Economic Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 07.02.2020
Economic Debate Topics

List of 382 Economic Debate Topics

  1. £100 billion budget black hole: Is Brexit to blame?
  2. 11 million Americans spend half their income on rent: is this a big problem?
  3. 30 years of economic policies detract from Generation Y’s financial prospects: Do millenials have the opportunities to be as financially successful as their parents did?
  4. 300 Dead in Supermarket Fire: Should business owners be required to compensate the families of people who die in accidents on the location of their business?
  5. 62% of Americans don’t even have $1000 in savings: Is the economy really recovering?
  6. A Chinese billionaire warns that his country’s real estate is the “biggest bubble in history.” Assuming that is true, does it pose a threat to the world economy?
  7. A court has found Yelp is not liable for negative rating stars on its site. Should companies be responsible for user input?
  8. A drugmaker raised the price of acne cream to $10,000 a tube. Do pharmaceutical companies care more about profits than people?
  9. A glut of expensive homes hits the market: Is a new housing crash on the horizon?
  10. A greater percentage of Dutch people speak English than Canadians. 90% of Dutch people speak English. Only 85% of Canadians do. Should we trade more with Holland?
  11. A housing official in Silicon Valley has resigned because she can’t afford to live there. Are housing prices there due for a crash?
  12. A new Scottish independence bill was published. Will this hurt Scotland’s economy?
  13. A recent study showed Obama’s tax hikes on the rick didn’t hurt the economy. Is supply side economics “vodoo economics” as George H.W. Bush once said?
  14. A report has stated the TPP will hurt workers. Do free trade deals do more harm than good?
  15. A Spanish café begins charging more for coffee if customers are rude. Will customers be turned off by this concept?
  16. A tilting, sinking San Francisco high-rise raises alarm. Are home builders too greedy?
  17. A U.S. FDA study showed 90% of more than 100 drugs, prescription and over-the-counter, “were perfectly good to use even 15 years after the expiration date.” Is the expiration date merely a way for drug companies to increase sales and profits?
  18. AAPL (Apple) on the rise at over $100. Analysts say ‘buy’. Is this the right move?
  19. After all ISIS has done, do we Americans feel more willing to have boots on the ground once again?
  20. Albuquerque officials offer panhandlers $9 per hour to work on city beautification projects: Is this a fair wage?
  21. Aluminium was once so expensive and cherished that Napoleon III held a banquet where the most honored guests were given aluminium utensils: Ia Aluminium still valuable?
