Criminal Justice Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 27.12.2019

List of 48 Criminal Justice Debate Topics

  1. A Judge and an Unpopular Sentence
  2. Are Americans’ Fears Legitimate?
  3. Are Presidential Pardons Fair?
  4. Asleep at the Wheel: Bad Luck, or a Crime?
  5. Black and White and Blue
  6. Can Crime Be Ethically Predicted?
  7. Dealing With Crime in New York
  8. Do Police Use Deadly Force Too Often?
  9. Do Prosecutors Have Too Much Power?
  10. Doing Enough to Prevent Sexual Assault on College Campuses?
  11. Ensuring Justice in the Military
  12. Have Wary Police Brought an End to the Drop in Crime?
  13. How Can Courts Trust Eyewitnesses?
  14. How Can Marijuana Be Sold Safely?
  15. How to Compensate Victims of Terrorism
  16. Is ‘Broken Windows’ a Broken Policy for Police?
  17. Judging Forensic Science
  18. Justice and Fairness in Campus Rape Cases
  19. Justice and the Central Park Jogger Case
  20. Killing, With the Law on Your Side
  21. Making Gun Use Safer
  22. Mark Wahlberg and the Purpose of Pardons
  23. Prison Could Be Productive
  24. Prosecuting Executives for Wall Street Crime
  25. Redefining Cruel Punishment for Juveniles
  26. Sentencing and the ‘Affluenza’ Factor
  27. Should a Jail Record Be an Employer’s First Impression?
  28. Should Character Matter in Pro Sports?
  29. Should Drug Enforcement Be Left to the States?
  30. Should Felons Ever Be Allowed to Vote?
  31. Should Prostitution Be a Crime?
  32. Taking, and Restoring, the Rights of Felons
  33. The Bystanders Who Could Be Heroes
  34. The Parole Paradox
  35. Too Many Restrictions on Sex Offenders, or Too Few?
  36. Walking the Line Between Offputting and Illegal
  37. Was Donald Trump Right About Immigrant Sanctuary Laws?
  38. When a Local Jury Won’t Do
  39. When Cops Kill
  40. When to Punish, and When to Rehabilitate
  41. Where Can a Fugitive Hide?
  42. Why Shaming Has Lost Power in China
  43. Will Crime Rise if More People Are Kept Out of Prison?
  44. Would We Be Safer if Fewer Were Jailed?
  45. You, the Jury
  46. Young Criminals Tried as Adults
  47. Young Souls, Dark Deeds
  48. Young, Black and Male in America

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