Case Study Topics Business

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Case Study Topics Business

List of 24 Case Study Topics Business

  1. Benefits of research and surveys to a business before manufacturing the products.
  2. Benefits to the business by knowing consumer behaviour.
  3. Competition succession and business development of Royal Dutch Shell.
  4. Difference in startgies used for fiancé management in different types of business.
  5. Difference in the development planning of Coca-cola and Red Bull.
  6. Effect of Employees satisfaction in appraisal on business.
  7. Effect of Production Quality on the business.
  8. How online marketing is gearing up the business of textiles industry?
  9. How research becomes necessary for making the investments of business.
  10. How to manage the finance of a mobile company.
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  12. How top notch industries are getting high production demand.
  13. Important resources used by the companies for development of business.
  14. Major tools used by businessmen to make their business popular.
  15. Measures that business organization take for manufacturing of products.
  16. Quality difference in the Production of Samsung and Nokia
  17. Reason for the Successful Finance Investment of Infosys.
  18. Significant role of marketing in business of perfumes.
  19. Softwares used for the consumer activities in Online Marketing.
  20. Step taken by the Business Organization for Satisfying Customers.
  21. Strategies followed by top Business firms for its Flourishment
  22. Strategies used by Telecommunication Business for its Development.
  23. Success of marketing in the establishment of start-up business.
  24. Way to know the needs of consumers for your services.
  25. Which are the most important activities tracked by business organization in consumer behaviour.

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