Music Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 06.04.2020
List of Music Essay Topics

Music essay topics help you to deepen your knowledge about musicians, music, songs and other musical works! People always like to read about the history of a certain genre and the best way to extend, but also to present, your music competency is through writing about the popular themes in music! The topics explore certain songs and people who had substantial musical careers, but also the effects of the music and its influence on people. The popular themes may offer you learning some lessons from music as well, as you will have to find a reliable source to make a great essay!

The music essay topics reach even the themes from sociology – you can produce an interesting paper on the effects of socialization that music produces. Any topic from this list will definitely help you to understand the music much better. The popular themes are Sex and Violence in Music, The Origins of Psychedelic Music, The Effects Of Music On Children and many more! Any topic you choose should lead you in the different, but interesting, process of acquiring information!

List of Music Essay Topics

  1. A Cure for Physical and Emotional Pain
  2. A Great Night of Music
  3. A Note on Music Genres
  4. Afro-American Music
  5. American Folk Music
  6. American Music at the Turn of the 20th Century
  7. An Overestimation of Film Music
  8. An Overview of Reggae Music
  9. Art Form Selection – Music
  10. Baroque Era of Music
  11. Baroque Music Characteristics
  12. Benefits of Music
  13. BigBang and Their Music
  14. Birth of Rock and Roll Music
  15. Black Artists in Country Music
  16. Black Men Can’t Rock? Towards an Understanding of The Lack of Black Men in Rock Music
  17. Bop Music in the 1950s
  18. Budget Cuts are Destroying Music Education
  19. Bulgarian Folk Music
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  21. Business Side of the Music Industry
  22. Can Music Control Teens?
  23. Censorship and Heavy Metal Music
  24. Characteristics in Music
  25. Classical Music and The Era of Symphonies
  26. Comparison Between Metal and Grunge Music
  27. Comparison of African, Indonesian, and Indian Music
  28. Composed Music in the Film Inception
  29. Contemporary Christian Music
  30. Controversial Movements In Music
  31. Correlation Between Personality and Music Preferences
  32. Cost of Free Music Downloading
  33. Country Music Through the Generations
  34. Country Music versus. Christian Music
  35. Country Music: From Backwood to Hollywood
  36. Country Music: The Image and the Reality
  37. Creole Musicians in New Orleans and Jazz Music
  38. Degradation of Women in Caribbean Music
  39. Determinants of Music Piracy Analyzed
  40. Different Representations of Gender Within the Same Genres of Music
  41. Different Styles of Latin Music
  42. Digital Music Piracy
  43. Does Music Affect Blood Pressure?
  44. Does Music Have A Price?
  45. Does Popular Music Remain Popular?
  46. Don’t Stop the Music
  47. Early Salsa Music from 1970-1980
  48. Effect of the Modernization of China on Chinese Music
  49. Effects of Hip-Hop and Country Music on Society
  50. Effects of Listening to Music on Physical Performance
  51. Effects of Music Education on Students
  52. Effects of Music on Memory
  53. Effects Of Music On Schools
  54. Effects Of Music On The Academic Mind
  55. Effects of Music on the Learning Process
  56. Effects Of Music On The Music Industry
  57. Effects Of Music On The University Campus
  58. Electronic Dance Music Festivals
  59. Ella Fitzgerald´s Music
  60. Elvis Presley and African American Music
  61. Emotions in Music
  62. Ensemble Music During the Baroque Period
  63. Evolution Of American Music
  64. Evolution of Music Technology
  65. Evolution of Music through History
  66. Examination of the Music of Garth Brooks
  67. Exploring Trendy Underground Music Genres
  68. Features of Chinese Music
  69. Features Of Rock And Roll
  70. Feminism in Music
  71. Finding Significance in Music
  72. Folk in Nationalist Music
  73. Folk Music And Its Peculiarities
  74. Freedom of Expression and Rap Music
