Geography Term Paper Topics

List of 54 Geography Term Paper Topics

  1. A case study of a local lake
  2. A case study of coastal erosion and its effects on the local human population
  3. An analysis of different weathering processes that can affect the coastline
  4. An analysis of ocean currents and waves in relation to the tidal effect of the moon
  5. An analysis of soil types in your local area
  6. An analysis of the science behind meteorology and how accurate it is
  7. An examination into the formation of meanders
  8. An examination of how lakes and rivers formed
  9. An examination of the current ice age in comparison with previous ice ages
  10. An explanation of the formation of waterfalls
  11. Changes in land cover and nitrate levels in the upper Mississippi Basin
  12. Describe and analyse the continental drift from the time of Pangaea through to the present day.
  13. Describe the change in the landscape of Japan following the tsunami of 2011.
  14. Describe the history of the political geography of Britain.
  15. Discuss a famous cartographer or famous map.
  16. Discuss how glaciers are formed.
  17. Discuss the rise of public housing and its relationship (if any) to the decline of the housing industry.
  18. Environmental impact of oil and gas industries in Sasketchawan
  19. Evaluate the climate change of [a specific area].
  20. Explain the main factors and indicators of climate change.
  21. Explore the economic, social and environmental impacts of oil and gas in [a specific area].
  22. Family Farm Resistance to Genetically Modified Crops
  23. Hazard mapping in landslide areas
  24. How and why do earthquakes happen?
  25. How and why do volcanoes erupt?
  26. How does the different composition of minerals in various soils influence their effectiveness in agriculture?
  27. How fossils used to analyse the past and what scientific techniques are used in the dating process?
  28. How important a factor for its climate is the Sahara’s position on the globe?
  29. How important is flooding in sustaining human life?
  30. How responsible are humans for the current melting of the polar ice caps?
  31. Identify and discuss the key factors of coastal erosion.
  32. Map the hazards of landslides in [a specific area].
  33. Microclimates surrounding large urban areas
  34. Processes causing and impacting erosion in coastal areas
  35. Talk about a race of people, their history and their culture.
  36. The creation of natural arches formed by rocks
  37. The formation of tornado supercells in the southeastern and central United States
  38. The impact of climate change and global temperature increase on hurricane formation in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico
  39. The impact of ethanol crop farming on deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
  40. The impact of land use practices on soil properties in grassland and prairie regions
  41. The impact of urbanization on loss of arable farmland
  42. The influence of agricultural practices and other factors on desertification in Haiti
  43. The influence of microclimate on ecological processes in badlands
  44. The influence of snow cover on temperature variation in the Midwest
  45. The influence of the Great American Interchange and formation of the Isthmus of Panama on North American and South American biodiversity
  46. The role of geographical information systems (GIS) in gathering and integrating geographical data
  47. Understory biodiversity in temperature forests
  48. Using geographical information systems (GIS) to improve emergency response plans
  49. Weathering, hydrological processes, and sediment transport processes in badland areas
  50. What can we do with our waste? Suggest an alternative to burying our rubbish.
  51. What causes ocean tides?
  52. What is a desert?
  53. What would happen to ocean tides if the moon did not exist?
  54. Why do some areas become urban areas?

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