  22. Amazon Cut by $35 Billion under Trump: Will the economy fare better now that Trump is becoming President?
  23. America an unhappy country: Is income inequality to blame for America’s low happiness ranking?
  24. An equity analyst raised his rating to a Buy on American Eagle Outfitters. Do you trust equity analyst ratings?
  25. Apple was hit with a $118m “back tax” payment in Japan. Will this cause companies to domicile in the U.S.?
  26. Apprentices get paid during the education period, should students too?
  27. Are Amazon delivery drivers working illegal hours?
  28. Are America’s shopping malls dying?
  29. Are archaic visa policies in the United States a threat to the U.S. tech boom?
  30. Are banks dangerous to the economy?
  31. Are big business executives making too much money?
  32. Are big businesses always looking for tax loopholes?
  33. Are consumers spending more on Christmas today than they did 30 years ago?
  34. Are declining gas prices putting oil companies at risk?
  35. Are domestic drones unconstitutional?
  36. Are drugs good or bad.
  37. Are economists overrated?
  38. Are EPA regulations proven to be implausible and ineffective
  39. Are falling oil prices a good thing (yes) or a bad thing (no) for the U.S. economy?
  40. Are green eyed people evil
  41. Are investors making a good decision in paying up for richly priced stocks?
  42. Are Labor Day sales worth it?
  43. Are online banks and currency systems safer than traditional banking?
  44. Are poor people poor because of their bad habits?
  45. Are pop-up shops healthy for the overall economy?
  46. Are supermans and batmans misleading idols
  47. Are Sweatshops A Necessary Evil?
  48. Are target-date investments a good idea?
  49. Are the recent tax cuts inappropriate during the current period of economic expansion?
  50. Are the Republican Party’s economic plans better than the democrats?
  51. Are the rising cost of oil prices a cause for concern?
  52. Are the youth of today capable of running the country?
  53. Are there any ethical ways to reduce the world population?
  54. Are tie-in sales anti-competitive?
  55. Are transgenders mentally ill
  56. Are U.S. visa requirements going to have a negative effect on the tech industry?
  57. Are UK credit ratings down after the “Brexit” vote?
  58. Are unions and high wages to blame for job outsourcing?
  59. Are USD regulations not strict enough?
  60. Are Wall Street policies too lax?
  61. Are we polluting our oceans?
  62. Are weapons and munitions becoming too costly to use?
  63. Are white people sensetive
  64. Are you more satisfied with the economy now than you have been at any point in the last 10 years?
  65. As machines take more and more jobs, should we allow this? If so, how do we modify society so that people don’t go hungry?
  66. Asylum seekers in Sweden are allowed to work if they have the proper documents: is it still more difficult for asylum seekers to find jobs?
  67. AT&T and the FCC: Is AT&T violating net neutrality rules?
  68. AT&T Denies Low-income Discounts: Should companies be able to decide which goverment assistant programs they accept?
  69. ATM and overdraft fees: Should banks be limited on the amount of fees they can charge?
  70. ATMs and automation: Is the fact that ATMs have not eliminated the bank teller occupation a good sign for the future of other jobs in the face of changing technology?
  71. ATT spying on Americans for profit: Should technology companies be allowed to spy on Americans without a warrant?
  72. Australia Raises Minimum Wage by 2.4%: Will This Negatively Impact Their Economy?
  73. Bad environment cause by modern technology.
  74. Banks begin moving thousands of jobs out of Britain. Will Brexit cause a Depression in the U.K.?
  75. Barack Obama transfers $500m to Green Climate Fund in attempt to protect Paris deal. Should the US continue to support this project?
  76. Barbie-maker Mattel CEO out as sales falter: Should a toy maker focus on share price more than entertaining children?
  77. Barns are painted red because the iron used to make it is plentiful and cheap: Should more people do things based on economics?
  78. Be it resolved: Should euthanasia be legalized?
  79. Bear’s Smokehouse in Hartford makes statement with $15 an hour minimum wage: Should a $15 minimum wage be federally mandated?
  80. Bebo Buyback: Was it worth the founders buying back their company 5 years later for 849 million less than its original sale price?
  81. Ben and Jerry free cone day: Are long lines for freebies worth your time?
  82. Biden to Davos: Top 1% “not carrying their weight”. Should the wealthy pay more taxes?
  83. British pound volatility exceeds Bitcoins: Do you like the concept of virtual currency?
  84. California raises minimum wage to $10.50 an hour: Is this a good move?
  85. Can financial problems destroy a nation/country?
  86. Can Greece’s economy ever recover? If yes, how?
  87. Can impoverished countries economically benefit from embracing renewable energy?
  88. Can India be a super power?
  89. Can Macy’s survive in tough retail environment?
  90. Can old company logos stand the test of time?
  91. Can Russian banks save the ruble?
  92. Can the ruble rebound?
  93. Canada puts tax on foreign home buyers: Should the U.S. tax foreign home buyers, too?
  94. Canadian $100 banknote featured an Asian woman on the back using a microscope: Should we stop using paper money altogether?
  95. Canadian dollar plummets: Is this a sign of bigger problems for the country?
  96. Changing Food Stamp Laws: Is it okay to crack down on those receiving food stamps that don’t have jobs?
  97. China jobs: Are jobs going to start returning to the US from China?
  98. China telecom must allow to operate in the Philippines?
  99. Chinese billionaire moves manufacturing to U.S. to lower costs: Is American manufacturing going to experience a comeback?
  100. Christie vetoes a $15 an hour minimum wage bill pushed by N.J. Democrats. Will a higher minimum wage kill jobs?
  101. Cisco will cut up to 5,500 jobs. Should CEOs receive bonuses when there are mass layoffs?
  102. Coca-Cola to produce and distribute bottled Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Will this help grow Coca-Cola’s profits?
