English Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 06.04.2020
List of English Essay Topics

The English essay topics are the must-do exams in school as they help you to realize how a single language is rich when it comes to literary works! From the topics that analyze Edgar Allan Poe, to the Character analysis of Spike Lee’s story Do The Right Thing, students will use many sources to just get started! Any writing topic that you choose for your paper essay will involve the analysis of some play or book. Therefore, whatever you choose, you will enrich your knowledge by a single book or play. The college essays with the English theme are a great way to make students read more about the good and notable writers and their works!

As a student, you will start collecting information about the plays and that means that you will also read many titles that you will eventually like! The goal of English essay topics and theme ideas is to encourage students to read more, expand their vocabulary with the new words, and find new things that can enhance them to become better! These topics encourage them to think and analyze the works, which is a valuable skill that they would need throughout their life!

List of English Essay Topics

  1. A book you would never read.
  2. A Comparison Between the Virginia Plan and the Articles of Confederation
  3. A Comparison Between Vietnam and America
  4. A person who serves as an idol for you.
  5. A popular literature character depicted in mass media.
  6. Analysis of China and India in Political and Cultural Systems
  7. Bad Experience of Having an Awkward Conversation About Stereotypes and Racist Remarks
  8. Better Understanding of Myself Through Diversity
  9. Brand Experience of Wonder Juice Bar and Rush Bowls
  10. Brief Analytical Essay on The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  11. Brief Description of the Popular Bentley Home
  12. Bright Sunny Morning That Changed My Life
  13. Career Field Description of an Aeronautical Engineer
  14. Career Path to Software Engineering
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  16. Case Analysis of the Hatfield and McCoy Feud
  17. Case Study on Choosing the Right Computer Providers for Your Company
  18. Challenging and Exciting Adventure in Kenya, Africa
  19. Changes in the penitentiary system. Is it real?
  20. Civil Liberties versus Civil Rights
  21. Clinical Experience of Common Medical Conditions That Affect Older Persons
  22. College Budgeting Guide and Saving Tips
  23. Commemoration to My Youth
  24. Comparison Between Fine French Food and Eating in Paris
  25. Comparison Between the Business Theory and the Theory of Games
  26. Comparison Between the Mesopotamians and the Nile Civilization
  27. Comparison Between the Traits of a Cat and a Dog
  28. Comparison of a Medical Career to Journalism
  29. Comparison of Iphone and Android Operating Systems
  30. Comparison of the Life in Iran and Pakistan
  31. Comparison of the Socio-Political Structure of Russia and China
  32. Comparison of the Speeches by George Bush and Leonardo DiCaprio
  33. Culture and Language of New England and the Midwest
  34. Difference Between Autobiographical Memory and Autobiographical Narrative
  35. Different hypotheses of the Trojan War.
  36. Do hobbies reveal anything about people’s characters?
  37. Do you believe anti-feminists have sufficient proof for their struggle?
  38. Do you believe in all historical facts?
  39. Do you think all love relationships end with hatred?
  40. Do you think being indifferent to everything means being healthy?
  41. Do you think magic exist?
  42. Do you think that beauty can be measured?
  43. Does archeology reveal the secrets of the past or is it simply a presumption of researchers?
  44. Federalists and Anti-Federalists Points of View
  45. Funeral Orations of Pericles and President Abraham Lincoln
  46. How coffee is made?
  47. Imagine that it is your last day. How would you spend it?
  48. Imagine that you are an alien. Where would you fly to and what would you do?
  49. Imagine that you can work in any field. What profession would you like to occupy?
  50. Imagine that you had lived on another planet and came to the Earth for the first time. What would you be surprised to see?
  51. Imagine that you have a chance to change one event in the past. What would you change?
  52. Imagine that you have an opportunity to have a talk with a famous person. What would you ask and why?
  53. Intelligence or beauty? What is more important?
  54. Is it better to be a professional in one aspect or have some knowledge in different fields?
  55. Is it good or bad to live in a time of change?
  56. Is it obligatory to have a diploma to be successful?
  57. Is there any difference between the handmade objects and arts?
  58. Make a list of traditions that make your family different from the rest of society.
  59. Memories from the childhood.
  60. Parenting in China and in Western Nations
  61. Philosophies of Socrates and Mahatma Gandhi
  62. Pros and Cons of Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  63. Should alcohol and smoking be banned?
  64. Should girls be more informed about abortions and their consequences?
  65. Should Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ be banned?
  66. Should national minorities protect their rights?
  67. Should privacy on the Internet be enhanced?
  68. Should the drug laws be stricter?
  69. Similarities Between Highschool and College Life
  70. The most famous American writer who influenced the whole nation.
  71. The most memorable event in your life.
  72. The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln
  73. Two Programming Languages – Java and Javascript
  74. Value of Books and Video Games and Their Influence on People
  75. Views of Gerald Graff and Mike Rose on Intelligence
  76. Water pollution and its consequences.
  77. What animal do you associate yourself with?
  78. What are the main features of human beings making them different from other living creatures?
  79. What is the most dreadful day in your life?
  80. What is the role of Columbus in the development of the world?
  81. What is the worst experience in your life?
  82. Why Christmas traditions in many families fade?
  83. Why do many children suffer from abuse?
  84. Why do monarchies still exist?
  85. Why do people need to know history?
  86. Why is vaccination necessary?
  87. Why should education be #1 matter for young people?
  88. You are a president. What will you do first?

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