  75. Fundamental Building Block of Latin Music
  76. Fusion of Cultures in the Music of Louis-Moreau Gottschalk
  77. Gaining a “sense of the arts” through music
  78. Glastonbury Festival – Music Event
  79. Good Party Music: Tim Berg or Avicii
  80. Gospel Music
  81. Heavy Metal Music
  82. Hip Hop And Rap Music
  83. Hip Hop Music and Its Impact on American Culture
  84. Hip-Hop Derivative: Rap Music
  85. History and Legacy of Jazz Music
  86. HIstory of Heavy Metal Music
  87. History of Music and the Variety of Uses
  88. History of Music Education
  89. History of Music Education in America
  90. History of Slave Music and its Impact on Modern Music
  91. History of the Blues Music
  92. How can Acousmatic Music Communicate its Intention to the Listener?
  93. How It Works: Music Therapy
  94. How Latin Musicians Have Influenced The Global Sound of Music
  95. How Music Influenced Society
  96. How Music Is Important For Children
  97. How to Listen to Music With Your Whole Body
  98. I Believe in Music
  99. Illegal Downloading and Recorded Music
  100. Image vs Talent in Music Marketing and Success
  101. Impact of Music on Culture
  102. Impact of Music on Society
  103. Importance and Effects of Music Education
  104. Importance of Music Education in the School Curriculum
  105. Important Role of Music in Education
  106. Important Role of Music in Society
  107. Incorporating Other Music into West African Music
  108. Influence of Protest Music during the 1960’s And Beyond
  109. Ins and Outs of the Music Industry
  110. Is Music a Universal Language?
  111. Is Music Downloading A Good Idea?
  112. Is Music Killing Humanity?
  113. Italian Music
  114. iTunes And The Digital Music Industry
  115. Jazz Music: Bebop
  116. Jazz Music: Blues And Ragtime
  117. Jewish Music in New Orleans: A Look at the New Orleans Klezmer All Stars
  118. Korean Pop means Famous Music
  119. Korean Wave in Pop Music
  120. Learning How To Play An Instrument
  121. Life is Music
  122. Listening to Music as a Stress Reliever for Teenagers
  123. Listening to Music while Studying
  124. Lollapalooza and The Alternative Music Culture
  125. Louis Armstrong and His Music
  126. Main Message in Katy Perry Music
  127. Making It: Success in the Music Industry
  128. Many Sides of Music
  129. Messages in Music
  130. Mexican Folk Music: El Corrido
  131. Modern Music: Destroying Values and Culture
  132. Mozart and Beethoven: A Comparison of Lives and Music
  133. Music – The Beginning of the End
  134. Music and Christians
  135. Music and Epilepsy
  136. Music And Its Effect On My Interpretation Of Music
  137. Music and its Effects
  138. Music and Its Influence Emotions
  139. Music And Its Influence On Society
  140. Music and Morality
  141. Music and Race
  142. Music and the MP3
  143. Music and the Sixties
  144. Music and Well-Being
  145. Music Appreciation: The Impact of Music on Mood
  146. Music As A Music Program At School
  147. Music as a Tool of Protest and Social Change
  148. Music as an Agent of Socialization
  149. Music As An Important Part Of Society And Culture
  150. Music As The Way Of Life
  151. Music As Therapy
  152. Music Belongs in Schools
  153. Music Children Hear
  154. Music Classes Need Money Too
  155. Music During The Classical Period
  156. Music Education
  157. Music Education and the Benefits
  158. Music Education: The Sound of Success
  159. Music Final Project For African Music
  160. Music Genome Project
  161. Music Gives Me the Blues
  162. Music History: Bewildering Beethoven
  163. Music in Annie, 1920-1930
  164. Music in Culture and Society
  165. Music in Generations
  166. Music in The Middle Ages
  167. Music in The Modern World
  168. Music Industry in a Battle for Recovery
  169. Music Is A Product Of Human Intention And Perception
  170. Music Is A Therapy For Students With Depression And Anxiety
  171. Music Is The Pleasure The Human Soul
  172. Music Journal: Study of Latin American Music
  173. Music Lyrics: Rights for Rights
  174. Music Makes You Mentally Fit
  175. Music Making Across Ages
  176. Music Must Keep up with Cultural Tides and the Changing Demands of its Customers