  103. Comcast customers sue over fees that push price above advertised rate. Should cable companies be required to release the total cost of the service?
  104. Comcast will participate in a Bank of America Merrill Lynch investor conference. Are these conferences unfair to individual investors?
  105. Cons of selling toys with fast food?
  106. Could a Trump presidency affect our economy negatively due to bad relations with Mexico?
  107. Could the currency crisis in Russia have a large impact on the global stock market?
  108. Could the drastic fall and halt of Chinese stock trading have a severe impact on the American economy?
  109. Could there be a better alternative to money?
  110. Cuba confirms the start of direct commercial flights from the U.S. Will this relationship help the U.S. economy?
  111. Dakota Access pipeline protesters crowdsource for $5,000, get $1 million. Would you donate to the cause?
  112. Dakota Pipeline Protests Continue: Is the United States too dependent on oil?
  113. De Beers no longer controls the diamond market and prices are set by market forces after a century long monopoly. Could this have happened earlier?
  114. Debt-for-nature swaps: Do they work?
  115. Demand Side Economics (YES) vs Supply Side Economics (NO)
  116. Did Micheal Brown deserve to be shot?
  117. Did Ronald Reagan’s Economic Policies Benefit the United States?
  118. Did the states fully fund prior long-term commitments made for public worker pensions and health care, as well as for education, transportation, and other areas?
  119. Did Unilever overpay for Dollar Shave Club?
  120. Did you get an accidental tax return from the IRS?
  121. Did you take advantage of any Tax Day freebies?
  122. Disney World is located in and governed by the Reedy Creek Improvement District, a jurisdiction created by Disney that is exempt from all Florida land use laws. Should private companies be allowed to create their own jurisdictions?
  123. Do business regulations actually help are economy, or do they just eliminate competition by out sourcing small business?
  124. Do certain jobs require, certain people? (what about the disabled?)
  125. Do China’s stocks affect global economies?
  126. Do consumers still benefit from falling oil prices if they cause banks to experience higher credit losses and reduced loan growth?
  127. Do gig economy workers deserve the same rights as full-time employees?
  128. Do lemonade stands encourage children to organized crime like behaviour?
  129. Do people care more about social issues than economic issues?
  130. Do rich people affect poor people’s wealth?
  131. Do students have the right to not learn education?
  132. Do the poor pay a higher percentage of their income on taxes than the top 1%?
  133. Do the rich care about the poor?
  134. Do U.S. companies have more money than they are letting on about?
  135. Do unions and pension programs based on fantasy future earnings destroy ‘state’ economies?
  136. Do war memorials keep the wars alive?
  137. Do workers in the United States need more vacation time each year?
  138. Do you agree that a man gets success in life much more easily than a woman?
  139. Do you agree with Paul Ryan, that if you were raised poor, you’re just as likely to stay poor?
  140. Do you agree with Rick Perry that income inequality isn’t a problem in Texas?
  141. Do you agree? Ben Shapiro : “People who are poor for their entire lives are just bad with money.”
  142. Do you bank at one of America’s top 5 banks?
  143. Do you believe “honey laundering” is a real problem?
  144. Do you believe India’s economy will become more stable than that of China?
  145. Do you believe that Chinese steel companies laying off 1.8 million steel and coal workers in an effort to become a less export driven economy could be followed by other countries such as the United States?
  146. Do you believe the gap between the rich and poor is biggest in cities such as Miama, New York City and Los Angeles?
  147. Do you believe the price of oil could reach $80 a barrel by the end of 2015?
  148. Do you believe the unemployment is 4.9% or is their a bigger story that’s not being told?
  149. Do you feel the US economy has recovered enough for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates?
  150. Do you have sympathy for bullied kids?
  151. Do You Have The Right To Online Privacy?
  152. Do you have the worst career? Yes?Explain. No? How did you get a job you love. For me, yes: it’s becoming a pharmacist
  153. Do you look down at blue collared workers?
  154. Do you plan to try the new flat white drink at Starbucks?
  155. Do you support free trade?
  156. Do you support Small Business Saturday?
  157. Do you think a background check should prevent you from getting a job?
  158. Do you think France’s rule regarding different treatment of companies with 49 and fewer employees is fair to the workers?
