365. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, is the creation human?
  366. In the first study to show hormonal bonding between humans and a

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