Feminist Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 17.10.2019

List of 44 Feminist Debate Topics

  1. A woman has the sole decision in requesting an abortion.
  2. Are men the weaker sex?
  3. Are plus-sized models a new standard for beauty?
  4. Are we raising sexist sons and men?
  5. Arranged marriages are a valid way to find love.
  6. Beauty pageants for women is actually empowering and not sexist.
  7. Can feminist theories exist without the casting light on traditional characteristics of resistance and solidarity in light of centuries’ worth of male-centric dominance in all parts of society?
  8. Can the combination of environment and feminist issues have a great effect on national policies and initiatives in the protection of either movement or are the movements diminished?
  9. Do you think the internet has affected the way the feminist movement is perceived by the public? Has it helped spread the movement’s causes or has it gotten lost amongst the crowd?
  10. Female actresses should not use their femininity to promote their themselves/career.
  11. Female officials have made their way into the ranks of professional football and basketball games, but are still kept off the field in championship events. Is this fair?
  12. How can women succeed when the United States has taken a figurative and literal step backwards? Do you believe initiatives in a one-term presidency will be difficult to overcome?
  13. How do women affect the global economy and why aren’t their rights protected more so than they have been considering the role they have economically?
  14. How does the sport broadcasting community discriminate against women in today’s world? Consider how woman are still relegated towards sideline reporting instead of booth calls?
  15. How has black feminism been absorbed by a larger racially inclusive movement in the last quarter century? And to what extent does black feminism still hold influence?
  16. How has the feminist theory essay revolutionized social views about women within diverse communities? Are more people accepting of women filling non-traditional roles in society?
  17. In what ways does the defunding of Planned Parenthood in the U.S. negatively affect women’s health programs around the world? Does the U.S. have as great an influence?
  18. Is educating girls and women a waste of money?
  19. Is there such a thing as plutonic friendships?
  20. Is women’s empowerment a myth in developing countries.
  21. Marriages often fail because men seek more power in a relationship.
  22. Men are better in decision making roles than women.
  23. Men are better in sciences while women are better in the humanities.
  24. Men are more aggressive than women.
  25. Men make better sportsmen.
  26. Prostitution should be legalised.
  27. Should women stay at home and look after children and forgo their careers?
  28. Should women who are physically capable of competing against men in certain sports be allowed to participate? Why not consider non-contact and endurance sports?
  29. This house believes that corporate office culture is sexist and discriminates against women.
  30. This house believes that gender equality will never be obtained.
  31. This house believes that housewives and mothers should be paid for housework.
  32. This house believes that there are “jobs for men” and “jobs for women”.
  33. This house believes that women are better communicators.
  34. This house believes that women are vainer than men.
  35. This house believes that women should serve in the military.
  36. Toys should be gender neutral (for instance dolls are for both boys and girls).
  37. Understanding the role of the modern woman in the business world? Are women discriminated against because of outdated patriarchal views about their roles in the workplace?
  38. Universities need more female teachers while kindergartens need more male teachers.
  39. What are the major feminist contributions to traditional and contemporary philosophies studied at university? Will these new voices and opinions reach the mainstream at any point?
  40. What are the major implications of a Donald Trump Presidency on the lives of women in the United States and around the world? Will protest and activism be enough?
  41. When attempting to create a more harmonious society, gender is a more important factor than class or income.
  42. Where are the female entrepreneurs?
  43. Women should play five sets in tennis instead of three.
  44. Working mothers hinder their children’s development.

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