  159. Do you think it is right that so much wealth is controlled by just a few?
  160. Do you think people will be more inclined to buy a farm animal if they see one at the Farmers Exchange?
  161. Do you think RadioShack is dying?
  162. Do you think that all major stores overcharge their customers?
  163. Do you think that an international convention for a progressive global minimum wage, by groups of economically close countries, would be desirable?
  164. Do you think that eliminating the one-cent coin is going to improve this country’s economy?
  165. Do you think that helping the poor financially makes them too dependant ?
  166. Do you think that Mylan’s launch of the first generic Epipen auto injector is enough to boost the company’s stock and deflate criticism?
  167. Do you think that the collapse of the Russian Ruble is permanent?
  168. Do you think that the sanction imposed on Theranos by banning its founder will make the company’s value increase?
  169. Do you think that these wall street bankers who choose not to use e-mails have something to hide?
  170. Do you think the Keystone Pipeline will create a lot of jobs once it is completed?
  171. Do you think the stock market will crash soon?
  172. Do you think the U.S. military proves socialism works, because it is tax funded like my colleague suggests?
  173. Do you think the United Kingdom and Ireland should close like the rest of the markets in Europe on International Workers’ Day (May 1st)?
  174. Do you think the US should eliminate the penny from US currency?
  175. Does a strong U.S. dollar hurt American companies that do business overseas?
  176. Does an increase in jobs have a significant impact on the economy?
  177. Does Brexit spell disaster for the world’s economy?
  178. Does change always mean progress?
  179. Does Christmas really have an impact on the stock market?
  180. Does Cyber Monday have better deals than Black Friday?
  181. Does free trade only benefit a select group of people?
  182. Does Harley Davidson make the best motorcycles?
  183. Does illegal immigration help or hurt the economy?
  184. Does it matter where Lottery winners invest their winnings?
  185. Does low-income force people to live closer to their parents?
  186. Does mass immigration lower the average wage in England?
  187. Does money contributes to happiness
  188. Does more need to be done to protect creative types from internet piracy.
  189. Does Saudi Arabia have too much power over the oil industry?
  190. Does spending more money on the military make a country more powerful?
  191. Does the existence of the third world facilitate the wealth of the first?
  192. Does the recent sale of a vintage GM bus bode well for the company’s legacy?
  193. Does the Sports Authority bankruptcy signal the end for sports retailers?
  194. Does the Texas economy rely too heavily on the oil industry?
  195. Does the top 1% pay enough taxes?
  196. Does the U.S. need another stock market correction?
  197. Does the World Economic Forum actually help the global economy?
  198. Does there exist a distinct separation between social and monetary values?
  199. Does we really need money in the world?
  200. Does wealth inequality harm democratic ideals?
  201. Doomsday clock: Will this motivate countries to change their policies involving the environment and nuclear weapons?
  202. Dow eclipses 19,000 : Is This The Beginning of a Lucky Streak for the Stock Market?
  203. Dow hits 20,000: Should people care?
  204. Dow hits record: Will US stocks continue to rise with the announcement of Donald Trump as president?
  205. Dow Jones hits 20,000: Did ‘Trump Factor’ have any influence?
  206. Dow Plunges: Will the stock market be strong in 2015?
  207. DOW reaches all time high: Is this the start of an economic boom?
  208. Dow stocks drop 300 points following “Brexit”: should investors adjust their portfolios?
  209. East Bay: Is this the new center of manufacturing industry?
  210. Economics warn of Trump Presidency: Is this just sour grapes?
  211. Elizabeth Warren wants Wells Fargo’s CEO “held accountable.” Should he resign?
  212. Epipen profits soar: Is it wrong to make a profit on drugs people need?
  213. Equality, Justice, And a respect for (human)rights are not features of the economic system of the USA. True or False?
  214. Eric Trump is taking over his father’s business. Do second generation family business struggle?
  215. Estate tax may force early sale of unreleased Prince songs and cut his $250 million estate in half – should changes be made in regard to estate taxes?