  177. Music Of American Fanfare
  178. Music Of The Classical Era
  179. Music of the Romantic Period
  180. Music Of The Royal Chapel
  181. Music Piracy
  182. Music Production
  183. Music Programs are Essential to Education
  184. Music Programs Should be Kept in Schools
  185. Music Styles in the Renaissance Era
  186. Music Therapy and Child Abuse
  187. Music Therapy and Depression
  188. Music Therapy and Developmentally Delayed Children
  189. Music Therapy And Modern Medicine
  190. Music Therapy for Autistic Children
  191. Music, Childhood, and Growth
  192. Music, Emotion and Language: Using Music to Communicate
  193. Music’s Effect on Society
  194. Neuroscience of Music
  195. New Age of Music
  196. Origin of American Music
  197. Overview of Music Victoria
  198. Parent Music Resource Center
  199. Percussionist: Their Music And Life
  200. Personal Opinion of Popular World Music
  201. Piano Music
  202. Piracy and the Music Industry
  203. Piracy of Digitized Music
  204. Pittsburgh Music History
  205. Popular Music Perpetuates Rape Culture
  206. Positive and Negative Effect of Music on Children
  207. Positive Effects of Music
  208. Positive Effects of Music on Young Children
  209. Positive Life Long Impacts of Music
  210. Power of Music
  211. Problem with Ticketmaster: Solutions to Music Industry Corruption
  212. Psychedelic Music, Its Origins, and Its Effects on Music Today
  213. Psychology of Heavy Metal Music
  214. Punk Music- History of American Popular Music
  215. Rap Is An American Music
  216. Rap Music By J. Cole
  217. Reasons Why It Is Necessary for Non-Music Students Can Appreciate Classical Music
  218. Religion and Heavy Music
  219. Religion in Rap Music
  220. Revolution of Music
  221. Revolution of Music in the 1960s
  222. Rise and Fall of Country Music
  223. Rise of Digital Music
  224. Road Through Music Therapy
  225. Rock Music & Rock And Roll
  226. Rock Music & The Pop Music
  227. Role of Music Programming on Computers for Music Production
  228. Secular Music
  229. Sex and Violence in Music
  230. Sexism in Music
  231. Shakespeare Being Expressed Through Music
  232. Should Music Education Be cut out of the School Budget?
  233. Socialization: Music and Me
  234. Solutions to the Church Music Controversy
  235. Sonic Producer Review – The New Sound of Music
  236. Sound of Music in Piano and Voice
  237. Spiritual Music Of The Choir Lessons
  238. Talking about Country Music
  239. Technological Advancement And Music Industry
  240. Technology Analysis: Spotify and the Music Industry
  241. Teen Music Piracy: Innocent or Guilty
  242. Texas State University School Of Music
  243. The 1980s Music Report
  244. The Aesthetics of Pop Music
  245. The All Powerful Medicine
  246. The Art of Music
  247. The Blues Music
  248. The Change from Spiritual to Secular
  249. The Costs for Free Music
  250. The First Country Music Singer
  251. The Healing Power of Music
  252. The Influence of Music
  253. The Music And The Musicians
  254. The Power of Music
  255. The Role of Music in Society
  256. Theme of Death in Music
  257. Theory Of Background Music
  258. Transcultural Approach to The Verbunkos Idiom in The Music of Liszt
  259. Transformation of Music: Radio and Composition
  260. Transformation Of The Music Industry
  261. Tropicalia: Not Just Music
  262. Truth About the Music Industry
  263. Truth Behind Music and Television
  264. Tween Music: Marketing Through Music
  265. Unspoken Lullaby: Women, Music, and Oppression
  266. Use and Overuse of Music
  267. Using Music Therapy in the Treatment of Stress and Anxiety
  268. VH1 Save the Music Foundation
  269. Viva Raperos: How Music Can Interact With Politics
  270. Vocal Music
  271. Western Music vs. Indigenous Music
  272. Western Swing in Texas in 1930
  273. What Is Country Music Telling Us?
  274. What is Mandopop and How Does It Differ From Other Pop Music?
  275. What Is Music?
  276. Who are the Music Therapists?
  277. Who Owns Music
  278. Why is Authenticity Important In Rock Music?
  279. Woodstock Music Festival
  280. World of Music Begins

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