Controversial Food Topics

List of 23 Controversial Food Topics

List of 23 Controversial Food Topics

  1. Are alfalfa sprouts worth it anymore?
  2. Are humans supposed to eat meat?
  3. Beef: grass-fed vs. corn-fed
  4. Can Biotech Food Cure World Hunger?
  5. Can you cure a hangover?
  6. Do We Need to Know What’s in Junk Food?
  7. Does In-N-Out have the best fast food burger?
  8. Eat or avoid: GMOs
  9. Expand the Use of Food Stamps?
  10. Is a hot dog a sandwich?
  11. Is food “the new rock”?
  12. Is foodie-ism elitist?
  13. Is France Becoming Too American?
  14. Is Veganism Good For Everyone?
  15. Milk: raw vs. pasteurized
  16. Mixology or bartending?
  17. Should people keep backyard chickens?
  18. Should people take photos of food at restaurants?
  19. Terroir: Old World vs. New World
  20. The right utensil for macaroni and cheese.
  21. The Squishy Science of Food Allergies
  22. Toilet Paper and Other Moral Choices
  23. Where to store ketchup.

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  1. Jacqueline

    Thank you so much for these Food ideas!!! I have been thinking about it all week and could not come up with any good ideas!!! This list is definitely a life saver!!