  216. EU drops law to limit cancer-linked chemical in food after industry complaint. Do companies wield too much power?
  217. EU regulators fine banks over market rigging: Is the U.S. government too lenient toward big banks?
  218. Euro down after Greece election. Should austerity measures continue?
  219. Europe hits Apple with $14.6 billion tax bill. Did Europe breach a sovereign country’s ability to tax?
  220. European Union and the referendum in Italy: Is the recent vote in Italy a sign that the EU will not last?
  221. European Union regulators who slapped Apple Inc. with a 13 billion-euro ($14.6 billion) tax bill are examining allegations that Ikea dodged at least 1 billion euros in taxes over the past six years. Will companies once again domicile in the U.S.?
  222. Ex-Wells Fargo employees sue for $2.6 Billion, alleging they were punished for not breaking the law. Does Well Fargo need a major change in leadership?
  223. Excess of expensive homes go on the market: Is there a housing collapse in the future?
  224. Exercise is so important: Should people have to document their exercise regime for a tax discount?
  225. Expansion bill killed: Does AT&T have the customer in mind?
  226. Experts speculate over November stocks: Will Under Armor stock continue to rise?
  227. Eyewear Buyout: Is Producing Lenses and Frames a Good Business Model?
  228. Facebook created 4.5 million jobs in 2014: Is Facebook good for the economy?
  229. Farm run by robots: Are robots the next step in sustainable agriculture?
  230. FDIC hack: Is money safe in a bank?
  231. FedEx raised it quarterly dividend. Is this a positive sign for the overall economy?
  232. Feds require identities: should the Feds require buyers of luxury Los Angeles properties to reveal their identities?
  233. Fixing student debt: Will student debt ever end?
  234. Floods have been caused by human activities
  235. Food stamps still feed 1 in 7 Americans despite recovery: Are food stamps a waste of American taxpayer dollars?
  236. Ford moves production of small cars to Mexico: Should US companies export jobs to save costs?
  237. Former British Prime Minister says TPP is doomed due to lack of support in U.S. Congress: Is it possible to make a trade agreement that would receive congressional support?
  238. Forty arrested outside Detroit McDonald’s in protest for higher wages: Should the minimum wage be increased?
  239. France wants EU-US trade talks stopped. Does free trade help economies grow?
  240. French businesswoman Jacqueline Veyrac was kidnapped in Nice while the President of Cannes’s five-star Grand Hotel was seized from her car . Will fear hurt the French economy?
  241. Gap’s CEO called the creative directors “false messiahs.” Is he the right person to lead the company?
  242. German market chain stops using plastic bags: Should markets around the world stop using plastic bags?
  243. Germany posts budget surplus in 2016: Should Germany cut taxes?
  244. Germany will not bail out any lenders. Do countries have an obligation to bail out financial firms?
  245. Global markets are in the “early stages of panic” after a poll puts Donald Trump ahead. Will the global stock market meltdown if Trump wins?
  246. Global Markets in panic after recent polls indicate Trump pulling ahead in the presidential race: If Trump wins will the Market crash?
  247. Goldman Sachs used confidential regulatory materials for company gain: Should more stringent laws be passed to regulate banks and investment firms?
  248. Google Fiber gives free gigabit Internet to poor people: Should governments give free technologies such as the internet to those who can’t afford it?
  249. Google research finds psychological safety to be the most important factor in creating successful teams: Is psychological safety the number one concern for work group members?
  250. GoPro has a new action camera, Hero 5 Black. Is it worth the price tag?
  251. Gotthard tunnel opened in Switzerland. Will it deliver the promised economic benefits?
  252. Government controls the population.
  253. Gravity Payments raises minimum annual salary to $70,000: Should CEO wages be reduced to allow for higher employee wages?
  254. Greg’s dad sells avon
  255. H-1B visa controversy: Should the University of California San Francisco outsource 49 tech jobs to India?
  256. Harley Davidson pay $15 million for cheating on emissions: Should a company have to pay fines for after market products not sold on the original bikes?
