Criminal Justice Term Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 07.03.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Criminal Justice Term Paper Topics

List of 35 Criminal Justice Term Paper Topics

  1. Are juvenile crimes always a consequence of bad parenting?
  2. Are the current rules and regulations effective in the prison system?
  3. Are there any effective steps that can prevent or significantly child abuse?
  4. Are there effective means to stop human trafficking?
  5. Are young offenders better off in juvenile court or does it make it easier for them to get convicted?
  6. Can capital punishment exist in the world where wrongful conviction exists?
  7. Can criminal be rehabilitated or will they continue to commit crimes?
  8. Can cybercrime be the trigger that ruins the world of today?
  9. Can domestic violence be reduced or prevented by more information regarding this problem?
  10. Can prisons be more effective and less destructive for a personality?
  11. Can sexual crimes become extinct in a developed society of the future?
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  13. Can some punishments that are inflicted on inmates be considered unjust?
  14. Do inmates benefit from work release programs?
  15. Does extra aggression always necessarily lead to committing crimes?
  16. Does lack of employment cause growth of crimes?
  17. Does lower intelligence influence the criminal bias of a personality?
  18. Does racial profiling help reduce the number of crimes?
  19. How does a family member being incarcerated affect the family?
  20. How does crime affect society as a whole?
  21. Is it moral to lock up patients with mental deficiencies?
  22. Is racial profiling ethical?
  23. Is there any connection between crimes and the gender of criminals?
  24. Is there any correlation between being a criminal and being uneducated?
  25. Is there any correlation between crimes and the ethnicity of criminals?
  26. Is there any difference between selling drugs to adults and to teenagers?
  27. Is violence a hereditary trait?
  28. Should federal crimes receive capital punishment?
  29. Should inmates be supervised better to prevent inmate violence?
  30. Should polygraph tests be admissible in court because they are not one hundred percent accurate?
  31. Should prison visiting rooms be better supervised to prevent drugs from getting into the jail?
  32. Should there be any difference between juvenile courts and those for adults?
  33. Should there be harsher punishments for people who commits crime under duress?
  34. What are some unjust laws in other countries?
  35. What are the reasons why campus crime still can be encountered?
  36. What is the specifics of religious crimes?

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