Physical Anthropology Term Paper Topics

List of 19 Physical Anthropology Term Paper Topics

  1. Study of how various species evolve differently in different areas of the World
  2. Difference in the stability of animals kept in captivity over those in the wild
  3. Convergent evolution of marsupials in Australia and placental mammals
  4. Study of abiogenesis and human development
  5. Study of adaptive mutation and its effects
  6. Henry Walter Bates contribution to the field
  7. Is altruism a learned trait?
  8. The process of cephalization
  9. Study of genetic hitchhiking
  10. Study of genotype-environment correlation
  11. What is the background of evolution of placental mammals and the Australian marsupials
  12. The effect of colder or warmer climate migration on the descendants in different animal species
  13. Explain the theories that explain human development since a foetus into an adult like the two sets of teeth that come and the changes in hair colour, or eye colour etc.
  14. How do different primates mate when it is the season and what is the reason for sexual dimorphism
  15. What made the animals go bipedal and how long it took for that to happen
  16. The increasing rate of obesity in the United States
  17. Shows what about the lifestyles and diet plans. More people die in US because of obesity than of starvation
  18. How do different mammals differ or relate to each other depending upon their geographical existence and natural habitat
  19. Explain the formation of human hand and the development of different bones in the body as an individual grows up

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