  257. Has Chipotle bounced back one year after its E. coli bacteria health crisis?
  258. Has our government lived up to the ideals in the Declaration of Independence, constitution, bill or rights and etc?
  259. Has Popular Music Lowered in the Last 50 Years
  260. Has the Affordable Care Act made it more difficult to file your tax return this year?
  261. Have the Democrats moved too far to the left?
  262. Have you invested in the stock market?
  263. Health insurer stocks soar: Is Obama really bad for corporate America?
  264. Hong Kong is one of Asia’s worst countries for slavery; 29,500 people out of the 7 million population are trapped in “modern slavery” in one of world’s 10 richest cities. Should the U.S. stop doing business with Hong Kong?
  265. How could men possibly not be sexist if they are all born sexist?
  266. HSBC was caught laundering money again: Are big banks too big to jail?
  267. I want to join Illuminati
  268. If China was a democracy, would it be allied with the USA and Western Europe?
  269. If China’s economy collapses would it cause a global recession?
  270. If oil prices continue to fall, will this help the world economy?
  271. If the U.S. shale industry shrinks by 30%, will the economy be in trouble?
  272. If Trump is elected, will you help me raise a fund to buy an island in the pacific to start another country?
  273. Imperialism is what got Europe to it’s position today.
  274. In 1954, the CIA deposed a democratically elected Guatemalan president and replaced him with a dictator to save investments in a banana company. Do company interests still dominate foreign policy?
  275. In 2011, Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit, Pixar, and Lucasfilm were found guilty of colluding with each other to repress employee wages. Should these companies be forced to pay a significant fine?
  276. In 2012, Nestlé used a picture of a bear using Kit Kats as drumsticks to announce their Instagram account. Are animals effective advertising tools?
  277. In California, Rent control policies do more good than harm.
  278. In God We Trust was an anti-communist statement: Should we take the words off U.S. money?
  279. Income Tax or No Income Tax?
  280. Increase in jobs, decrease in pay: Is this the future of America?
  281. India’s Richest man offers free 4G internet to billions of people. Should other wealthy people follow suit?
  282. Insurers worth $1.2 trillion tell G20 to stop funding fossil fuels by 2020. Will this have an impact on renewable energy funding?
  283. Internet Use Grows in Iceland: Should the Internet be free all over the world?
  284. Investors are trading on Trump’s tweets: Is this a sound investment strategy?
  285. Is a 10 year old a tween
  286. Is a drop in oil prices good (yes) or bad (no) for the economy?
  287. Is Bestbuy competitive with Amazon?
  288. Is big Oil to powerful?
  289. Is billing fraud a growing problem?
  290. Is capitalism and competition good for ever industry?
  291. Is capitalism good?
  292. Is China right to claim Scarborough Shoal,Philippines and many other territories according to their”nine dash line”?
  293. Is Christmas time a good time to invest in the stock market?
  294. Is communism superior to capitalism?
  295. Is comparing the fraud allegations of Wells Fargo to Enron a fair representation?
  296. Is concern over inequality driven mainly by envy?
  297. Is deflation a good thing (yes) or a bad thing (no)?
  298. Is Disney’s policy of taking on new foreign workers damaging to the U.S. economy?
  299. Is Donald Trump’s plans to deregulate parts of the economy going to fix things?
  300. Is Donald Trump’s tax plan beneficial only for the wealthy?
  301. Is economist Paul Krugman right to be scared about China’s economy?
  302. Is Facebook trying to evade paying taxes?
  303. Is Ford’s announcement to cancel building a plant in Mexico due to Donald Trump’s victory?
  304. Is free trade an economically sensible idea?
  305. Is glass recycling cost effective?
  306. Is government responsible for solving unemployment ?
  307. Is Greece economically stable?
  308. Is Greece’s economy improving?
  309. Is growing your owe food cost beneficial?
  310. Is Hillary Clinton, really looking out for the people, or is she a corporatist?
  311. Is income disparity a real issue?
  312. Is income equality in the U.S. getting worse?
  313. Is it a good idea for Amazon to get into the movie business?
  314. Is it a good idea to invest in Planet Fitness once it goes public?
  315. Is it a smart move for Zimbabwe to make the Chinese yuan currency legal?
  316. Is it bad (yes) or good (no) that the price of oil continues to drop?
  317. Is it fair for people to wait longer for their tax returns because of IRS budget cuts?
  318. Is it fair that the insurance companies of the Orlando victims are NOT getting billed by the hospital for the victims’ treatment?
