Literary Research Paper Topics

List of 25 Literary Research Paper Topics

  1. Byronic Characters in Literature
  2. Can Fanfiction Be Considered Independent Literature?
  3. Cliches in Literature
  4. Faith and Literature
  5. Feminist Literature
  6. Fictional Tricksters in Literature
  7. Good and Evil in Literature
  8. Invented Languages in Literature
  9. Irony VS Sarcasm in literature
  10. Literary Modernism
  11. Literature as an Instrument of Propaganda
  12. Literature for Kids
  13. Madness in Literature
  14. Psychology and Literature
  15. Sex and Romance in Literature
  16. The “Stream of Consciousness” Style of Literature
  17. The American Dream in Literature
  18. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
  19. The Famous Works of Ernest Hemingway
  20. The Image of Death as a Character in Literature
  21. The Role of Mythology as Literature
  22. Utopian and Dystopian Literature
  23. Victorian Literature
  24. What Gender in Literature Is Appropriate?
  25. Why “Harry Potter” Became so Popular?

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