  319. Is it important for big firms to pay their taxes?
  320. Is it important for regular people to follow the stock market closely?
  321. Is it okay to get a phone before age ten?
  322. Is it possible to retire early?
  323. Is it possible to stop a corruption?
  324. Is it right for Microsoft to avoid paying £100 million in UK corporation tax by routing its sales through Ireland?
  325. Is it right to cut some people’s pension benefits to help prevent more pension funds from running out of money?
  326. Is it smart to buy an SUV just because oil prices are currently low?
  327. Is it surprising that, Tinder, PlentyOfFish and OKCupid are operated by the same parent company?
  328. Is it too risky to invest in the stock market?
  329. Is it too risky to move across the country for a job?
  330. Is it worth it having a penny?
  331. Is Judicial Review Constitutional?
  332. Is Kellogg’s right to pull advertising from Brietbart’s site?
  333. Is KFC (yes) or Chick-fil-A (no) the better fast food chain?
  334. Is Laissez-Faire capitalism more effective than regulated capitalism?
  335. Is Libertarianism Right Wing (Yes) or Left Wing (No)
  336. Is market socialism better than social democracy (welfare state)?
  337. Is Money bad
  338. Is Monsanto hurting farmers?
  339. Is Net Neutrality Good or Bad?
  340. Is North Korea truly communist?
  341. Is Obama and the Middle East working together to deny KXL?
  342. Is OneCoin a scam?
  343. Is online customer service enough to satisfy customer needs?
  344. Is peak oil a more pressing issue than anthropogenic climate change?
  345. Is playing poker a viable income?
  346. Is population growth is the reason of degradation of environment?
  347. Is pure Capitalism good for the average person?
  348. Is pure Capitalism good for the average person? (people in the middle class)
  349. Is Rand Paul the most electable republican candidate if he gets the nomination and runs against Hillary (Democrat) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
  350. Is real estate the biggest bubble in history?
  351. Is Shake Shack a good investment?
  352. Is socialism more fair than capitalism?
  353. Is South Korea’s plan for a cashless society a good idea?
  354. Is South Korea’s shipping industry in trouble?
  355. Is Switzerland’s economy in trouble?
  356. Is taxpayer money being misused?
  357. Is the budget deficit in the U.S. even a problem?
  358. Is the Bush administration the most to blame for the rise of ISIS?
  359. Is the Dow finally recovering for good?
  360. Is the falling price of oil bad for the U.S. stock market?
  361. Is the improvement in the U.S. job market going to last?
  362. Is the India public sector too forgiving to terrible employees?
  363. Is the Irish economy becoming the strongest in the world?
  364. Is the mindset Americans have towards the income tax wrong?
  365. Is the Nordic Model Socialism, Or merely a more humane progressive variant of Capitalism?
  366. Is the oil industry engaged in price fixing?
  367. Is the penny useful enough to keep in circulation?
  368. Is the rape victim to blame?
  369. Is the Saudi Arabian economy in financial turmoil because of falling oil prices?
  370. Is the stock market in for a bumpy ride?
  371. Is the Third World’s labour more creative or clever?
  372. Is the transatlantic trade deal a threat to ordinary citizens?
  373. Is the USS Zumwalt worth the hefty $4.4 billion price tag?
  374. Is the wage gap real
  375. Is there a distinct separation between social and monetary values?
  376. Is there a separation between social and economic values?
  377. Is there a way I can make money off global warming?
  378. Is time and money invested in diet and exercise really worth the trouble for the average person?
  379. Is Trump ever going to pay the government its $21 trillion they owe?
  380. Is Uber’s pricing surge scheme fair?
  381. Is Wells Fargo in trouble?
  382. Israeli surprised to learn he owes US taxes: Is the US

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